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Dream About Vaseline meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had the weirdest dream the other night i dreampt i was on a school field trip (im 14 a girl going into high school this coming school year) and we were walking around by the river and i was pregnant (im not pregnant ive never had sex) and all the sudden i was at the hospital and i had a C-section and then i never saw the baby and i went right back to the field trip and i had stitches in my stomach for the C-section and my sister kept picking me up and i was afraid the stitches would rip and then the doctor called me and told me to take the stitches out and i lifted my shirt up to take the stitches out and it was like a rope with Vaseline all over it holding my stomach together so i took it out and i had a C-section scar and it hurt and then i woke up what does this dream mean?

Dreams are (At least, in my experience and belief) just a manifestation of the subconscious. What that mean is that usually there is something in your life that is causing you to be worried (At least, subconsciously) about pregnancy. The other possibility is that you ate a food that did not quite agree with you. (Did you know, spicy foods right before bed can cause an increase in nightmares?)

Try to remember everything that happened to you yesterday and the day before yesterday. Think of anything weird or new that stick out in your mind. Oftentimes, strange dreams can be caused by strange new circumstances.

Good luck :D (And no, you weren't seeing the future, dreams rarely do this.)

Example: What did my Dream mean?

Last night I has a dream that I was walking through a doctors office with my purse and another bag and the security system went off. There was a security officer there, and when the alarm when off I walked toward him for him to check my bags. When I got to him, he rushed me off to a room at the top of the building telling me that I needed to be strip searched. When I got to the other room, the security officer was there and so was my doctor. They put vaseline like product on my eyes to take off my makeup and told me to strip down to nothing. When I got back wearing the paper gowns that they give you for a physical, I noticed that both the officer and my doctor were naked. Although I don't remember anything happening, I do remember sending a text message to my husband to tell him was happened. I then went and found out where he was and went and just got a hug from him.

This is the strangest dream I have had...what do you think it means?

Example: GET 10 POINTS ! (easy!)?

Answer or research, even a link would help!


Example: What does my dream mean? I usually dream that I cant fight but this on was different..?

I just had a dream that I had just 100% CONFIDENCE. Here’s what happened. I was living somewhere and I looked up and there is this “famous person” living where I live. And I know that I wanted to be that person’s manager and they never got back to me. I know their girlfriend just died and I was just confronting her about flacking on me and she was remorseful but also sad about her girlfriends recent death but then we had this weird uncomfortable energy between us like we were attracted to each other or soul mates or something and it was just weird. So I move on to this camp or something. I was late and people already had friends and clicks and everything. Well I went to a group that seemed more like the bad girls club. I walked in all happy met everyone and it just seemed like the 3 girls hated me for wanted to be their friends (no real reason). One of the girls was Kanye west’s little sister and he came to the camp a few day after me. Anyways, they always looked at me sideways and had attitudes and bullied me (but not actually touching me) and all I did was be my happy honest confident beautiful and radiant self (that’s probably why they was hatin). So I always would be honest and tell people how I feel and just a beautiful person and this one day they just had a real problem with it. So 2 of them went to sleep early including the cabin leader and Kanye but one stayed up to what seemed like just to talk **** to me and get under my skin, and she did but instead of making me insecure she only mad my irritated and angry and just added fuel to the fire. So she started just go ham and then she said to me what seemed like the 4 magic words “I wanna fight you”. It never occurred to me to put my hands on this girl, not only because I don’t like fighting people because for one it’s just not who I am and two because I know they would lose because I went to boxing and karate lessons, and also it didn’t occur to me because fighting was not allowed at the camp and it would be grounds to send a person home early. So when she said that something clicked in me and I said good come on lets go. She wasn’t expecting that so she immediately got a lil scared and started avoiding it but saving face at the same time. That didn’t affect me much because what I started to do was follow her around yelling come on and let’s do it and you said you wanna fight so hurry up and ect just getting in her face and standing up for myself. I even followed her in the bathroom she claimed she had to use it but it only seemed like she was avoiding me even further I continued to yell and say hurry up and then I did something weird. I lit a candle with my mouth just by breathing my hot breath on it. It seemed like I had magic powers or something and all that did was charge me more and scare her and I know it did because she scared “THAT DIDN’T SCARE ME!” well after that I went in the camp leaders room and told her I was about to fight and she basically yelled at me saying I could get kicked out and things but she also said if she “didn’t see it” I can’t get kicked out, and then said I want you to kick her ***. She knew they all were bullies and horrible people and was glad I was going to stand up for myself. Then I went back in the bathroom and more candles were lighted and it charged me even more I soaked it all in and started telling the girl hurry up and come on and etc. so we went in the hallway and I thought about tying up my hair and putting on Vaseline and things but I said no I’m guna do it “naked” and I’m guna beat her ***. So all I remember is us walking out and the next thing you know were fighting and then I have her on the floor just giving it to her telling her you got me ****** up and just telling her all the thing I wanted to but in the “short four letter words” she screaming and no one wakes up to help her (the camp leader is awake but pretending to be sleep) and finally I get tired and say something like look ***** I had enough of you and I don’t want no more problems outta you or you can get some more of this you hear me?! She scarily agrees and I aggressively through her head down and jump off her. than it switches to me looking at all three of them sleeping with just anger, disgust and shame and me thinking I’m guna have to fight all of them hunh?, especially after they see her bruises. So I start to go to my room so I can sleep and then I run into Kanye and he’s sleep but he’s also blocking my way so I just look at him sleep for a second and I guess he feels me staring at him because he jumps awake and I apologize for scaring him and say he’s in my way and then he says oh ma bad and I said its ohkay. Then I confess that I had to fight his sister and at first he’s angry then I quickly tell him why then he gets on “my side” and is ashamed of his sister. Then we all go to sleep then it switches to the next day or whatever and it seems like everyone is leaving because it was a lot of water almost flooding and we all had to hike u

Example: Beauty Products i wanna know what types of face cleansers, face mask, scrub, toner, moisturizer..?

acne treatments and all those other things..
also what types of lotion do you use any good brands you like anything and lotions for stretch marks cellulite creams ANYTHING THAT FACE AND BODY CARE TREATMENTS :D thanks!

Example: Help with makeup on my lips?

For school instead of wearing lipstick I like to put my foundation on my lips for the nude effect. The only problem is it always goes patchy and a white colour, i know this is because of the moisture on my lips.

But is there a nude effect lipstick out there? Or a concealer/foundation that doesn't go patchy. If lipstick can stay intact with lip moisture then im sure there's something that would suffice?

Oh and the foundation I use is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Example: I dreamt about my late grandfather and he was asking for?

I dreamt about my late grandfather for 2 nights consecutively. The weird thing was he was asking for a strepsils or lozenges while he was stretching. He also showed me his box where he usually put his things while looking for strepsils. He really looked alive and strong on that dream.
Then I dreamt about him again last night and he was looking for a Vaseline this time. He showed me his earlobe with a hole I assumed. It's really weird. I told him I think I saw it the last night when he showed me his box. Then I also noticed he looks really old and he was trembling on that dream. He said okay he will come back again tonight and we will look for it.
It's weird coz I'm not thinking about him at all.
Do you guys think those dreams have a meaning or I am just missing him?
Thank you!:D

Example: What does my dream mean thanks :)?

I had a dream I was at this store and I saw a white face cream, and my mom who is dead was there and she said are you sure you want that and pointed at the counter where there was this Vaseline tan lotion thing I was like no this one is cheaper $2.25 and my mom paid for it! She said to go buy Filipino food and I took her car keys, I was too scared to drive cause I didn't had a liscence so I decided to walk and I said oh the short way too I'd get there, and a Filipino lady greets me like telling me to watch this movie there was this tv there it was weird and it was almost 10 the Filipino place was almost closed and I had a butcher knife and I was walking trying to get to the place with the knife held up pointing towards up when I saw an escalator I went the one in the middle and sat on one as I went up and I had the knife up so no one would get hurt and as I went up I was gonna go flying up like for reals and then right before I was gonna fly off like the scary part cause I was alone Jackie Chan yes Jackie Chan shows up in the front and I held on tight at his back as he hold on tighter as we fly off the escalator, weird what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream i was blind well some what. i could still see alittle bit like if i had vaseline over my eyes i woke up with a headach cuz in my dream i was straining my eyes soo hard to see

Example: I had this dream that disturbed me, what does it mean?

Please read it all, it might be a bit long but please help me figure out the meaning of my dream

I had this weird sexual dream it started with my cousins moving in upstairs with us, and then I went to go take a bath, and this girl I hardly talk to from school went inside the bathroom to wash her hands and that's where I was taking a bath and she was just washing her hands and I said "Hey sexy " (I always say that, me and my friends play around like that) and then I don't remember much but then she got on top of me and we had sex (cowgirl position) and then my friend just knocked on the door and said "Hurry up, we're gonna be late" so I finished and we took a long walk and for some reason that girl came and I carried her on my shoulders all the way there and when we got there all my friends were there and we were gonna go to McDonald's and then I remember we were all gonna go to McDonald's walking and I was carrying her on my shoulders again, and the last thing I remember was getting there and counting my money, I had exactly $12. And that's where my dream ended and I woke up. I wouldn't say that i didn't like the dream, cause i kind of did.

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