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Dream About Vainglory meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dear Dream Interpreters: Would you interpret this for me...Please?

It's another "Lost in Wilderness" kind of dream I've been dreaming for quite some time now.

In this one, I'm walking and walking and walking in this city. I meet many known faces on the way, none ready to walk with me, everyone had their own plans...some were waiting for others to pick them up. Yet no one offers me a lift. I keep moving regardless (a little hurt, though I'm not sure!). Then I meet an elderly man and he shows me the way, walking beside me... to the main road from where to catch a bus! I take an auto-rickshaw (kind of taxi, exclusive to India :)). I reach a familiar place and leave the rickshaw. In a shop nearby I see my mother, who comes out to give me further directions. I feel I know from here...but I notice many changes...like a flyover which wasn't there previously. Fascinated, I walk on...

And I wake up...without reaching anywhere!

In this dream two things are noteworthy!

1. The people who were absorbed in their own plans are those living in this world.

2. The two who guide me are no longer alive...the elderly man was my maternal uncle (though in my dream he looked different, yet I 'knew'), and the other, as I said, was my beloved (late) mother.

What do you make of it?!?

This dream is a step further from my previous 'lost' dreams where I move in circles or find the road but do not know where to go from there...

Thanks for your efforts :)

I don't know if I have ever answered one of your dream questions before...if so, forgive the redundant preliminary disclaimer. My studies with dreams and dream work taught one principle first and foremost: the dream belongs to the dreamer, not the dream worker, and the person most suited to do the interpreting is the dreamer himself or herself.

The manner in which you have described the dream suggests that you have already probed its content, and come up with some significant insights--those regarding the role of the living vis-à-vis the nonliving--and the awareness that this is a repeating dream with a specific theme: the sense of making your way along the road(s) of life in a very much solitary sort of way.

Although you are solitary in the dream, you are not alone, living remote from civilization, or in a self-imposed exile. You are surrounded by people, many of whom are known, but you describe them as "absorbed in their own plans" and therefore not available to you. You disclose a sense of possibly being hurt by the lack of availability by those who are familiar to you.

If you could use this entire dream scenario as archtypic, or as a metaphor for your life, what would it disclose? Are you are in a situation where your environment seems overwhelming or sometimes indecipherable? Is there a "should" in your life that is unfulfilled? In other words, do you have the conscious or unconscious expectation that those who are known to you in your environment should be at least minimally available to "give you a lift?"

The role of the two deceased relatives is interesting. They suggest that for succor, ultimately you look inward--at the level of the deeply reflective, and find there sources that have a certain everlastingness about them, and a support for you that is not conditioned by circumstances or obligations.

The question that comes up for me is whether in your own experience, those sources are sufficient for the day-to-day ups and downs for living. (But that's just my own thought...)

Fascinating question, and you have already done most of the "work" yourself, (((((P'quaint))))).

You are quite, quite right--dreams often may be non-personal or prophetic. We seem to bring through dreams for different purposes, wouldn't you agree...some give us important information about another person's life or path, some indeed speak of events to come, and some are what my mentors called "key" dreams for ourselves--dreams that speak of the work we are doing at the level of "self" or "soul." Some, I have come to believe, are for the sheer "fun of it." I'm sure we have all awakened from a dream that was just pure silliness or fun, and we may have even found ourselves laughing in the dream. Some are deliciously sensual; others deal with our own vulnerability (e.g. being at school in nothing but our underwear).

But for dreams to be those wonderful gifts that they can be, like yours and Kit Kat's, one has to have developed the ability to remember them. That seems to go without saying, but they are elusive, and capturing them and bringing them to waking state is not something everyone does.

In the case where one person is working with another person's dream it is very important to begin with the understanding that the dream is the dreamer's, not the listener's. There are two reasons for this. One has to do with vainglory. It is all too easy for a person doing dream work--or any kind of work that probes the unconscious of another human being--to develop attitudes of self-importance that are simply not warranted. And that attitude, over time, interferes with good work. Secondly, by asking questions like "is the rabbit warren a literal rabbit warren or just a descripton?" in Kit Kat's dream, or "why do you think your uncle and mother step forward to give you directions, but then step back?" the focus remains where it should--with the dreamer and the dreamer's sense of things.

Example: The Number 7?

I know this sounds crazy. But what is the deal with the number 7? I know what the number means in a biblical sense. Some say the number means "perfection" along with "pure, and spiritual." But Listen to this, my name is Sydney which comes from St. Denis who also was fascinated with the number 7 as well. But over the past year, I have seen seven everywhere. It has now become ironic that I have seen the number 7 as often as I have. I even have a tattoo of the number 7 on my back. Seven has always been my lucky number since I was little. I dont know, please elaborate. It's driving me crazy!


Example: Where''s the best place in the Bible to read about marriage?

And I mean like definitionally, what Marriage is. What constitutes it. Like compared to what traditionally is considered marriage(vows, ring exchange, minister, etc.), what does the Bible have to say about it?

Example: Old English/ Anglo-saxon?

I'm looking for a few pieces of literature that I can get in the anglo saxon language. Besides Beowulf.

Example: I can''t stop thinking about my.. teacher. HELP :(?

To make it clear: I know NOTHING will happen, nor do I really want anything to happen.
Its hard to explain this, but I'll try my best.
He has been my business teacher for a almost a year and a half. He is also my form tutor (for like 4 months) he treates me nicely, and there is something about him I just cant.. resist? I really cant help it and I hate myself for thinking about him because it is SO wrong. He has wife and kids for gods sake! He calls me his 'favourite' and if his daughter turned out like me he would be 'a very happy man' and also kind of gives me a 'look' when he teaches the class as a whole. I don't know if thats just me thinking it happens or even if it does, it doesn't mean anything. And like, he calls most of the people in the class 'sweet heart' but I dont know why - it gets to me? Some of friends I have told this to think he has a 'thing' for me. Like, the other day he asked my friend where I was and she just thought 'We aren't joined to the hip you know!'
I don't know why, and I'm actually cringing writing this, but he makes me pleased with myself and happy when I see him.. also, the other night, I had a 'romatic' dream about him, which is probably why I've only started to recently think about him. It really has to stop. Will it go away?


Example: Would soldiers go to hell?

My dream is to join the air force as a pilot but imagining accidentally bombing or being ordered to bomb thousands of people made me think "would i go to hell for doing that".

In that case would all military personel who killed for their duties be the same?

Answer from anyone is welcome but i would be very glad to hear an answer from religious leaders of all faith.

Example: Why is the "Christian" Nation of America so fond of and so engaged in so many of the 7 (8) Deadly Sins?

Is Westboro right?

Bible God : His flood was a failure, it was supposed to rid this world of sinners, instead it just slowed the sinners down for a few generations and eventually they repopulated.

Noah and family simply repopulated the world with sinners and here we are today with the vast majority of christians daily committing sins of :

Gluttony (America, the Obese Nation and 75% Christian)

Greed (Most christians worship Corporate America and think the American dream is to be mega wealthy which is why even dirt poor christians will support the Wealthy Elites since their dream is to be one of the wealthy elite and are naive enough to think it could happen to them.)

Pride (Christians get just as or more riled up hearing someone speak of burning the American flag than they do someone speaking of burning the Bible)

Envy (American Politicians, 99% Christian and elected by the Christian masses, see the Mid East's oil and they envy the fact that Muslim lands hold such vast riches, and the Envy leads to...)

Lust, and Greed again (Christian politicians, at the demands of Corporate America, actively work with and support (with more greed in the form of US dollars) brutal dictators in the Middle East beacuse of Christian lust for cheap gasoline and Christian Americans remain silent except when an American puppet dictator is threatened along with their priviledged lives.)

Despair (Christian Americans Despair over the fact the US Constitution gives Muslim American EQUAL rights under the law)

Wrath (Majority of Christian Americans were screaming for strikes against Afghanistan after 9/11, rather than turn the other cheek or show love for our enemies as JESUS commanded, instead it is bomb and destroy and retaliation.

Vainglory AKA Unjustified Boasting (Turn on ANY TV News Opinion Program and that is all you will hear, either a Liberal Christian boasting about how liberals are better/right or a Conservative christian boasting about how conservatives are better/right.)

Do you agree that the Majority Christian Nation of America embraces these sins rather than fight to eradicate them?

If you are one of these Christians...defend yourself. Why so much open sinning?

Example: Can you alphabetize these words?

3 Inches of Blood
36 Crazyfists

As We Fight,
Amon Amarth
Avenged Sevenfold
Arch Enemy
as i lay dying
Agent Steel,

Blind Guardian
Before The Dawn
Burden of Grief
bullet for my valentine
Black Label Society,
Black sabbath
Beneath the Massacre,
Burning Point,

Crimson Glory,
Cradle of Filth
Coal Chamber
Corrosion of Conformity,
Cannibal Corpse
-carpathian forest
Children Of Bodom
The Chasm,

Dirty Americans
Dislocated Styles
Dry Kill Logic
Dark Tranquillity
Demons and Wizards
Dead to fall
dee snider
dir en grey (japanse)
dream evil
The Dillinger Escape Plan

Example: What Six Horses can win at the York Ebor Festival - Day Three?

Mini Comp for the York Ebor Festival

Pick one horse from each race on Thursday ... (1.45, 2.15, 2.50, 3.25, 4.05 & 4.40)

Write them in correct order. In the event of a Non-Runner being selected then the favourite will be substituted.

One horse is to be your Nap worth double points.

SPs up to 11/8 = 1pt
6/4 - 9/4 = 2pts
5/2 - 11/4 = 2.5 pts
3/1 = 3pts etc.

All entries to be in by 1.00pm Thursday.

Good Luck All and Lets bash the Bookies!

HQ: Why was the 2008 running of the Ebor called "The Newburgh Handicap"...Where and Origin of Name?

day 2 leaderboard to follow.

Example: Can anyone tell me the meaning of the poem "The Dying Christian to his Soul"?

In The Dying Christian to his soul by Alexander Pope, I know that it is a monologue between a man and his soul but I only really understand the first six lines or so. Any input would be great thanks!

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