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Dream About Valuables meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do dreams portay/mean anything?

Why do you dream.& do they mean anything.

Dreams come from our subconscious, and I think it's a way of working out things. They do mean something, but that something is unique to the person. I don't know how valuable "dream interpretation" is, such as what you get in books. I think the symbols, the people, the action in dreams have to be interpreted by the person. I have had some fascinating dreams that have really dealt with issues that I had at the time.

I'll give you one example, and you tell me if this means anything. One of my best friends died very suddenly - and it was completely unexpected. He was found dead in his apartment after the Memorial Day weekend. Soon after I dreamt I went to his apartment with him where there was a party. When I woke up, everyone was gone and it was dark. In my dream I thought, why did he leave without me? Why didn't he tell me he was going? So yes, they mean something.

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I had a dream there was this huge round fish tank filled with really big fat gold fish and there was also more tanks surrounding me but smaller filled with even more gold fish I'm not sure what this means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a really vivid dream the other night. In one of the several episodes that I remember, I discovered that a Krisha Conscious (Hare Krishna) mother and daughter were living in the spare bedroom of my apartment. They had rented the room and I'd forgotten because I never saw them. I think they owed me rent. Anyway, an older gentleman (a semi-retired coworker) suggested we blow off work and go to a theater matinee. I agreed and told him about my renters while we were standing in the lobby waiting for the play to begin. He referred to them as "Rastas" so I became uncertain about their religious orientation. (I live near a big Krishna community, so that's probably where I came up with that.) Is there any hidden meaning to this dream?

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

I've had a recurring dream about 4 times in the last month. In the dream I always see my ex best friend who betrayed me and I call her a " effing *****" and then give her the middle finger. I know I'm angry but why do I keep having the same dream, the only thing that changes is the setting.

Example: Dream Meaning?

My boyfriend had a dream last night and remember it which is really weird because he never does. He had a dream the his step brother who died and step sister kept saying over and over again DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. What does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was taking a class at a witch school I had made up weeks ago for a school assignment & the whole goal of the assignment was to get this set up to work. The set up consisted of a scale, a clipboard, & a full body mirror & what we had to do was sign our name & a bit more info on the clip board & then some image from our future would show up in the mirror. Mine took so long to show up that I had to go get a teacher to help me. While I did another girl took over my mirror. before she got on the scale, I got to see my future, I was on a beach, surfing, getting buried in the sand, & being intimate with my current GF, Bunny.

Then since I had finished I walked outside the school building & there was my aunt , my cousin Carlos & my little cousin Erica. I was shocked to see them there & asked why they were there. My aunt said she was now attending a church in Manhattan & that Carlos was attending a school in the city. She then asked if I wanted to see it. I said okay, so we hopped on the one train and I got ready to go to Carlos' school. I must have fallen asleep & my Aunt didn't wake me. I woke up on an uptown one train, that was barley in Manhattan & VERY far away from a stop where I could transfer from that train to the A. Then I looked next to me & saw a girl who was the spitting image of Bunny, only her hair was shorter.

Thinking she was Bunny, I started stroking her hair & asked her when she got here to visit me & how pretty I thought her hair looked in this new cut. The girl suddenly turned her head to face me and said "I'm not Bunny, I'm Robin, but I think your pretty too." she then leaned over & kissed me. I felt tons of electricity in her kiss then she started to feel me up. A mother with her small child started to glare at us so Robin invited me to her apartment to 'finish what we were doing.' apparently in the dream I wasn't as loyal as I am in waking life so I agreed. We got off & then walked a few blocks to her house & she pushed me down onto her bed & we started getting very intimate. Then I woke up.

Help me figure out what it means, Kay?

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamt I was in a race with a partner and we were always the best, but then we took a break and spent the day in the park and as a result missed out on the most important race of all, which felt horrible. Later I discovered I left my purse in the park and when we went back to get it it was gone, and we got lost as well, and I started fighting with my friend because everything seemed to be working out for her~ it was weird. In some part of the dream my mother had killed my father too but it was like some big joke, everyone was laughing. I don't know!

Example: Dream Meaning?

I have had near enough the same dream for about a week and a bit now, I usually dont remember my dreams properly but i remembr ths clearly and for 9 days straight what could this mean?

Example: What do turtles mean in dreams?

in my dream it was night time and i had an overhead view of the ground that was moving (almost as if I were flying) and the image that really stuck out to me was this pool that had this glow with the prettiest water! it had 5-7 (i don't really remember exactly how many) turtles swimming short ways across the pool in sync. there was only one turtle near the end that was lagging behind a little bit but not by much. anyway i have been thinking about this all day and i was hoping someone could tell me what it means. Thanks :)

Example: What does a tornado dream mean?

I dream started with me and my brother in a vally in yellowish tall weeds grass stuff and we were talking on a bench i look to my left and a tornado appears very quick its not as huge as real one but a tiny one and it started coming toward us my brother said lets goo! I said help me pack my xbox he said lets goo so i said screw it dropped my xbox and went toward my brother by a metal fence griping on to it while the tornado was passing us to me it felt like the tornado haf no power to lift us in the air and it was also clear through but then i woke up and was like wth

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