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Dream About Valentines Day meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

I was in the dollar store with my 4 guy friends. The one(who currently likes me) was pushing me in a cart. The one who I used to have a crush on tips the cart over and I fall out and break my arm. The one guy who likes me touches my arm and it magically heals.
We go outside and there's a fire.The guy who i had a crush on turns on Sweet Child 'o Mine- Guns 'n Roses" and I find this ironic because we were Valentines this past year and that was our "valentine's day' song.
The dream ends with us all singing that song haha.

What could this dream mean?

It means you need to burn things. Start with that Dollar Store in your dream.

Example: Wat would it mean if u gave ur crush a love note 4 valentines day?

And when u give it to him he says aww. But in in the exciting way and he gives the letter to his friend and he opens it up and starts reading it etc. And ur crush looks back at u .. And then u see them around again and they are all standing looking at u. And then they start walking and as they walk pass u one of the friends say to ur crush hey! I saw that note. And ur crush hits his friend in the arm. And then u over hear them talking around the corner and they catch one of there other friends and they say read the note out loud! And as the person is reading the note or friend they all start laughing . WAt does all this mean? I really need to know. Plz!

Example: I had a dream that it was valentines day, and there was this medieval party?

So, there was a party, it was valentines day. It took place in Medieval times. I was some sort of princess, and I knew of this party. But I couldn't go to the party a first, because there was water or something. I was in water, all wet. But I didn't want to be, so finally i made it to the party. Everyone had dresses and braids, it was medieval times. I found my friends and they asked me why I came late. I told them it was because of the water that wouldn't let me.
So, there were tables, many small ones. I told my friends that under the table would be a perfect place to confess you like someone. So we got the idea to do that. I told her to not make it that obvious, to say it was a dare. So I got under the table with the boy I liked. A blond guy with green eyes. And then, I woke up. I didn't get to finish the dream, to see what happened after wards.
So, what does this dream mean?

Example: Valentine's day postcard for (only) a friend?

Well, I have girl 'friend' I dont love her nor she loves me, but we sometimes have a light chat or help each others with studies. Should I give her Valentine's day postcard or something just for being so friendly or it would be bad idea. If so what should I say, write?

Example: I keep having these dreams that my ex asks me back out on Valentines day. What does this mean?

Example: Guys, what is your dream valentines day? Keep it clean.?

Example: Valentines day...?

I need a poem 4 skool... Its 4 drama and it has 2 b with Valentines day and love


Example: What is your dream present for Valentine's day?

I mean what you like to receive from your partner during a Valentine's day...state your sun, moon and venus signs.

Example: Valentines Day?

Do you like Valentines day? Or do you think it is a marketing ploy? Personally, I think it is a ridiculous excuse for a holiday. But if I owned Hallmark I would certainly change my mind!

Example: Strange post-Valentine's Day dream?

I had a dream I got a green-colored card that had a long message with a lot of adorable things on it... i think there were even dominoes or dice scribbled onto it.
The card came from my brother's friend, who's three years older than me.

What does it mean?

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