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Dream About Vandalism meanings

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Dreaming with Vandalism may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

dream-a white lifted f150 truck truck parked out front of the house a few people were attaching my suburban with a crowbar and soneone

one drove threw the fence in the backyard ..someone came up to the door and started to put a crow bow in and trying to get through

...dad popped out of one of the rooms-then i woke up

this dream scared me so much i posted a question and didn't go back to sleep

does anyone know what it means i looked up being robbed and it said i got something stolen from me job/item which is not true it was more like a break in but it had not gotten to the point of being robbed yet

and the damage to my truck i can't find that out--vandalism only gives graffiti? and they used crowbars

-plz tell me what the hell this means so i can rest easy

Dreams mean nothing, but if you really want to believe your dreams are your self trying trying to tell your self via a sub conscious route telling you in a cryptic fashion a message the your conscious self would already know, then go ahead.

Example: Dream with road signs?

I dreamt my friend had come to where i live and defaced all the signs sort of like public art? he covered a no parking sign with black tape and wrote rest/stand here at night.In the dream I wondered why he did this where I live and not somewhere else.He also decorated some trees or smthing.

I was also on a bus and the driver drove past both my stops and i was a bit angry w/him but he reversed a bit.

Example: Profound dream... Very unusual for me... Any one please interpret?!?

1. Setting was my old family home... where I grew up as a kid until the age of 10 before we moved houses.

2. We (Mom, Brother, possibly Dad) were sitting in bedroom watching TV or something... I was me not as a kid but as me now, grown up adult...

3. I realized I could move objects with my thoughts (telekenesis!)... this is were it gets weird!

- at first I was in the room... I looked at the bedroom door and thought to myself what if I tried to move it with my mind power... after a few attempts it actually work... so I did it again and it worked again... i tried it with other objects in the room and it also worked... I was thinking to myself WTF?

- The interesting thing about this ability was that there was a very specific way that I had to "think" about moving the object... I cant explain it properly... but to use an anlogy... sometimes you have to jiggle your key to unlock a stubborn lock... continued!

Example: Help! Dream Home turning into nightmare by neighbors from Hell. What can I do?

My neighbors don't respect boundries.They,( dad's in his 40's and son's in his late teens),are always hanging out near my property and I have caught them in my front yard & backyard a few times. They always have excuses for being there, ex. "The baseball, football or whatever fall over and just picking up." I think they are up to no good. I can understand entering a unfence front yard, but not a fenced up backyard without the neighbor's consent. And why my yard? This doesn't happen to the couple who lives next to them, only my property. My best friend thinks that they could be peeping toms or worse. There's no sign of anyone trying to enter my house, but there's cigarette buds in my backyard and I don't smoke. I don't feel safe. Can I go to the police with just this? What can I do?

Example: Dreams about flood, what does it mean?

I had a dream that I was at some sort of jail, I think for vandalism? I didn't even know why I was in jail, I had to ask. Then a teacher pulls down the fire alarm and you can see the outside is flooding. I saw people from my high school. I was planning on running away but I stayed because I didn't want to be a fugitive and get a longer sentence. Does anyone know what could this mean?

Example: What is the meaning of a headless girl running in my dream?

Last night while sleeping, I had a dream, i was with two friends in a car, one friend decided he wanted to write graffiti on a wall, idk why (none of my friends do that stuff) so we decided to go to an alley that looked very industrial. While he was doing graffiti he opened a water faucet to the max and lots of water began to splash out, creating attention. At the corner of my eye i saw a figure coming towards us so we all got inside the car and made a run for it. As my friend went speeding down the alley looking for an exit we came to a dead end. then all of the sudden the same figure i had seen, popped out in front of the car. It was a headless girl, immediately my friend began to go on reverse and the headless girl started chasing us. I woke up scared and really confused, the dream was extremely weird and "spooky", this dream has made me really curious to know why it was such a weird scenario and turnout of events. Any dream interpretation experts out there who can help me figure this out? i would extremely appreciate it :)

Example: Is it harder to be a single mom or a single dad?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt lastnight that I was standing out side this building with my friends and suddenly my this guy starts spray painting his hair because he has lice. And some how the paint gets on my hands. So this cop drives up and tells me and my two girl friends (Who I have never seen in my life) to get into his car and that we're under arrest for vandalism. He takes my cellphone and gets in the car. He drives to my house (I guess I don't live there in the dream) and tells us to get out. And he gets a knife and tells us to go inside. I end up fighting him off enough so that I get my own knife (or his Im not sure). I kill his wife by mistake and go after the cop guy. I wake up for several minutes but go back to sleep in the same part of the dream. And there was this thing at the beginning where I was shopping with my mom and she kept telling me she loved me and stuff. So the cop tells me i'll never see them again, and I start slashing him up but nothing happens to him only that it cuts him. So then I wake up for good shaking to death, and I still am. I really want to know why I had this dream, I haven't watched any scary movies lately (Or any cop movies lol). And thanks for reading this, I know its long and stuff. :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was with my ex bf and we were walking out of 711 and down the street. He saw a bunch of gangsters stealing a car and we turned the corner and started to run because they were chasing us. We hid in the corner in a back alley and one found me and starting to grab at me and my ex was fighting 3 others. I killed the one that attacked me. When we got back to his place his car was smashed, his house was broken into and his door had vandalism all over it. He said he was going to take a shower before he called the police. I just stood there watching him go down the hall and the door fell over on me. I tried to fix it but I couldn't so I just stood there holding it up. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

The first part of my dream i was lying in my bed with these lions or tigers i can tell exacly what kind they were. I felt safe in my dream and they made me feel relaxed and then in my dream i fell asleep. The next part of my dream i was in this really big school and i was in a class outside. We were swimming and then some guy convinced the class to sneek in to the larger pool in another part of the school. On my way in the school i saw two broken vending machenes and i remember in my dream i thought "stealing is wrong" The chips were so realistic looking. It was so random that they were there. Then the last part of my dream me and my close friend were climing this very steep hill of dirt. We got to the top and she couldent make it up all the way and i chose to save myself and not her. The senery was so bright and it looked so calm and beautiful. its unushual for me to see color in my dreams. i dident even feel bad about leaving her. please give tell me what this dream is trying to teach me.

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