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Dream About Vampires meanings

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Example: Vampire dream meaning?

I have a dream about, a vampire who wants to drink my menstrual blood 2 times a day. and i gave him. the vampire being nice to me like we love each other. what does this dream means?

Two things # 1 there is way to much out now re; vampires and love. Think of it there is no true love what soever w/ the vampires in any scenario everyone is somehow their victim. Remove all videos, music etc re: vampires. They are not friendly and have demonic control issues. Drinking blood comes from a capital sin that has to do w/ the breaking of 2 commands in the word of God. Innocent bloodshed and a direct command not to drink blood not even animal blood much less human blood which is even more defilement. Something or someone is trying to get you into a blood pact. This is not good remove any and all aspects of this from your life. Also if your a young lady or a virgin who is around evil something or someone is trying to rob you of your God given destiny.

Example: What does it mean to dream about vampires?

I had a dream that I was a princess named daisy
And a group of vampires were trying to
Attack me in the woods . By the way it was night time . What does it mean

Example: What does it mean when you dream with vampires?

I had a dream that a vampire king fell in love with me and put me in a trance so that I would give into him. My friend,Jasmine and the one I love tried to save me from his evil grip. I remember them standing outside the dungeon where I was emprisoned. They tried to get in , but the vampire gouards were blocking them. I remember myself levitating under the trance. His goal was to make me his vampire slave...forever without a soul.

Example: What does my vampire dream mean?

I was outside of someones house, and i was talking to a group of people i dont no but i acted like i did, we were chatting about how pretty the house looked and how beautiful the flowers in the planters were, across from us was another group talking about something, i started to lisin in but they were very low in tone and i could only make out a few words, then my eyes conected with a guy that looked around my age and i felt uneasy, but also happy, he was very handsome, i asked one of my "freinds" at my group who he was and he said he wasnt sure they came with someone else, i looked back to notice him smile the most beautiful smile i've ever seen, while he was looking at me, i smiled back, he had dirty blond hair with some black in it (hard to explain) he started to walk towards me and someone screamed from the house at me to run as fast as i can, and then another person when pale near me and said, there back, i said whos back even though the girl in the house was still screaming at me and the girl muttered 'the vampire's" all i rmeber from then on is laughing thinking they where joking and the girl screaming louder, then i woke up sweating half to death my heart was pounding..

ever since that dream i have been having more dreams like it but the "vampire boy" never reachs me.

what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean dreaming a Vampire?

Last Month i dream about Vampires, then last night it happened again, one of my Classmates on past College Days, were not even closed on each other but she bitten me and i turn into a Vampire then. Funny right? but its getting confused -_- and im curious. Was that means something?

Example: What does it mean to dream of vampires?

Night after night I keep dreaming of vampires, and they're really scary vampires. I keep reading that vampires are a "sex symbol", but these dreams are so scary, and weird.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of vampires?

i had a dream about vampires one night. whats this mean>

Example: What does it mean when you dream of vampires?

I have had quite a few dreams about vampires but im always helping them ...i thought vampires were evil ...why am i helping evil and sometimes falling in love with them?

Example: What dit mean when you dream of vampires.?

i didnt know if i was or wasnt a vampire. anyways another vampire attacks me. 2 days before tht i dream tht i was turning someone into one. for some reason i keep dreaming of vampires even though i dont think of them

Example: What does this scary vampire dream means?

Hi everyone :-)
First off, let me start by saying that I do not watch any of those so-now popular vampire shows or movies. I had a dream last night or nightmare, that I was being persecuted by vampires. This weren't the sexy or regular kind. They look more like zombies, since some of them had burns, cuts, etc. I didn't get beaten i should mention. At some point I remember going down some stairs and seeing one of the vampire/zombies laying death, it was a female. Some how I made it into a bus and was trying to get away from them.
Right now I'm at a very happy moment in my life, i don't understand what this could mean. I have a dream interpretation book but vampires wasn't in there. Anybody knows? Thanks in advance.

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