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Dream About Vasectomy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My boyfriend has a vasectomy...?

My boyfriend is amazing and I can see myself with him forever- except that he had a vasectomy with his first wife. He's great with pets and with other people's kids and the whole nine yards. He says he wants to be with me forever, but I won't get married unless it means that eventually we'll be starting a family. I have honestly tried to look at it from alternate points of view (like I do with everything in our relationship- which is one of the reasons we never fight.) but I know in my heart I want to have kids. I've been willing to compromise and just have one. Sometimes he agrees and sometimes he just says I need to give him time to adjust to the idea... I don't mean to say I want a baby RIGHT NOW, but I know for sure someday...but How long do I put into this relationship waiting to find out about the deal-breaker?

Let me tell you a short story...
My best friend started babysitting at age 9, shes always loved kids, always been around kids... she will make a great perfect mother!
She found her dream man, they got engaged... the night before there wedding he told her he never wanted to have children...
She married him anyway, she was kind of in shock... knowing that the man she loved didn't share her dreams with her at all!
Now, 4 years later, she is pregnant, but he is not happy, and barely wants anything to do with her now...

The man of your dreams will share your dreams... I know you love him, and you don't want to hurt him, but make sure that you are willing to commit to a man that doesn't share your dreams, and you may never go through the joy of having your own child...

I know you will make the right choice!
Good luck!

Example: Question about a dream and the message. Please, I need an honest answer that's more less serious.?

About two years ago my husband underwent his fourth vasectomy, poor guy, I begged him not to put himself thru that pain again. The other not I had a dream and a red cloaked figure told me that they were going to heal me as a 'gift,' because I was going to need my strenghth. The next night I had a dream that I was going to have another baby. The last time my husband was in the hospital he had a dream that we were to have one more child and it was to be a boy. He got out of bed and looked out the window and two men he said he remembered from a past life were standing there looking at his room window. They than waved to him and walked away. Than last night I was told that Carabiu was to be this child's animal. What does all of this mean. I don't mid having another child, especially a boy, we currently have one boy and four daughters. Our situation isn't the worse, but it could definately be a lot better. What do these dreams mean, and is my subconcious telling me I'm pregnant?

Example: How can I get past my sadness of him getting a vasectomy?

I have two children, ages 10 and 8 from a previous marriage that live with their dad (he never sent them back from a visit). My long term boyfriend has a 12 year old son from a previous relationship that he has been able to see off and on his whole life. Most times that he is unable to see him lasts a year plus at a time. He cannot shake the sadness and emptiness that this has caused him. In essence, he has decided that he would like a vasectomy, scheduled to take place in FOUR days. We are both 31.

I have always thought that it might be nice to have another, especially with him. We both have so much to offer a child, and each other. I didn’t have the love and support during and after my pregnancies that I know he would offer. I raised my kids (SAHM) while my ex played video games. My boyfriend lost his son when his son was 10 months old. I often wonder if he would be healed, even if a small bit, if he could take part in raising his own child. I know that no one will ever take the place of his firstborn, but taking part in the raising process may heal some of the emptiness in a way.

I am resentfully wishing he would wait on the vasectomy. I have expressed my feelings but he gets angered, wondering why I won’t just be supportive of his decision. I don’t know if I will ever WANT another child enough to try for one, but I am not ready for the permanency of losing our fertility. Logically, I understand and can relate. Emotionally, I have this sick feeling about making it so permanent. I feel like I am going through a grieving process for the child that I had dreamed about possibly having with him that will never be. I know he doesn’t want to change his mind. Is there anyone out there that can give me words of wisdom in order for me to actually BE supportive, rather than cringe at his excitement?

Example: Resort to having a vasectomy?

I have been in a committed relationship now for over 7 years. My significant other's clock is starting to tick ever so loud. I don't ever want to have kids, but she might have other ideas. So to protect myself I want to get a vasectomy.

My question is do I tell her about the vasectomy or keep it a private secret?

Example: Boyfriend wants a vasectomy at 20..?

Me and my boyfriend were at dinner yesterday and we were talking and he said he wants to get a vasectomy and store his sperm for when we are ready to have children. I went to my mom in private wondering what she thought, and she took it the wrong way and said him and his mom had a mental illness and he's a man. I got really mad at her that she said that because it was immature to react that way. I support him and I think it's a good idea. But she dosent. What do I do? I need feedback. His mother is going to pay for the whole procedure and his parents are on board.

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