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Dream About Valley meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of 'LOVE' is : L= lake of sorrow, O= ocean of tears, V= valley of dreams, E= end of life. is it true

Love... This question about love reminds me of an essay I had to write, not long ago, about a world without men. I said, in my composition, that a world without men would be equal to a world without love and, even though 2/3 of the time you're in love with someone you suffer, there's always the 1/3 of the time that you get to spend with the chosen one... and that means true happiness. The explanation you gave to this word may be somehow true... l=lake of sorrow, o=ocean of tears< these only apply to unhappy love stories or in the case of love-losses. I totally agree with v=valley of dreams. When we are in love, we build these impossible dreams and fantasies in our own minds; sometimes, these dreams come true, but sometimes they don't(maybe that's why you can call love bitter-sweet). E=end of life... not quite; so, when the love ends, life ends... but there's always another chance for love, isn't it? I would prefer E=every dream comes true and they live happily ever after... How about that?
By the way, I'll post here my idea of what LOVE means:
l=loneliness ends;
o=one smile blossoming in two hearts;
v=very happy when the one I love is around;
e=everlasting happiness

Example: What's this dream mean?

I had an odd dream the other night that goes something like this... it was nighttime and I was on top of a hill with lights all around me (possibly at a parking lot) and I see out in the distance several radio towers and lights from the valley below. Nothing eventful really happens in the dream but I found it kind of odd because I like to drive out long distances and go to a mall or some random place, although I really haven't gone anywhere far in the past few months. What does that dream mean though?

Example: What do dreams of green valleys and rivers mean ?

I have recurring dreams of a connected river/valley system. Usually I travel over or on the river and see many interesting sights of nature. I.e. wolves felling deer, lots of different fish in water, sometimes they are angry. Clear water. I like when these dreams happen.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had the coolest dream last night...yet i cant help but feel it means something also:
Ok, so i'm at my grandmas house and this girl (who is a family friend of my stepdad's) is there also. We are sitting there talking (though i dont know what about). Suddenly, the newspaper is hit at the door. I go out on the front step and get it. I open it up and a tiny brass beetle (it's not alive and is about the size of my thumbnail) falls to the floor. I pick it up and set it on the mantle. Then i open up the paper and the first thing i notice is an ad for a concert to be held at the mall. the ad reads: "HIM and My Chemical Romance today at Fox Valley Mall!" then under that it says in fine print: "Bring your Harley (Davidson motorcycle of course) and you and your friend get in free!" The girl that was with my grandma and i has a harley and shows me that she has remodeled it: decked out in gold beetles! So she takes me to the concert and the stage is also decked out in gold beetles.

Example: What did this dream mean?

The dream started out weird and in the middle of an event as all my dreams do. I had just moved to a new town up north. It always had snow on the ground and blizzards most of the time. I don’t know how I knew as I had only been there one day, but I did. It was the first day of school. There were a few kids from my old school, but there was one smaller shorter girl, who was always wearing a grey sweatshirt and a purple winter hat, she looked at least three years younger than everyone else in the class. I did not recognize her. There were two rows of desks on each side of the room facing each other. I smelled the air conditioning in the room. The smell has always reminded me of the camping trips my family and I always went on when I was younger.
The teacher had been there but had left before the dream had started. It was time to go to the next class. The girl I did not recognize came up to me and asked me something about the assignment. I was talking to Heidi, from my old school, at the time. Heidi left us and I told this unfamiliar girl about the assignment as we walked to our next class together.
Then the dream skipped forward. We were now in a valley, just me and her. The snow covered the ground the air stabbed needles into your exposed skin. We were on a balcony of a short building. The balcony looked like a blade wrapped around this small igloo shaped building. There were two more identical buildings I noticed behind the girl. In the pitch black night, the only sound heard was the slight breeze flowing down the valley. The only light was dispersing from the building we were standing on. The radius of the light was small.
She was standing no more than two feet away from me. I had to look down at nearly a 45 degree angle in order to look into her eyes. They were a pure, dark blue. Her face was smooth. I was unable to see her hair as it was under the purple winter hat. She then told me, “Cole, I would give everything for you.”
Then the dream went forward again. This time it went to a blazing fire outside the building that we were in. All I saw was my brother’s face; however, I knew my sister and mother were also there standing next to the fire. I told my brother what she had said. He responded, “Dude, her father is rich. She has, like, 62 billion dollars.”
Somehow I was now away from the group I had been collecting firewood my head began to spin, for some reason I thought I was now worth 62 billion dollars. I thought I heard the crunch of the hard, smooth snow behind me. I made out the sight of the others next to the fire; my brother was walking from the building back to the fire. I ran as fast as I had ever done before back to the undersized house. It seemed to take forever, but when I finally did get there, I did not even speak to my family or the rich girl which was now by the fire. I simply ran into the miniature house and shut the door.
The door was completely electronic. It had one yellow light on the left side of it and two yellow lights along with a red one on the right side of it. Its shape was the shape of a parabola reflected across the x-axis of a coordinate plane. The door was small. It wasn’t even at shoulder height. I had to duck to get in. I turned around and looked at the door, there was nothing. I turned back around and saw the door to the balcony above me. I decided it would be a good escape route if I needed one.
I laid down in a sleeping bag on the smooth cold stone floor. I smelled the frost and the stone. My breath was smoke in the frozen air. It was colder in this house than it had been outside. I was totally scared and frightened, but I realized after about half an hour laying on the hard stone floor this whole thing about people coming to get me was all in my head. I poked my head up and looked at the metallic door. Nothing had happened and nothing was going to happen.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So, last night, I was dreaming that I seen a multi-coloured snake. I was in my own house, and my brother and father was there. The snake was slithering all around my father's shoulders. I was nervous and scared of the snake. I was afraid it would bite me. Then, out of no where, this white cat was sitting on my couch, and it ate the snake, but then, my brother started choking it. I felt horrible and sad about what was going on. Then I woke up.

I know this is weird, but, if you has any idea if there is a meaning behind this, please let me know.

Thanks :)

Example: Whats this dream mean..?

, i dreamt i was wit some seriously 'cute' girl and we where walking from some ruined acient camp.. at the bottom of some huge green valley surounded by huge green mountains and we walkin and talking, and we where walk to the mountains, and we where collecting chocolates and candy... i even stoped and gave her some candy...
so we walk up to the mountain, and we reach the top and everything goes 70's colors and psydelic. and we slide down.. the tiles/ room on the otherside, and we land by a toilet..
and she rips some paper, and flushes it away...
i try to flush a ring binder down it... and it wont go down, and i keep on flushing... then i just go to norma sleep.. crazy huh? what you think it mean?

Example: What do dreams of valleys of dead people mean?

I had a dream last night where I was walking around in a forest and around me were empty river beds. The river beds were full of dead bodies, all bloodied and bruised. The bodies were all piled up high. I told a friend about it and he told me that that is how the Valley of Death is described. It may of been a movie or book that caused these dreams, but if it's not, I just am wondering what this means. It was rather eerie and left me with a bad feeling. Does anyone know what it means? Thank you.

Example: Dreaming of lilly of the valley?

ok i had a dream of lilly of the valley last night

a guy gave me lilly of the valley bouquet

what does it mean?

Example: Dreaming of lily of the valley?

ok i had a dream last night that "this" guy, i don't like very much gave me a FREST lily of the valley bouquet.

what does it mean?

The bouquet was wet and not wrapped in plastic...

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