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Dream About Vanish meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WHat Does My Dream Mean?

I was at my house, but it wasent my real house but in the drean i thought it was then i went into the attic and found a trap door, i went down it and found another house the same as mine(the house in my dreams) only underwater, i went back to my house and brought my sister to show her what i found then when i went down there the house wasent underwater we both walked on this newly formed road then my sister vanished and i turned into a deer a large truck was chasing me and i keep ducking down so the truck would go over me withouit hitting me the truck went over me about 3 times then i woke up

What does this dream mean?

Your dream house is security. You started your dream feeling secure, but maybe a bit confused because it wasn't quite home. Something was different or changed about your security. You tried to climb up (attic) but found you ended up going down instead (trap door). Somehow you fell you've lost ground (maybe with your sister or parents).

Are you having a sibling rivalry with your sister? Feel like maybe she's "winning" (getting more attention, more privlidges, getting in trouble less)? Sounds like in your dream you see her as invincible.

The water in the second house is two things. A reflection of yourself (what can I do different/better), and also a fear of drowning or sinking (can I and how will I get through this). Yet you were facinated enough by it to share it with your sister (indicating love, trust, admiration, and shared adventures). She made the water in the 2nd house disappear and then a road was formed, before she disappeared herself. It's clear you don't expect her to help get you out of this situation (whatever it is), but she is leading the way and creating the road to get herself out. You feel like you are just riding on her coat tails on this one. (Again, is she getting you in trouble at home while covering for herself)

The truck is some kind of threat, and you are a defenseless deer. (You feel the circumstances of your life are out of control and you are about to be over run.)

So you have to figure out who was driving the truck. Your sister? Your parents? Your problems?

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream last night, that I was running down an endless corridor, chasing this girl I know…she just kept glancing back at me, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t say anything. I cried out her name, but she disappeared into a white light. I followed her, of course, through the light gateway…and found myself outside. We stood opposite each other, in a field of high grass and bright summer sun that glittered off her tawny hair; a faint breeze stirred around our feet, and ruffled the white, silken gown she was suddenly wearing. I tried to speak but no sound came out…she stared me down, then saying “Why?” over and over…and then the field disappeared, turned to nothingness black ocean. She vanished, and I fell. And fell. And never hit bottom…

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about this girl I've dated for a while,I was hugging her but then she just vanishes away with the wind.what does it mean?

Example: (Dream) What does she mean?

Alright, let me just tell you the dream.
Or, the sum of it, to keep this short.
I was in Louisianna (I only know this from the air and surroundings), and I had finally gotten a new car.
I was testing it out, going through the basic steps of operating it, when I'd been shocked from behind.
A truck had hit me and kept going.
They never stopped, and kept going past me.
I called bullshit, and snapped a picture with my phone.
I saw a bunch of letters, and numbers on the liscence plate, but they were in the form of this, roughly: AB9 388592588 9165ABJJEI J1
Least to say, it confused the crap out of me.
Time froze, and I was able to get back in my car that was somehow good as new.
I tailed them and after a few blocks the scenery started to change.
The atmosphere seemed a little more urban, and it reminded me of Chicago.
Took too many right turns to count, and then the driver of the truck (We're actually talking 18 wheeler, here) went into a heavily residential area.
Like a gated community.
I hate gated communities.
Took an epic shortcut. Ended up 5 meters in the air, and landed in a pond.
I got out dry somehow, and planned the trucks route ahead of time so I could stop in front of it.
Well, skipping ahead to when I did, it ended up wrapped around a tree.
A girl stepped out.
19 years old. 4 inches below shoulder height blonde hair. 5'9". Athletic fit, but beautifully casual.
She shocked me.
I didn't care about the car any more, I wanted to know if she was okay.
I felt connected.
And it wasn't an infatuation, but I had a strong care for her.
I don't remember what happened.
She smiled and ran towards my car.
I blinked.. and it was bright...
Bright like Texas.
More buildings, but they were all tan and dusty.
Just not uninhabited.
I followed her, and we turn a few corners.
The views were fascinating, because I'd never seen them before.
Anyway, she seemed pretty athletic, and I didn't mind because I run a lot, too.
But this took forever.
She finally ran into an unmarked building, which looked whiter than the others.
Probably because it had gotten really hot out, and really bright.
I ran in after her after a few seconds and immediately... Stairs.
My worst. Focking. enemy.
Couldn't tell if she went up or down, beause they were like spirals.
Like, the ones you see at schools.
I started down.
Apparently I was trespassing.
Let's fast forward.
I assumed that it was a building for models or some ****, because I'd seen many dressing rooms and many people working on finishing extravagant clothing.
I guess there were security guards, and that I was disturbing the peace or something, because I was being run out of there by an asian that looks like Kim-Jong-Un, and a couple of random dudes..
Dressed in black suits, o'course.
Let's finish this up, further.
Kimmy got tired, and the other two vanished.
The poor guy looked pretty bad, and I decided to help him out.
I found a room with some sliding glass doors leading to a balcony, and let the breeze fly in.
I laid him down so he could rest and gave him some water from a mini-fridge.
He said thanks and that he was wrong, yada yada...
He welcomed me, and I went to go look for her again.
And she almost walked right by me.
I caught her face, covered in make-up, a wig, and this beautiful sky-blue shiny dress.
She looked like Sam from ICarly.
Weird, I know.
But I finally stopped her, and I asked her name.
She said her name was Courtney, and I remembered immediately that she'd already told me after she got out of her truck..
Fast forward, we talk, she explains some things, said she was sorry and there was no sweat about it.
At the exit, she was on the stairs, and she gave me 3 cameras.. Slim, and full of battery and pictures.
I didn't know what was in them, but I had a feeling that it was of us.
She finally gave me one last camera outside after chasing after me.
I guess she forgot, and this one was big and had a low battery.
She told me to take one worthy picture and give it back to her.
I held her beside me and took one of us.
The camera died, and the dream ended.
It was weird, and I want some help.
What does this mean?
Thanks for reading this for so long.

Example: What does this mean? (dreams)?

i used to not have many dreams , like ever,! but i have been having dreams more often then usual, plus they are very strange, some of them are completely impossible to even really happen, and i almost never remember them when i wake up, i just know that i has one, but when i do remember them, it is only bits and pieces! anyone know what this could mean?

Example: Whats the meaning of this dream?

today morning between 3am & 3.15 am, i had a weird dream.

i was in a sort of room with a girl whom i dont know in real life. she was telling me to keep sharp objects like scissors etc our of reach so that she couldnt harm herself later. she was telling me that she is afraid of weird things happening in the night at her house.

we were sitting on a sort of couch or sofa i think. 1 of the entry to the room is facing my back when i sit in the couch. this girl was sitting to my left. i was trying to console her saying nothing wrong will happen as she was very very worried.

suddenly her face froze and i looked at the door behind me, which i described above. i saw a sort of smoky shadow on the door. we were aware that no one was inside the house apart from us. i got up to see what is that smoke shadow and she was behind me. suddenly when we entered the room, that shadow vanished and got absorbed into a concrete wall at my right within few seconds.

can any one tell me what is this dream trying to convey.

Example: Dream about haunted vanishing cabinet. What's it mean?

Last night I had this wierd dream about a vanishing cabinet. An illusionist locked his assistant in a vanishing cabinet and he got out by the next day possesed by the spirit that resides in the cabinet. The illusionist asks him how he did it and the assistant (with glazed over eyes and a vacant expression) smiles evilly and tells the illusionist that he'll show him sometime. Then he turns to his red haired daughter and her friend and with the same look tells her to go play with the vanishing cabinet. She goes in and then tumbles out in flames. The Bible passage Genesis 25:7 was blazing on her clothes.

Then my husband kerked next to me and jolted me awake. Spooky huh? Any ideas on meaning?

Example: What did my paranormal dream mean?

last night i dreamt i was at my dead uncles friends funeral this person as not been well recently my uncle in my dream died last december of cancer in various places in his body in the dream he was in his football shirt we buried him in during this dream he telled me that he was grateful for what i did when he was hear when he was hear i used to get him what he needed cause he was very weak at the end of the dream he disappeared through the cemetry gates towards his grave stone then just vanished into it then he was gone
this isnt the only ive had his presence felt at night or in a dream the night before my uncles funeral before i was due to do speech i kept feeling a cold hand as i was sleeping please help understand this dream thank you

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok- theres this guy i really like- zac. i think he likes me too. i had a dream about him too. i told him how much i like him and he says he likes me too. then he leans in to kiss me- he vanishes and is replaces by my schoolbooks and then weight is crushing me! i think this shows me how much pressure im putting on myself-- volleyball, school, exercise..

Example: I saw goddess kali in dreams...what does that mean...then she vanished and it was dark...?

i saw goddess kali in my dreams ...and then she vanised ..it was a temple ...people also there and there was darkness everywhere ...what does this imply...i am searching for job and i got a red tikka from my home that was given to me in kali temple...

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