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Dream About Vegetation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's the meaning of this dream?

dream that I attended a party and after I left the building I lost my slippers that I left when in the front door. Since I cant find my own slippers I use an abandon mismatch slippers. As I about to find my car, rain pours so I have to stay in the shed. As I was waiting for the rain to stop, I saw my ex finacee driving by with a classic green car. I thought he will stop for me but instead he just drive in circle looking at me. What does it mean?

I have been married to a different man and currently going through divorce.

Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream.

Party is cause for celebration, reward for a job well done.
Dreaming of losing personal items is a common occurrence for the aging adult, as it reflects the loss of mobility, mental clarity and independence.
Losing the slippers was the way of your subconscious saw your loss of mobility, as our shoes help us to tread about comfortably.

Pouring Rain..."Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." This is not something we should be singing when caught in a downpour in our dreams. Rain symbolizes tears, the physical manifestation of our emotional turmoil. If your dreamcast calls for rain then it's time to get out the tissue and turn on the water works!
Crying, just like rain, has a remarkable cleansing affect. After a good hard rain, all the dirt and debris is washed off the sidewalks and out of the streets. The air smells fresh and all the vegetation perks right up. After a good hard cry you just feel better. You're not quite so angry or sad anymore. All your muscles relax and you feel relieved. Tears, like rain ,wash away the negativity. It's a very healthy release.

The car he was driving shows how you are traveling through life or thourgh a particular situation. He didn't stop for you means you are having difficulty putting the brakes on something. You don't feel like you are in control anymore.

Sorry to hear about your divorce..hope you have better dreams..

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Over the course of my life, I've rarely had nightmares. At least, what I would consider nightmares. Most people would consider being chased by zombies, bitten by vampires, etc to be nightmares, but to me, it's the dreams that are most realistic that are the nightmares. Another indicator of these nightmares is that when I wake up I'm usually bawling my eyes out. But they occur maybe once every couple of years, and are always different. Here's a few.
The night after my mom got home from the hospital (she had to have surgery) I had a dream that I was visiting her in the same hospital. Everything was realistic, and there was color. The differences were that the people never looked directly at me, and they rushed around these coat racks full of fur coats in a manner of "Don't talk to me; I'm busy." The other stuff was that as I continued down the hallway to my mom's room, there were these shelves near the ceiling that were full of stuffed animals. When I reached my mom, the whole room was filled with expensive and/or large gifts, like giant teddy bears and bunnies and bouquets of flowers. When I entered, I looked down, and in my hands was a small, light green-blue Frisbee made of plastic. So I go to give it to my mom, who at this point is being helped up by a mean looking nurse, and while the only words I can remember my mom saying are "Go away, I don't need your help, don't touch me," I also got the sense of disappointment and that she didn't like my gift. I woke up almost sobbing, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Not to mention I know my mom isn't like that. Quite the opposite. If you've given her a gift, whether it's expensive or cheap, as long as you meant it she'll love it. Plus the real people at the hospital were really nice.

One day I was hunting with my dad in the woods, in this area where there was a deep impression into the ground, almost like someone had pressed a ball into the dirt, and then let the vegetation grow over it. So we're sitting, and then this huge deer comes. So I shoot, and it turns out to be my dog, who is a) really white and small, so I'd be able to tell the difference between her and wildlife and b) who shouldn't have even been there in the first place, because she is too lazy to do anything hunting-wise. My dad goes over and picks up the lifeless body of my dog, and the whole time I'm telling him that it wasn't my fault and that I didn't mean to shoot her and that she shouldn't have been there in the first place. So we put her body in the truck and go home. Well, we get home and no one is outright saying that it was my fault, but they kept giving me looks and not believing me. Then suddenly we're in this 70s style-ish living room, with my dad in his reclining chair, my mom on the sofa, my dog on her dog pillow, and me just standing there. Then my dog starts hacking and first throws up a plate of waffles, and then starts throwing up her internal bones. I'm on my knees next to her trying to help her, and everyone else is just sitting around. It ends up when she stops, the only thing on the pillow is a plate of waffles, a pile of dog bones, and her baggy skin. Then my parents look at me and are like, "That's your fault. You killed her." I woke up bawling so badly my parents heard me on the floor below. My dog is still alive.

Last but not least. I was on my way to my junior high school, and I was walking. But when i arrived, it was already 3rd hour. So even though I know I'm late, I'm nonchalant when i get to my locker and grab my things. This whole time I'm also thinking, "It's Sunday; there shouldn't be school on Sunday." The bell rings for the end of 3rd hour, and then the halls fill up with the other students. So i'm running around when the tardy bell goes off, trying to find my class. But each classroom i go in, the people tell me that that's not my class. And by this time I'm getting really worried because i hate being super late to things. After running to all of the classrooms, I throw my books on the ground and run out. When I wake up, I'm crying again, though not a total sob.

Also, all of these were realistic, despite the bizarre environments Like the coats in the hospital. While you would never really see those in an actual hospital, there wasn't really anything strange about them. Also, each and every one of these dreams were, like my normal dreams, in color and with sound.
So what do they mean? I'd really like to know if they're my mind's way of getting me to face my (illogical) fears? And if so, why?

Example: What does my dream mean?

A couple of nights ago I had a very long and vivid dream and I can't stop thinkink about it. In my dream a black hole was coming into our solar system and to get away from it a scientist developed a system that could teleport you into the far reaches of space. So myself and about 30 others went through and we ended up 2068 lys from earth. (I remember that number very vividly) We ended up on a tropical world full of vegetation and huge dinosaur like creatures(but none were actual dinosaurs). Then it turned out that the 30 others were part of the army and they wanted to cut down the forest to build huge cities. But I talked them out of it. As we walked through the jungle a I was shot with an arrow. And I ran in the direction it came and chased down a beautiful woman that I've NEVER seen before. And it was almost romantic for a second but then I became over whelmed with the feeling that she was Pure and I shouldn't harm her. When I brought her back to the camp the general and his army wanted to experiment on her and torture her but I told them not to. But they wouldn't listen and so we ran. This beautiful brunette with blue eyes and a gorgeous smile and I ran through the jungle and eventually lost the evil general. She took me to her home tribe and we had a huge feast. Then the general broke down the door and pointed a gun at the woman. I dove in front of the gun as he fired and then I wook up.

I don't usually have dreams this complex or vivid. Its all I've been able to think about for the last few days. What could it mean and why was that woman so vivid and so easy to love. It really was an odd dream.
Just a little back story to help you under stand what's happening in my life right now. I'm getting my GED and I'm probably going to join the Navy. But I'm not scared or worried. I'm single but its not a problem I have tons of friends I could date I'm just not feeling it right now. I also keep close tabs on the government. Please give any insight.

Example: What does this dream mean (owl)?

i had a dream that i had a pet owl but it wasnt in a cage. I had it in my "house" even though were i dreamed isnt a house i have ever lived in. I was in "my" room and had a backdoor to a backyard.. my owl was there and even though it seemed i owned no cage for the owl i would feed it and play with it in the backyard it was a beatiful backyard and the house was huge. the backyard had stones and pathways nad lots of vegetation.It looked like it was early morning in my dream and the owl was always faced west what does this mean. btw the owl was white with some gray stripes.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dream of a dog, in the middle of a twilight desert with some vegetation. There are stars in the sky and a huge whole moon. Can anyone help me interpret this dream? The dog even bit me once and then ran away.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was pulling out a tooth. And it starts coming out piece by piece, and they are grayish brownish colors. That was strange for me cuz I take care of my teeth. So I am somehow able to take a look inside of my mouth and I see this decaying skeleton of a rodent on top of my tongue. And trees and vegetation across my jaw. It was really nasty looking. And i just plucked the skeleton out of place and I find these little bugs everywhere. There was also a bee that was swarming around, very slowly, in circles.

Later I also discover a Sea Anemone under some of the vegetation.

What does this dream mean? It was my most weirdest and twisted dreams I have ever had.

Thanks! XD

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was flying over the clouds, but during the dream I realized I was dreaming but I was still dreaming, and it felt so real, I even remember feeling the wind in my face. I never wanted it to end. What could this dream possibly mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

in this dream i was flying over a land of summer and vegetation, with animals as well. i think it was some sort of island. somehow i managed to get to the place where mrs. claus (wife of santa claus) lived - in a remote part of this island. there it was winter, and cold. she was in the house with the elves, i spied on them from outside, and then ate some sweets which were around. mrs. claus got upset and so, when i tried to leave, all i could see around was a frozen sea, icebergs, ice and the rest of the island was nowhere in sight. i had a hallucination i think, of a summer spot and tried to get there but when i got close it disappeared and i was in the middle of icy cold. i was desperate. i wanted to get out of the winter, and into the summer land...

Example: Dream meaning of following a road/pathway?

Example: What does it mean when we dream of someone?

i had a dream of someone who i know was in existence. the dream involved a young man lifting me into the air and saying something along the lines of, "i'm so happy to start life with you". we looked out into a patch of dirt that has yet to be be fertilized and lacked any sort of vegetation. in the dream, i felt so thrilled when he lifted me...it was so breath taking and exhilirating. when i was being lifted, i feared the height and distance betweent the ground and myself, yet i felt the firm grip he offered. not only was this dream an eye opener, i felt the real emotions. not once did i ever look at that person more closesly until after my dream. the dream opened my eyes to them and i now see he is perfect for me. i'd be blessed and lucky to have the dream become a reality. does anyone believe this may be a sign to pursue the individual and if so, what do i do if they are out of reach? i've prayed that we some how meet. i only know great things can come of this. we are the same soul and i can't wait to spend my days with them.

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