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Dream About Vase meanings

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Example: Help! what does my dreams mean..?

my friend Has been having a very strange, re-accruing dream. Anyone like to guess what it means?
Me as a kid is living in my Pa's house(not alive anymore) with my mum and dad, just us three. And every night something bad happens. Example - the house is set on fire, the house gets robbed and one night someone through Vase's at the house and mum and dad just stood there and watched.
That's pretty much all I remember, would be interesting to hear your ideas...

Dreams have no hard and fast rules to interpret. The human mind is a complex of flesh and blood having millions of thoughts stored in it which it consciously forget. It is, thus, just a wave of mind on the given day which comes on the surface of mind on some particular day . Dream has limited hidden meanings. Normally,dreams depict the desires, important or remote events and anxiety or stress event. So the same can be interpreted in this perspective better by the dreaming person himself .The bookish replies cannot be pasted on human minds
Normally , repressed love or sex desires are seen in ex, crush, bf, stranger man or woman dreams and stress and insecurity in nightmares, spiders, Zombies, snakes ,ghosts or alike factors but there is nothing to be worried. Pregnancy dreams means, u are scared to be or want to be preggo or if pregoo fear to lose baby, as per the facts of each case. It is for the time being reaction of mind in the given circumstance having no necessary impact. At the most a message of sub conscience to do or abstain to do some thing relevant to life May Lord keep all of us in peace and best of luck x

Example: Dream meaning..please help?

i had a weird dream that i was using a public bathrrom and there was no stalls it was wide open and alo of people were looking at me and snickering and laughing. and then i tried to get the toliet paper butt i gott the poop all over the papers and they laughed harder. and then i went to this man's house and we were all looking for something..and there ws thiss deer there..then i went to was my hands and i ended up in a bright room with millions of tiny pink flowers in small vases with water..it was gourgous...then..this huge pink one appeared next to me and i put my hand threw it and soap came out..and i was about to washing my hands thinking "wow look at this..i wnder how they made this place so beautiful and i woke up..sorry i know its a wird dream..i tried looking for the meaning online...but i cant find it well..can someone please help me? thanx..and serious answers only please.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a fat gold fish?

my mum had a dream of a gold fish that was in a flower pot then she got some water for the fish but the fish would not go in the bowl of water it would start flying in the room blowing bubbles.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I was literally awake and I fell into this dream. The first words I saw were "the illuminati show" and then it turned to a lady, who looked like a Barbie, she had brown shoulder length hair. And she was moving her hand up and down an odd shaped vase on a little table. I couldn't really understand what she was saying because I was terrified when I saw Barack Obamas face In the wall, like his neck was stretched out and he was looking up. I didn't even know what illuminati meant until I looked it up just now and now even more scared. I don't remember anything she said but the whole time I couldn't move because my body was tingling. Help? I'm still scared I have had lots of morbid dreams but this one is weird. Thanks xx

Example: What does this dream mean?

the dream started like this me my brother and my friend where walking home together. as we walked up the lane way/drive way a car started driving into a fence of my neighbor so my friend ran the other way and me and my brother ran to our neighbors garage. There we met a guy driving a red car saying "get away i am trying to steal the car" so i walked home then at the side of my house where the air conditioner was the fence was knocked down and there was a van there. I noticed my backyard door was open so i get in and there were robbers every where the tv i just got was stolen all the phones were gone too. But my family was still ok . but in my dream i wanted to call the cops the hey took the phones and cut the internet i walked into my moms room in the dream and in a vase where there was white roses there were paint brushes covered in red paint

to me i think this dream is about me not doing art but what does it mean

Example: A Dream about heaven? What does it mean?

Last night I dreamed about heaven. First, there was this tall gate and many people were there. The only person I knew was my Grandmother (She's still alive, BTW). All of us were holding some kind of vase, then we started climbing the gate while holding on the vase. People who dropped their vase will fall down to the ground and can never climb up again. Me and my Grandma managed to climb the gate. After the gate, there was like a big paved field with all the people that were already there smiling at us. When I looked at my right I saw a gigantic golden palace far away. Then me and my grandma continued walking and we ended up in a long corridor but only 2 meters wide or Idk. But it was filled with doors and each one of them were filled with what I believe are trials, problems and challenges that are found on earth and after the corridor, I woke up. I know that there's something God wants to tell me but I am not sure.

Example: Dream meaning? Help.?

I was having a dream that I was on a train and when I looked out the windows I saw doors, and through these doors were websites. I got off the train and climbed the stairs into a webpage, in the room behind the door was a bamboo mat, two cats, shelves with decorated vases with colourful flowers. There was a photo frame with a photo of someone I just met recently. I chose to stay in the room for a while and then went through another door, it was the same place with the same things but different colours. I left and went back on the train, it was driving along the top of some shops

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i committed suicide by jumping off a Cliff. when i was dead it ended up i didn't want to die and i was a spirit walking around watching my mum and my dad crying and i was lifting up vases and talking trying to get them to notice me and this angel was really nice to me and was telling me to stop it. even though i wouldn't stop she was still nice to me. then i was really sad and i kept asking if i just was in a coma and not actually dead but they kept saying that i was dead. then i saw my boyfriend crying and refusing to talk to anyone, then i woke up feeling sad and miserable what was the dream about? it didn't feel like a normal dream it seemed real.
Please help

Example: Dream meaning of a spider bite?

I know what a spider means but what does it mean when it bites you?

I dreamt I caught a very large spider and stuck it in a large bag. When I was lifting the bag to hang it the spider somehow bit through the fabric and onto my hand. I saw the bite marks and went running towards the house before I started to blank out from the poison. I started breathing heavy and started falling down. I swapt at a green glass vase off the counter so the shattering sound could get someone's attention of what was going on. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I had an unusual dream. My dreams are usually vivid and I remember them well the next morning on most occasions.
So in my dream there was a train, a steam train. Me and my friends weren't ON the train, but there was a connection to the train, like we were kind of walking alongside the tracks. A modern train crashed into the steam train and me and my friends got lost (although we never actually moved on). A huge train carrying huge cargo boxes (the huge metal ones like on ships) came by and all of the boxes fell off. Me and my friends started walking down the train tracks. I dont know where we were headed, we werent in any rush, but it seemed important that we got there. We ended up in an furniture shop, like IKEA, with lots of vases and other knick knacks, but vases were prominent. As we were going through the shop, I was tempted to take some of the items, but I didnt. We then ended up in a fast-food type restaraunt where I struggled to pick between apple juice and orange juice. Then basically, I woke up.

Usually, I can understand my dreams, but this one has literally baffled me and its one of my more normal dreams! Its still stuck in my mind now and I can still see the trains when I daydream. It wasnt a nightmare or anything, but it seemed important. Do you know what it means?
Thank you (:

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