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Dream About Vcr meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean...>>>?

I am locked in a room with a television and a VCR...there is a woman dressed like a nurse who keeps playing Barney the Purple Dinosaur episodes over and over and I'm dressed in a green g-string... any significance here ?

It means you actually long to be a Porm Star on movies and video being watched by others. The fetish you have is playing Doctor's and Nurses. The purple dinosaur means the nurse (a dominatrix) is treating you like a little kid, but you want her to see you as an adult. Being locked in the room supports a bondage fetish. There is also a mothering component there that I am not willing to share a theory on. The toothpick indicates either your preference for pain or performance anxiety. The green G-string supports your desire to be an exhibitionist. Green is a symbol of envy because you are being denied this version of dream reality.

Jeff J L is also amazingly intuitive about this situation.

Example: What does a certain dream mean?

How do I analyze my dreams?

Example: What does my dream about being shot mean? GRAPHIC?

I dreamed that I was walking through a bad neighborhood with my brother, his wife, and his 2 kids. I've lived in some awful neighborhoods but this was the worst. We were walking along then we saw a person to our right fall down and die from a gun shot wound. Everybody on the street scattered. For some reason we tried to climb on the roof of a building, but we couldn't. So my brother and his family ran down the street while I was still trying to climb up. Then I feel to the ground and was about to start running towards them but I heard gun shots. I tried to hide in a corner by curling up into a ball behind a trash can. Then I saw a child to my left and the child's mother and father. The gunman came out of nowhere. He pointed the gun at the child, he had this sick grin on his face. I remembered hearing about a bank teller on the news telling a robber that Jesus wouldn't want him to do this. I'm not religious but I thought maybe I could guilt the man into stopping. I jumped up and said something like, "You can't kill this child! Jesus loves this child!" He then shot the child and aimed the gun at me. Then, we were in front of an old pawn shop w/ tv in the window, so he broke the window w/ his gun, pulled a tape out of his coat and popped it into a VCR which was under the tv. It was video of a black woman in the exact same situation(I'm white, if that makes a difference in the dream interpretation). And as she was telling the man "no", he shot her in the forehead. He rewound it & made me watch it again & again. Like he was showing me my future. The video was slow motion, it was awful watching the bullet enter the woman's skull and exit, as she screamed "NO!" But she didn't die. Then he aimed at my head, I knew I was going to die, then he fired. I lay back on the sidewalk waiting to bleed to death. But I didn't. I sat up and he aimed at me again. I told him, "Jesus loves you! He knew you were going to do this before you were even thought of, but he still let you be born! He loves you!" At this point it was clear that instead of calming him like I had hoped, the Jesus talk was just angering him. He shot me again. & I didn't die. But he didn't seem surprised. Just this creepy smile on his face. He grabbed me by the arms and started shaking me, the child's parents, still alive, started screaming. Then he started to rape me & I was thinking, "Really after you've shot my in the face several times you're going to rape me?" And I wondered if I was already dead. Then I woke up feeling VERY disturbed.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream the other night, but I don't know what it means. I wrote it in story form so you can see it like me.

I found myself on the beach at night. There were explosions everywhere as I walked threw the soft, cool sand. I looked up at the sky that was bright, because of the exploding missiles and gun powder. I cam to a long deck and under it was a few army green tents, weapons, and tracking devices. There was an older man with white hair, and judging by the amount of pins and awards on his jacket, he was in charge. For some strange reason he looked up from what he was doing and pointed at me.
"You girl, come here," he said pointing to me. "The only way to win this war is with 'The Hurricane'. It is a secret weapon but no one knows what it does, but we do know is that it will be found when really needed," he explained.
"Well how am I supposed to find it?" I asked.
“How am I supposed to know? Now leave my sight," he said returning to his work. It took me a few seconds to get to a small shack on the beach. I looked down the beach and saw no sign of the long deck. I stepped threw the screen door and there was another older man, but he looked more fragile sitting down watching his outdated TV.
"Where's 'The Hurricane'?" I asked some how knowing that he knew.
"It is time," he said while getting out of his chair. From around his neck he pulled a key and walked toward a set of old bowling lockers. He unlocked the very center locker and inside was and old video labeled "The Hurricane." He slipped it into his VCR and it started playing. At first it was a home video of a young couple standing on a boat. They looked happy and the woman wore a wedding ring. It flashed to another scene. The man was sailing off to war reaching for his wife back on shore. I couldn't here the words they were speaking, only the slow sad song in my mind as I watched the film. They showed airplanes and bombs, but the man lived. It showed him coming home, happy to be returning back to his wife, his love. But fate had another plan in mind. He walked into the house door and there on the floor laid his wife, dead. I watched the rest of the film with tears in my eyes. Short clips represented the man’s life since her death, until the last picture faded in. It was a picture of the old man sitting beside me. "Put this on a screen. The men attacking will stop and turn around to see the ones they love" And then I woke up.

Example: Scary Recurring Dream, Need Interpretation?

I thought this dream was scary the first time around, but over the course of the last few months, I've had it probably four times. I've tried to understand what it means, but I just can't stand to dive that deeply into it. Please read below and if you have any SERIOUS interpretation ideas, I would love to hear them...I don't ever want to have this dream again...

Starting in a high rise construction site, I am filming something (perhaps a documentary) with my high school best friend (who I have not seen for five years). Two people in brown uniforms walk directly in front of the camera and disrupt the shot which makes us so angry that we stop production for the day. In the next "scene", we are in an outdoor amphitheater and somebody is performing. The audience seems quite literally dead, not in a scary/gross sort of way, but in a dead corpsish sort of way. My friend and I tell the performer to "get the hell off stage", and we put a video tape into the VCR on stage and proceed to show it to the dead. In the next "scene", I am in a house that I recognize as my own. My wife is there and there is an overwhelming aura of saddness. I don't know why, but she is scheduled to be executed by the government. She is playing the piano and she tells me that she doesn't want to go to work that day. I don't know why the government wants her life, but suddenly I am overwhelmed with a feeling of grief (that stabbing pain that you get when you know it's a final goodbye). In a few of these dreams, I go upstairs and put a pistol to my head and shoot myself (everything goes black, but I am still conscious of my surroundings). In others, I scream "Let me out of here!" and I wake up.

Most of the dream is in the first person, but the part in the amphitheater is in the third person. Where I am looking down on the events transpiring.

I hate this dream. I love my wife and it makes me sick to think about ever losing her. Or for that matter having time to ponder living without her. If anybody can interpret what I am supposed to do in my life to make this go away, please help me.

Thank you

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

So there I am standing around with Josh (My husband's brother who died 10 years ago and I've never met before in my life) and a few other people and they're smoking weed. Then Josh grabs my arm and tells me to follow him so I do. He leads me through these trees down this little path to a barn. Inside the barn are boxes full of video tapes and a tv. He pulls out a tape and puts it in the tv and a black and white film comes on a it's an old married couple looking happy and all lovey. As Josh and I are walking back to the house he says "Now do you see why he hates it here?" And I know he was referring to my husband.
Help me interpret this dream? In detail!

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was dark. there were 3 girls 2 didnt like me and they were sticking their heads thru this gray wall with holes in it to look at this good looking boy whenever he passed by. i was standing on a brown dresser and one of the girls with brown hair tried to shake me off but i didnt fall so she started tickling my feet but failed again. so i got off it [ and then i was in a different part of the dream. ]
i saw this older guy with a pot belly, he had no hyghene n he looked like a redneck and his older friend who looked professional and clean was talking with a cop but the guys were smiling and the cop was serious. they were in grass and i was in rocks watching quietly. then the 2 guys walked together to the rednecks house and it seemed like they were gay which i didnt mind. also i stole a cop bike n i dont remember if anyone chased me or not. [but then i was back to the other part of the dream]

it was almost pitch black in my room and the girls were gone and i killed something and there was blood on me so i picked up a sledge hammer [and right infront of my door was the kitchen with a little dim light and beside it was a dark hall] so i stepped into the hall and walked away from it and i picked up a scary movie and walked into the living room and put the dvd in the vcr and it started playing then i saw this little black dog with a head on the front and the back and it was screeching everytime it ran up and down the hall. i held the sledge hammer up and it was running towards me and stopped infront of me, i touched it with my hand and it didnt do anything. but i saw that there was a cochroach under its foot. [then i woke up]

what does all this mean? what do the colors mean: blood red, light brown, dark brown, black, grey, ocean blue, grass green, ect.

and the things i sawand what do the things i saw represent? eg: wielding a weapon, cop, cop bike, the 2 men, houses, black rooms, a cockroach under the dog things paw, ect.?
Please help if you are an expert at dreams or if u have a dream book :) thank you.

Example: What do dreams mean?

Are they just random things or do they have meaning. For example I have a lot of dreams and I have experience thos dreams comming true over and over again. Is ths a coincience or what?

Example: What does my dream MEAN?dream interpretation?

well i had this dream of me being a new girl in an american school only it was different...corbin bleu was flirting with me and then ..the dream shifts ...into me protecting my garden door to see if anyone would break in...and i see a dog in the garden...around sunset..with the tv on vcr and it was outside in the light rain...what does this all mean? i keep having these bizarr dreams...i dont even think about corbin bleu and im not attracted to him neather although he isnt ugly ...so what does this all mean...plzz explain
and i dont think its about me wanting to be in tv and that ..

Example: What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A White Wolf?

i had a dream that i was in a bedroom and a new movie came out on video i put a old vhs in a vcr and started to watch it the movie was about wolfs just then the bedroom door open and a big white cloud came in then a group of white wolfs came in the bedroom one of them bit my legs but not in a violent way more like to get my attention when he did he started to Speak but in my native language romanian it was a beautiful white wolf and it told me that i needed to be with god and if i change my religion i will be with my mom she past away 5 years ago from there i was at a pool with my 2 sisters-inlaws and i was telling them about the wolfs they told me they seen them to and that they will have a baby both of they can't have kids in real life so in the dream it was the same...so i guess what i am asking is if anyone can tell me what it all means thanks

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