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Dream About Vat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What did this dream mean anyways?

There is this guy who always appears in my dreams but tries to kill me, his name is Chris, he is 6'3 but weighs 300 pounds and is very muscular for someone at his size. He usually kills his victims by trapping their head in his elbow, then he uses his strength and breaks their neck using a trick with only his arms and he is very intimidating too. I always manage to stand up to him but he still appears in my nightmares! Well I followed him to this chemical factory in which I planned to stop him from doing something really horrible, he had a group of five friends who had loaded guns, he dropped bags of bathsalt everywhere, the workers ran towards it and just began consuming it. Chris then grabbed on to a guy, he gave them the bathsalt in exchange for a guy that he truly hated. Then the guy tried to fight him but he trapped him and easily broke his neck by snapping his head. Then he laughed knowing I was there, he just looked around and said, "Loki, where are you?" My real life name is Loki and I was named after the norse god. So then the workers became high on the bathsalts and came charging towards the gang, they shot their firearms towards the workers but the people ended up killing the gang but then the people who were high also ended up dying from loss of blood. I went upstairs and looked down everywhere seeing the machines create chemicals, I seen Chris and there was one more worker who was high on bathsalt, he charged right after Chris and managed to get him on the ground. I read the worker's name tag, "Eric." That is all I remembered his name, now Eric weighed 250 pounds but was 5'9. Chris tried to fight back but was then pinned, now I know Chris is strong and all but once you are high on bathsalt, your body has no choice but to become insane and you possess superhuman strength. Eric then began to eat the flesh off of Chris's face, and it was horrible but I watched and I heard Chris's yells and pleads for help. He continued to eat at the face, I took one of the guns that the workers dropped and loaded a bullet right in to Eric's head watching as he fell off of Chris. Chris got up covering his face with both hands, he backed up but then tripped over the railing, I watched him but he brought up his left hand and caught the ledge before he fell and it was out of his reach. Beneath him was a vat of chemicals which is acid. I went over to help him and saw his face was bloody and torn up and I reached my right hand to grip his left and help him up but then he laughed and said, "I am going to kill you!" He brought up his right hand but out of fear I released my grip on his left hand and watched as he fell, I saw his entire body land in to the acid leaving a huge splash of green acid spill. His body then became camoflauged buried by the green liquid, now I heard that acid bleaches your skin white like the Joker's and I guess the reason why he didn't swim up is because if you land in a vat of acid, the pipes basically pull your body down along with the liquids it holds. So I managed to escape and when i got home, I looked on my messages seeing a message from Chris's email so I looked and saw his threat he said, "I got you Loki!" I traced the email seeing as it came from the next house so I got out and ran off in to the middle of the night realizing Chris survived the chemicals. I then woke up, what did this dream mean? Ten Points...

U have strong crush on the guy x

Example: What does this dream mean: strange building, live chickens in hot oil becoming dogs, man farting on train?

The dream goes: I enter an office building, and I'm not supposed to be there, so I'm snooping around, and it's well-lit, not dark. I come around a corner and the guards see me and yell at me, and I make some excuse and start to walk toward the exit, but then there appears a restaurant kitchen, and I pretend I'm going to the restaurant so the guards don't get angry at me. I stand in front of the open kitchen, and now it has a huge pool of hot cooking oil, which the cooks are using. Suddenly, about 10 live ducks or chickens appear and are floating on the oil, and then, one by one, they heat up and fry into whole fried chickens. The cook cuts some off and I eat it. I pull myself up a few steps into what is supposed to be the dining area, but it becomes a train carriage. There are a few people in the carriage including a heavy-set man who then lets a few loud farts rip. Some of the other passengers express their disgust, but he says, "Hey, what else am I supposed to do?" I exit back into the kitchen area, but now there is a glass window that says the restaurant specializes in dog! And there are a few skinned, frozen dog carcasses propped up by the vat of oil. Any thoughts?

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

So im 15 and last night i had the weirdest dream. i was still living with my parents but i had like 4 or 5 babies. like newborns and i think they were all girls. they didn't really cry or fuss i was just caring for them.

Example: I had a disturbing dream last night; what can it mean?

I was in a foreign country. I think it was a Muslim country because all the women were wearing veils or turbans. The country was in a war situation where two ethnicities were fighting each other. Only it wasn't much of a fight, as the people with the "darker" skin had all but completely wiped out the people with the "lighter" skin by 85-90%. They were taking the people that they were killing and putting them in this underground "sewer" thing, where they ground the people up into a liquid in this huge vat, and then piped it to various places through a network of pipes. I'm not really sure where the people sludge was going, just into various pipes. The people with the lighter skin weren't even trying to flee. They figured they were as good as dead so they stayed where they were. I remember there was a couple who had a little girl, and they were just hanging around by the entrance to the sewer, pretty much waiting for their turn to go in and be ground up.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I just had it today. So there was this eerie attraction, and you had to pay a small fee. The whole place was pretty much shiny silver chrome, platinum, and steel. I definitely did not want to go on the attraction (you'll understand why later in the story), but for some reason, I went on it. It's sort of like a death trap ride. So anyways, to get to the attraction, you have to ride in this ugly, olive green, old Jeep. You're right on a thin path by cliffs, and a manhole. It's light and gray, AS IF you are outside. So when you get there, there are three VATS with doors you lift. Three people per vat, and inside there is nothing but maroon velvet on the walls, floor, and ceiling. I was in the vat with one of my real-life friends and some stranger. Anyway, this CREEPY-@$$ "ride" goes like this: every one minute, there is a temperature change of +5 degrees Fahrenheit. It keeps going like this, until one person is left alive. There is no escape otherwise. When the last person is left, a large purple button comes out of the wall, and you have to press it. Then it instantly cools, you win, and the ride is over. Some workers come and take the dead people and bury them on a steep, thin hill, carrying them there in wheelbarrows. I had won in this ride. I was about 11 years old in this dream (older in real life). My friend lasted till 220 degrees Fahrenheit. I was on the ride for approximately 45 minutes. Then I started chatting with a guy from my 5th grade class about how long we lasted, and how many degrees it was, etc. Just talk about the ride. What could all of this had meant? I have a theory because it was hot in my room, especially under all the blankets, and that could have caused it to be about rising heat levels. I was at a theme park a month ago or so. Also, the ride in the dream was called "The Kamikaze". I want some theories on this, thanks for all ideas in advance. :)) Oh, also, at the end of the ride, we were at a hotel in Las Vegas, and my mom was like "Good job honey you won, its good exercise for your heart!" I thought "WTH, how is it GOOD for my heart?"

Example: What can this dream mean?

my 14 year old son recently had a dream that was very unusual even for a dream. He explained to me in his dream that he was alone in the house when he looked through the window and saw Henry Paulson (US secretary of treasury) trying to break in and steal my car. He said that Paulson succeeded and drove down the road at which point my son got in his bike and followed him down our beautiful neighborhood road and then into a highway that he described was badly damaged and destroyed and abandoned with many vacant cars. my son said he had trouble remembering what happens next he eventually arrives at his schools locker room and finds Henry Paulson trying to break in to his locker with an axe. He says that when Paulson saw him, he panicked and quickly left the room scared. Curious, my son opened his locker to find a huge brick of gold that measured at least a foot on all sides. At which point my son woke up. This is a very strange dream but i believe it has some meaning. My son has a large interest in the business and finance world and invests all of his allowance money in the stock market. he loves to read about influential businessmen like Rockefeller and JP Morgan and he knows more about finance than I do. (He is very familiar with US politicians if you were wondering how he could recognize Henry Paulson). And he always talks about how he will be the wealthiest man in the world by building a vast trading empire and hedge fund company.


It starded out I was in gym class ,abd we had to change into our workout clothes but, the stalls has no doors ao no one wanted to change.So I decieded to put my short shorts on over my jeans? and my jeans disapeared!?. Then we had to go in random groups and mine was with 2 people I have never seen before? And we were still in the gym but we were (in our seperate groups) in the back of trucks?!?! And the teacher told us to go to sleep?!? VAT DOES THIS MEAN ?

Example: Cannibalism in dream what does it mean?

i came home and saw my father in the back yard there was a dead body of a young woman dressed in a purple top with long curly hair lying face down in a vat of brownish water next to him he proceeded to chop up the body (but i dint look) and then begin to boil it i ran inside and my mother was calmly sitting on a chair,going back outside i saw a fire which had died down,then,the broken bones which had been roughly chopped up were thrown out into the ash of the fire and the remaining lumps of flesh were transferred to another iron pot. this dream was very disturbing for me and i could not figure out what it meant. i dont usually remember my dreams but this one stuck.can anyone help.

Example: What is the meaning of this strange dream?

My dream started when I was talking to a black man. He warned me to be careful next time who I talk to; he said I was dealing with a criminal. After he finished, I turned around and there I saw a handsome, young man; his face was a little blurry. Suddenly, he took out a sharp, plastic knife and used it against me (though he didn't stab me). He took me to a dressing room, and raped me. Before he raped me, though, I felt my spirit left my body, because I saw him taking my body to the dressing room. After he finished, I saw a young boy coming towards the dressing room, so I quickly grabbed him and gave it to the "rapist". I quickly ran and started screaming, but no one listen. Only the police officers, and many officers were looking for this handsome, young men. There were many police cars, helicopters, and officers trying to find this handsome, young men. He escaped many times, and this time he did. I went to my aunt's old trailer she used to live, and I waited for the handsome, young men to arrive; I was hiding behind the bathroom's door. Finally, he arrived and we started fighting, until I won the fight. And then I killed my brother's favorite hamster pet (who died last year actually). My family arrived and I told them what happened. I told them a lie that I was fighting the hamster, but never mentioned about the handsome, young men. I showed my mom the mess I did when I was fighting the hamster -which I was lying- in the bathroom. Surprisingly, the handsome, young men's body wasn't there anymore! In the end, my whole family was happy, and I also saw a happy dog, too, who I've never seen before. I believe I know who the handsome, young men is, but I'm not so sure, though. What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Do you think dreams mean something? Or are they just dreams and I should just forget about them?

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