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Dream About Vanilla meanings

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Example: Does anyone know what this dream means. (ps the kid and I barely know each other)?

Does anyone know what this dream means. (ps the kid and I barely know each other)?
Ok so if this helps at all I was thinking about this boy I like before I went to sleep lastnight.
My dream: ok well apparently the genie from aladin saved us from and attack. Then the dream went to me and my two friends. And the three of us were wearing tights, blouses and skirts (3 or 4in above the knee?). So we were in Throop PA and my mom had us get something from this old church ( idk what we had to get) and I walk in the church and I see my confirmation teachers and some of the kids from my class (I received last year). And I see the kid j like (he goes to my church and was in my confirmation class) and he's carrying a bat bag. So I tap Jim on the shoulder because he was walking passed me. I said "dis I see you in Kelly's (a restaurant)?" (I did see him in Kelly's and we had a stare down kinda) and he replied "no I don't think so" I let out a dry laugh and said "oh reall then I was having a stare down w/ someone who looks like you" he shook his head lightly and kinda laughed saying "no im kidding it was me you saw it was deffinately me" I go "I thought so" he turned his head as if he saw someone and said " um how about you call me later-" "I don't have a cell phone but I have an iPod " (I think he knew I had a texting app) so I go to my iPod and go to contacts and give it to him so he could put in the number then one of his friends called my iPod ligit. So he said "ok well I'll talk to you later" and he smokers I said bye but then two girls that I know from confiation came into the room and he froze up.
Then my mom picked the three of us up and my friends aunt took us for ice cream but j got a vanilla smoothy. Anyway my one friend (we'll call her Taylor) asked to see the number so j showed it to her and she insisted that he is tricking me but I said why would he trick me. Then we went back to school to take a test but then we were dismissed so the three of us again were picked up by my mom and when I got into the car I looked @my iPod and there was a message from my friend's (we'll call her Quinn) boyfriend (it's easier to call him that) and he said "hey y don't u take the risk now and text him like rlly what's gonna happen?"
The dream ended w/ me looking @ the number.
But does anyone know what this means like does it mean anything (I've also had a dream where he was @my family reunion w/me and he called me his girlfriend an I said really and he said yes if you want and then he twirled me around) so please if you can help
And no dirty comments because I'm only thirteen

Doesn't mean much, except that he was the last thing on your mind when you went to sleep. At most, your dream is reminding you that you don't really know him (The trust thing).

I'd just forget it, if I were you.

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

I had this dream when I was younger:

Me and my dad (this was back when he had just gotten a divorce with my mom and he wasn't married to my step mom yet) went to this motel. He had bought me and Ice cream cone and he had gotten one too. I remember mine was strawberry and his was vanilla and he finished his before I finished mine. He told me when I was done eating my ice cream cone to go to the motel room. I finished up then walked through the hall, looking for the room. (it was an outdoor hall and had doors to go to the room.) When I walked through the halls, at everyday door there was a person on the door mat crying on their knees. I walked a little more and saw that EVERYONE was crying. Then I asked a lady with many kids (the kids were inside the house, the door was opened and they were looking at their mom.) what everyone was crying about. She said a man had came through looking for his kid. The man was my dad and he was looking for me. The lady said he looked for me for a long time then he gave up and left.

Please tell me what this dream means. I was about 7 or 8 when I had it.

Example: What could this dream mean?

It has to do with a Tornado.

I was at home- however the home I was living in, in my dream was not my real home and the town didn't even look like my town.Anyways, I was watching tv and went outside to get laundry off the clothes line, it had been stormy all day, when suddenly the sky turned an omninous black, real scary black.I looked up and across the yard, a tornado was coming, my family all ran outside and down to the storm shelter, however I ran inside, upstairs to my bedroom to grab my blanket and pillow.then ran back downstairs and went to the basement through the house, when I realized I forgot my pet hermit crabs(I have them in real life) my family wouldn't let me go, all of a sudden the while basement began shaking, shaking real bad.I decided just to lay down on a cot that was in the basement and try to sleeep it off thinking sleeping would make it go quick, but it didn't work.After 10 minutes it stopped and the sun was out, we all walked outside and the entire neighborhood has been wiped out.We started walking up the and I remember crying cause I didn't want to be homeless, we got to the main road and decided to sit on a stonewall.We heard the ice cream man coming(why he would come after a tornado doesn't make sense lol) anyways, I hopped off the wall, but when I did a rope got caught around my neck and it hurt and my family just sat there watching, I got it off and grabbed $3 from my purse for an ice cream.He stopped, the truck had seats in side where the ice cream was and she let us all get in instead of sitting in the heat, so we all got on and sat down, I walked up to the lady driver and asked for an ice cream, she said "15 dollars" I didn't have $15 for the one I wanted so I got stuck with a nasty chocolate vanilla and strawberry cone.And she started driving down a backroad and then I woke up.

Example: What does my Dream Mean?

I woke up having a weird, yet "fun" dream. it seems that i was a wizard, along with a lot of other kids older, younger, and my age (14) we we're dodging obsticales, free running (parkour) and getting out of sticky situations. and another thing was that i could heal people along with another kid whom i couldnt remember. i discovered this when a "war" broke out and every one was just sitting there either on their knees or however they pleased. and no one was hurt. i'd like it if some one could give me an idea what it means. thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was driving around town looking for ice cream, finally I found some in a restaurant, and what appeared to be a scoop of vanilla ice cream, when I began to eat it, turned out it was just a scoop of butter, and spit it out, yuck. What does it all mean?

Example: Vanilla light silk soy milk or rice dream?

Which is better? I'm using to drinking skim milk, I just bought Silk - vanilla which isn't bad, although pretty thick. Is vanilla rice dream good?

Example: WHat do you think this dream means?

I was living in a small one bedroom motel that only had one floor and on my right was a child hood friend Karl (who I'd known for 12 years) and on my left was my ex-boyfriend Kyle... I tried getting in touch with Kyle and he ignored me and then he didn't want to be anywhere near me so he asked Karl to take over his living area and Karl moved into my ex-boyfriend's living space... and then he disappeared without a trace.

I was going to this school that was built like a highschool it had a really long hallway with classrooms and branched out into 2 other hallways at the end and I was going to learn math. In my dream my pastor was the math teacher. One day I went to the highschool late, after all the kids were already there and we were learning a type of math called "Omni" which wasn't being taught in the regular classroom. I saw a black girl and asked her if she knew where this course was being taught and she said that she did so I followed her. In this school all the classrooms were empty except for our classroom. WE walked into this place, where there was a very large oval cut into a very, very thick wall and on the other side of the oval, was a man who was cooking. I explainated to my teacher (who in my dream looked exactly like my pastor) that I didn't know omni because I had missed 6 weeks of school when they were teaching it and he explained that it was okey. To give us a practical understanding of the use of oval, he was going to make some foods for us... so I took a yellow vanilla flavored cupcake that was wrapped in pink paper, and had white dressing on it... and then I left.

When we walked away I said he didn't have a lot of food available for us to eat... I was hoping for something better than cupcake like sushi or whatever and he said "well you have to order it ahead of time and pay for it."

And then I was in the math class again and I was a student helper... I was smarter than all of the other kids but they didn't really need my help and weren't looking to me for assistence. Really the only way any of the kids would ever go to me for help with math was if I became a student teacher and not just a student helper. I woke up feeling very unsatisfied.

Example: What does a realistic dream mean? Read dream?

I don't even know if this was rather a dream. I had a dream where I was in some type of aircraft in space, The awkward part is it felt more real, as it did when you are on earth, or when you are awake. It felt SO real that you couldn't compare it to earth's reality. anyways I had a dream, I was in a aircraft in space, The aircraft had many weird shaped medical equipment, Many windows, and what looks liked a space tester. There was a 1 female being next to me, it was very silent, dressed in what looks like a tight black wrap of shiny plastic. It's eyes were beautiful and not earthly and it seemed very intelligent. We were communicating from brain she seemed to like me, and she put me in this big ball. She told me to close my eyes, I closed them, and then I was in outer space, with no aircraft just me floating in space. Then all of a sudden this meteor/asteroid? Was coming closer to me, I felt a realistic type of fear, And then I tried to dodge it but it was too late then it squashed me. This was SO realistic, I cannot get over it.

Example: Does anyone know what my dream means? I've had it over an over...?

So I've had this dream too many times I count... Could it mean something? Here's what happens.

So I'm walking around at school and everyone I see is eating a pastry (called Pfeffernüsse, look it up if u don't know what it is) except my girlfriend. She is sitting in a glass box, sitting straight up in a chair and eating a HUGE vanilla cake... What could this mean?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

Today, well last night, entering morning, I dream of my eating disorder (tendencies, only because I was 5 pounds away from being underweight.) . After leaving it, and letting it go, and not even have it creep it's way in my head for SO long, I dream of it. I was so frustrated! Here is what happened:

It starts off me in the kitchen with my mom. We are just cleaning out the refrigerator when she shows me like 3 different things asking if we should throw them away. It was Vanilla, something else, and v8 fruit drinks. I said to throw them out and then started feeling sick to my stomach. I was standing over a trash can, and the trash bag had already been removed to throw food away in. Mom started asking me, "Are you okay?", "You alright?". I said "No, that stuff makes me feel sick." I say as I point at the 3 items. "Why?" she asks. I can't answer because I start throwing up in the empty trash can. Not on purpose, I just couldn't control it.

Fast forward (I don't know why dreams do that.) I was in a restaurant with my family, it wasn't very fancy, just a little place we go to a lot. I was sitting on the left side of the table with my brother, parents on the right. As we were eating, Mom asked me if everything was ok, because I had gotten sick earlier today. I told her yeah I was fine. That it was just one of those really weird things, I told her I was on my period. I asked to be excused as I took my last bite of food. I went to the restroom, and then the dream showed my mom outside the bathroom stall. That was that.

Fast forward again. I get to see myself for the first time, my full body, and I'm thin, not scary thin, just thin enough for others to see I've lost some weight. I looked as if I wore a size 3. I was wearing mint green shorts, like the kind you go running in, they were short enough for me to see my legs were thinner. With a white tee shirt and a matching zip up jacket over it, with my iPod in my ears. I was standing looking at myself in the mirror fixing my hair, in the living room.

My mom comes and taps me on the shoulder and says you've got a doctors appointment remember, "Yep, I remember." I get in the car and we are driving to the doctors office, I run my fingers over my lip, my dream zooms in on my scared knuckles and then shows my mom looking at them. We continue driving and we begin getting into farmland, we pull into this big hospital. I say, "this isn't the normal doctors office." Mom says, " I know, there offices moved into this big clinic." I don't say anything.

When we pull into the parking lot, we walk through the big glass doors, we check in at the receptionist desk, she gave me a big smile and a nurse guided us to a room. It all checked out and looked just like the normal doctors office I'd go to normally. The doctor walked in and smiled. Fast forward, the doctor pulls my mom out of the room. I watch from the room, looking through the small square window on the door. My mom just looks calm, like she understands something. I walk out of the room as mom motions for me to come out, the doctor then says "Bea, you've got an eating disorder, bulimia."

I stand in awe, not realizing the words coming out of his mouth. Thinking to myself I can't have one. How? Why? How do they know? Then the doctor starts saying "The uncontrollable vomiting, scars on your knuckles, your body weight." As he is saying these things the pictures of things that had happened in the dream come up again. I see the part where I enter the restroom, I see when my mom saw the scars on my knuckles, I see my body, and how thin I was. I just stand in disbelief. Then I realize, I never really believed I had an eating disorder.

The whole time I was unaware of the harm, or I chose to block out the purging. I just felt like it was something I had to do. I chose to say I was alright, and because I chose that I never realized the pain behind it all. The dream ends by me walking out of the doctors room, and through to double doors, the clinic changes as I walk through the double doors and becomes a hospital. My mom has her arm around me as we walk out. I don't say anything. My fingers are grazing my lips, my hood is up, and I shut everything out.

As we drive home, I'm still in the same position unchanged. We go home, we walk in like what happened was nothing. Mom sits the keys down on the kitchen counter. She goes into the room with my dad and they talk about everything. Once again I see my body, the same as it looked before we went to the hospital. I cry silently because I know recovery will have to begin. I'm being admitted.


Can someone tell me what this may have meant?

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