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Dream About Valentines Day Card meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of my dreams...?

So i was just wondering what people thought these 2 dreams could mean
He had come to pick me up to spend the weekend with him. We drove back to his house which was out kind of in the middle of nowhere, a very small town. The house was just a hall filled with many doors. The walls were a dirty brown color, the few windows were dirty and the house was nowhere near being clean. He lived with many different people. All could be classified as white trash. I was standing looking through the window when a lady and her child came out of one of the rooms. She asked me if I had moved in. I told her no that I was just staying here. She handed me a zipped wallet. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. She looked at me and looked toward the door. I still had no idea what was going on. At that time is when he came out of the room he had gone into. That’s when she grabbed the wallet back from me and took a card out of it. The card was like a key to open the door. Her and her small daughter asked if I would like to go out back and see the snow and the river. We walked out the door, the river was flowing with dirty water, floating were dolls and toys. He was sitting on a chair away from everyone I went and sat next to him, I asked what was the matter, all he could say to me was 'happy valentines day' finally he got up to walk in the house, halfway through the door he turned and said 'now is the time you wanna prey' once he said that the area around me which was once just open space began to close up, and a metal wall started to form around me and I ran inside. We both looked out the window and saw a tornado. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away and told me we were going to get hit by it. He told me to get down and stay under the table. I tried to hold his hand because I was scared but he moved away. Nothing happened. Awhile after everyone came back out and we were outside again. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead and told me he would take me home...

I was standing down in a subway station, I think it was a subway station, it looked like one but up stairs was a school… a school that I didn’t go to but there was a lady that was calling out names and telling these people to go up stairs to school, I decided that I would go with them just to see what was happening, so i lied and said my name was something else, it ended up that once you passed the stairs you turned back into teenagers, since I was already one nothing happened to me… once I walked in the door the teach said “so you are going to stay today, for once?” I guess I had been ditching class a lot for other school stuff and when I went back I brought this tape to Mrs. Horn and told her that we should listen to it, after that she said that there was other things to do and weird stuff started happening, little children came in the room and one was riding a jumping donkey and everyone was following him around the room then this girl came up from behind me and started talking to me and holding my shoulders, my thumb started bleeding, it started off with just a little hole, then I got another one, until my whole thumb was bleeding. The little girl told me that I should put a band aid on it so it would stop bleeding but I told them I didn’t want one but they made me put one on anyways… they wouldn’t let me go

I opened the door and saw this lady running down the stairs she jumped onto a van that was parked in the parking spot by the window, then a tree appeared and so did a rope and she started to put the rope around her neck, at the time I run to call 911 but I ended up calling 119… but once I recalled I got an answering machine… I hung up and tried calling again and got the same thing… so i heard something say 'its too late" so when I walked back to the living room she was just hanging there in perfect view… I couldn’t help looking at her, after a while I closed the curtains… and decided to take a shower…

What's it all mean...
Its weird every time I have a dream and I call 911 it never works


Example: Valentine Day Party Activties?

Hey Guys, Im Planning A Valentines Day Get Together, Its Not A Party, Its Just A Get Together Which Consist Of About 20 People, meaning 10 couples.

I Need Some Good Activitys, Game, Entertainment Etc.

Example, This Is The Only Game I Have Been Able To Find

Steal my Heart
Pin a heart sticker on each guest as they arrive. The rule of the game is that if the guest is caught crossing their legs they lose their clothespin to the one who caught them. Person with most clothespins wins the game.

Any Other Ideas?

Thanks For The Help,
- Nessy =]

Example: What does my dream mean?

Before valentines day i was looking for my crush's house so i could send him a card. Me and my best friend walked all round the town trying to find his car, so we'd then know which house he lived in but we never had any luck. I still sent him the card though, as i left it for him at school. I had a dream the other night that i looked on the internet and found out where he lived- it was like the exact area of the town and the number of his house. Its weird cause the part of the town which i pictured in my dream, we didnt actually look down when searching for him! So...that was my dream. What does it mean? Also..me and my friend, being the crazy people we are, actually followed my dream and yesterday looked for his car in that part of the town where i had the dream, but didnt have any luck.

Example: Guys, what is your dream valentines day? Keep it clean.?

Example: Strange post-Valentine's Day dream?

I had a dream I got a green-colored card that had a long message with a lot of adorable things on it... i think there were even dominoes or dice scribbled onto it.
The card came from my brother's friend, who's three years older than me.

What does it mean?

Example: What can I do on Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is my birthday and I will be turning 18. My boyfriend and I of two years have broken up and Im afriad that i will have to spend it alone. Got any ideas on what singles can do on this wonderful day?

Example: I need a good poem to put in a Valentine's Day card?

I am making a home-made Valentine's Day card and all I need is one of those poems they put in store-bought cards. Since I'm not good at poetry, I have no clue how to get one. I love him with all my heart and I want it to be special. But he is long distance so maybe can it have something about that too... I dunno. I'm really stumped. Something sweet or romantic..
Thanks for your time

Example: Valentines day poems?

Listen I need help really bad my girlfriend has just made me a card for Valentine's day apparently what she has told me she has been working on this for a couple hours. I really care about her a lot and I don't want to mess things up so can you guys and girls help me out here lol

Example: What do guys like for valentines day?

I just started dating this guy n I kno it sounds silly, but I'm in love with him. He is the man of my dreams n we r just meant to be together. I'm 18 n he's 22 n I've been in love once before, but this is so much different. We r soulmates n he agrees... our work schedules n the 45 minute drive to see each other means we don't see each other often. I've been trying to find ideas for valentines day. He's super sweet around me n when we talk or txt, but he's in the army n so around his roomates he's more of a tough guy... so I don't wanna give him something too cheesy that he'll get teased for. I don't wanna do a pic of me or of us in frame, id rather do something more sentimental. Any ideas?

Example: Valentines Day. [Alone Again. -_-;;]?

Okay. So this is my fourteenth Valentines Day being alone. I can't hold a relationship long enough for it, because I'm too frigid, and I get dumped for it. I can't get a new boyfriend, either. Because I don't like anyone in my school. All the guys are either wanna-be gangsters, or preps who wouldn't give me a second glance. The pretty much only half-decent guy who I thought really cared about girl's feelings asked me out a while ago. Turns out he's a man whore. We went out for two months and as soon as he dumped me, he asked out all his other girl-friends. [Meaning his friends that are girls if you didn't figure out my dash there.] But anyways. Turns out I'm going to be alone again for this Valentines Day as well, unless my dream guy is going to fall out of the blue one month before the big day. [Highly doubtful] Anyways, I'm super shy so I don't get asked out a lot. I consider myself somewhat pretty, but I don't exactly have a stereotype. I'm really quiet, but I'm outgoing SOMETIMES. Anyways, sorry this is so long. I love writing, and sometimes I just go overboard. So uhh my err Question is that.. DAMMMNNNN IT I FORGOT. Anyways, I guess some advice would be nice then please? And nothing like "Your too young to be thinking about relationships" I know that, It'd just be nice not to be the only one in the entire school to be single. Anyways, I'll let you guys reply now because otherwise I'll go on talking and talking and talking. So hit the "ANSWER" button, already. Jeebus.

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