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Dream About Vegetarian meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

This time I had a dream that I killed a deer... well sort of... I was a younger in the dream than I am now (around 14). I was on some sort of a farm and I had bow and arrows. I shot the dear five times (I don't understand why it wouldn't get away). It was still alive after I shot it five times and while I was shooting I was certain I wanted to kill it (I think for food, but I'm not sure). Then I realized what I was doing when it lay on the ground and went to it and picked it up. It was crying but the wounds didn't seem fatal and I thought it would live and wanted it to... then I woke up... I come from a family of vegetarians though I sometimes (though rarely and often through necessity) eat fish and in worst cases chicken. What could this dream mean?

You can't really be sure what it exactly means but i think that mother nature, or for that matter, the deer is thanking you for being a vegetarian and how it is the right thing to do. Plus i suppose a dream like that could bring good fortune later on in life!

Example: Dream Question...What does this mean?

I remember all my dreams very very well. I mean I remember each dream I've had. I remember them for years. But, nearly every night I dream about fish. Mainly I dream about whales. Sometimes I am only watching them, sometimes I'm in the water with them. I do not dream I am drownding, I'm not even really scared of them. They are not scary dreams, I just wonder why I dream about it...

In real life I HATE fish. I will not get in lakes or oceans. I don't eat fish (I am vegetarian). I actually have never even touched a fish. I was even given the opportunity to touch a whale and dolphin at sea world and would not do it. I also have a fear of undergroud aquariums and I don't even feel comfortable at pet stores looking at fish.

Example: I had a weird dream about swallowing live birds and mice. i'm a vegetarian. what does this mean?

so i had a dream that i was in a park or yard and had caught a whole bunch of animals in a garbage bag. there were pigeons and smaller birds, mice and gophers in the bag. i was trying to save them from something. i opened the bag and let the animals out. to save them, i swallowed the mice and birds whole and alive. they moved and chirped in my tummy and made it feel weird. i was scared of the gophers and shooed them away as soon as they got out of the bag. after a while, the animals started to hurt my tummy and i realized they had stopped moving and making noise and had all died. i thought about just letting them digest, but i figured the feathers, fur and bones would hurt, as would the meat also, since i don't eat meat. so i made myself puke up the dead animals. the pigeons i had to pull out of my throat, but the smaller birds and mice i could just pull out my mouth. i was sad all the animals died. also, this was happening as the sun was going down for the day.

i have read about the animals, eating, etc. on dream-of.com, but i wanted some more opinions.

Example: Disgusting cannibalism dream, what does it mean?

I was in a cafeteria with a lot of girls about my age (high school/college age) and we were served this milkshake made out of a person gone through a blender, and ice cream. We were forced to eat it bu this woman as part of our schooling (for what exactly, I don't know) I was disgusted, and pretended to drink it, but spit it out. (It was especially gross since I've been a vegetarian for years.) However she offered a bribe I really wanted to whoever finished it first, so I chugged the rest, leaving only the gristly chunks and bone bits in the cup. The woman came over and was about to give me the prize, but she saw the bit I had spit out, and kicked me out of the cafeteria. I ran to the bathroom, and went to the far end of it so nobody would hear me throw up, and tried to, but I wasn't able to, even putting my fingers far down my throat repeatedly. I left the stall, and outside of it was now a city at night. The woman who made everyone drink the cannibal milkshakes walked over, it seems she was following me. I woke upthen. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean if vegetarians have dreams of eating meat :/ ?

Twice now this has happened to me. I've been vegetarian for about 5 months. The first time it happened it was a few weeks ago. It happened again a couple days ago. I don't know why? I'm not going back soo... What does it mean?

Example: I dream about meat. I'm vegetarian. What does it mean?

Example: Muslims ! What does this dream mean?

Fabulous answer aries. You seem to have been given the interpretation. Do you speak in tongues too? I would like to stay in touch maybe... of course on the basis my heart is already given to another! lol
Walaikum salaam A thousand blessings be upon you also but who said that the dream was necessarily a bad one? More perhaps just an explanation.

Example: What does this kind of dream mean?

There was a young boy who could change into various farm animals. He changed from a horse into a human and entered a farmer's house. He assists the farmer by helping him carry two saucers of milk. To carry the milk, he uses a yoke (think oxen). The farmer says "If you spill even one drop of my milk, it win't be pretty." In his first attempt, the boy spills some of the milk from one of the saucers. The penalty is that he turns into a pig, cannot change back, and is cooked and eaten by the farmer.

When I had the dream I remembered feeling slightly scared for the boy, especially after he got cooked as a pig. BTW, I'm not a vegetarian.

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

okay so i had a dream and there were cannibals and they were attacking me and my friends so we fled to this little island cuz they couldnt go across water. and they could jumbp really high and far too. but anyways so its like awhile later and we need food so we walk over to hunt or yea, and one of the cannibals is there claiming shes a "vegetarian". and she was. and then we went across from the island to the cannibal place. and im sure your thinking why are you scared of the cannibals? THEY BIT OFF BABIES HEADS IN MY DREAM. they were freakin ninja cannibals. anyways i remembered i turned my phone off and put it in a bush to hide it so i got it and called my mom. then she came to pick us up and we went to someones apartment(one of my friends?) and the "vegetarian" came too. anyways all my friends had the same shirt on in different colors, so i wanted one. and i went to old navy to buy one but they didnt have it. and i liked these shoes there but these girls were laughin when i picked them up so i put them down and started walking through the isles. then i woke up. wtf does my dream mean?!?!?!

Example: What does my dream mean!?

Okay. Well, i had this dream that i was accross he street from
a bus stop and me and my friend had huge bags like from hollister or something. The bags were filled with fruits and veggies. A bus came so me and my friend ran accross the street to catch the bus. We had to go on the number 8 bus so we did. I left the bus with my bag of fruits on the bus so i told my friend friend to wait and i went back on to get it.
After that, the dream totally changed. i was on a toilet ouside an rv. I was a man and i was peeing in the toilet and sitting. my dad was watching me pee and when i stood up i was done. my dad was trying to look in the toilet but i said "no don't" and when i looked there was sperm in it. LOL!
WTH does this dream mean? im SO freaked out!

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