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Dream About Varanidae meanings

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NEEDS to be answered today even if its answered @ midnight. Please help. TwT" (By a person with a degree in veterinary or reptile field. please.) (>.<)

Hello, My name is Sara Wohlwend, a Junior in a college prep High-school. I am hoping that a vet could answers a questionnaire for my class. Our assignment is to interview a professional in a career field that we are interested in. If one of y'all could please help me out by emailing me at (sara@sicps) or answer me on here, it would be a magnificent help. If you cannot, I understand how busy you are. Sorry and thank you.


- What are the tasks and duties of the job?
- What do you like about the job?
- What are some good points about the job?
- What are some bad points about the job?
- What educational skills and/or preparation are needed for the job? How many years did it take?
- What personal fulfillment have you received from this occupation?
- How is your life state supported by this occupation?
- What type of personality is needed for this job?
- Why did you choose to become a vet?
- How does this occupation relate to your faith?
- Is it possible for you to visit or explore around at your job site?

I am a wholesaler and breeder of reptiles and exotic invertebrates, to work effectively with the animals I have found a good biological and taxonomic understanding of them to be vital, I don't have any qualifications in the field but many years of practical experience working with them (everything from Colubridae to Pythonidae, Brachypelma to Phoneutria, Gekkonidae
to Varanidae species.), I'm not a trained professional but my years of experience have given me a knowledge that is probably equivalent to a trained professional, I can treat many conditions in reptiles but I'm not a vet. I'll try answering to the ones that apply to me though.

- The business side is pretty much the same as any small business, my duties with my stock involve feeding the stock, cleaning enclosures, checking humidity and temperatures, checking for signs of illness or disease, quarantining diseased stock, treating to the best of my ability diseased or injured stock (though as I am not a vet there are some things I cannot treat and must sometimes seek their help.) and breeding certain species.

- I like being self-employed, but the thing I like the most is interacting with species that we don't usually see in day to day life, despite what you may hear about the exotic pet trade it is actually good for most species survival (captive breeding is common with exotic keepers.) so I like the fact that I am actually helping a species continue to survive, most of all though the amount I have learned from animal behavior is phenomenal, really this is something I struggle to explain but I'll just say that an animals instinct to survive has inspired me more than anything else I've ever seen, I had a tarantula that I bought from an importer with a bulk batch, they were all spiderlings, (around 1 cm.) one of them I was certain was on deaths door, it was so weak it could hardly move, I placed it on top of a pre-killed mealworm and it slowly started to feed, long story short I basically watched this spider grow from the weediest most pathetic looking thing on earth to the perfect little predator it is today, metaphor for life IMO.

- Always dreamed of working with animals so in away it's a dream come true, it's great to see a pet that originally came from me that has grown, found it's way to a good home and became a new addition to someones family :), I get to see a lot of species that most people never see, plus as a keeper I obviously have first choice of my stock.

- Again a lot of the bad points of my job come from the business side of things (Self employment is a two sided blade.), but it's a fact that when the exotic inverts are born, they have a low survival rate sometimes I can't nurse an animal to being healthy and sell-able and it ends up dying, which makes me feel like I've failed the animal sometimes even though in a lot of cases it's inevitable. Certain species I work with are venomous, fast and aggresive though so I fear bites slightly though in the years I've worked with exotic animals the only ones to have bit me have been two non-venomous snakes (Corn Snake and Burmese Python.) and a Snapping Turtle (wasn't nice at all, had to have stitches.), still bites are down to your own mistakes which I understand (I know I wrote more bad points but in reality the good usually outweighs the bad.)

- I learned nothing about this job from any educational centre whatsoever (barring a business enterprise course for the financial side.), however the years of practical experience I would recommend before doing my job would be more than you would expect, some things you have to understand are the psychology of the animals you work with, the husbandry aspect of every single species you have worked with (I've worked with well over 100 different species.), the function and types of venom and how they effect the body (if you plan on working with venomous species.) and how to treat broken bones, respiratory illnesses, mouth/scale rot in reptiles & abdominal problems in tarantulas etc.

-I feel I have become a lot more enlightened about life in general through observing the species I work with, I feel fulfilled when I breed a species that is rare in the hobby and therefore allow other people to have the opportunity to keep some of these magnificent species.

- It pays the bills lol, but like I said I am also a hobbyist so every time I pick up stock it's like being a kid at Christmas and everything is free to me (on a serious note though obviously it's not free, just cheaper.), a lot of my life revolved around the animals I kept before it was a job though so in reality there hasn't been that much change to my life state (Trust me you don't want to know about my life state.)

- To ethically work with animals I feel that one should be a warm caring person who feels a connection with animals, however the business side can require a bit of a cold calculating side but from your question I don't think you're talking about the business side.

- I didn't, I'm not a vet, however I trained for a bit as an assistant to a vet I know on a purely voluntary basis for the experience, hence where I learned to treat many afflictions.

- I'm not of any faith but I kind of look at nature as a higher power so I feel I've learned more about it through my work

- As I own my place of work of course I can.

Hope I was of some assistance

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