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Dream About Vain Talk meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: See if you can tell me what THIS dream means?

so mourning doves were supposedly the birds of love in my dream. they sang instead of cooed. so these two people were talking and the bird was singing by them. that means those people were meant for eachother. i'm not sure if i was one of the people. well i walked away from the scene and the mourning dove followed me. i turned around and my face was old and ugly and stuff. then i looked at the bird and said something and it exploded into ashes. then something said something. then i woke up.

Your dream seems to reflect that you might have certain fears about relationships. The beginning of the dream everything is perfect. But seeing yourself old and ugly represents your fears and insecurities about yourself. The dove exploding into ashes represents things which come to nothing and are of no value and are in vain.

Example: Can someone interpret my dreams?

I have always tended to have weird dreams but of late they have become more gruesome, 2 examples are shown below,both i have had in the last month.

2 rival gangs in new zealand are in the middle of gang warfare after the death of a top gang leader.The one gang are contained inside a courtyard surrounded by fence and razor wire,members of the other gang are intermittently jumping the fence and purposely cutting their heads off on the wire, their bodies falling to the ground.The member of one gang named Grell is particularly fierce going around and killing people by crushing their skulls with his hands and shoving them ,snapping their spines.

Eg 2,a man on a hospital ward has his kneecap repeatedly smashed with a hammer then has a hole drilled through his groin.He then is filmed having sex with a woman through a hole drilled through her.it finishes with him in a stirrup chair being slashed by knives to his buttocks and legs.

My wife says i need help,do you agree?

Example: What does this dream mean (it freaked me out)?

ok so i had a dream about my dad which is weird cause i hate him ok well my dream was that he was lieing down and i was giving him something and we were talking and i turned my head to see where my dog was and when i go to answer his question he was clutching his throat and he was moving his hands and i saw his throat was going together like it was closing and i could see every vain in his neck well water or something started to come out his mouth and he was he was trying to say something but couldn't and so i yelled to my brother who was across the yard to call 911 and then i woke up cause i got scared

now me and my dad don't have a very close relationship and we talk every once in a while but not much now i'm 12 almost 13 and my mom was inside when this happened (in my dream) and this was a very weird dream and now i don't want to go to sleep cause i'm scared that i'll have the dream again and i don't want to have it

why did i have this dream what does it mean remember that we don't have a close relationship and in the dream we were close and when he was choking he was trying to say something

plz help me !


Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had parked my car which was a baby blue Bentley and went to the back seat of the car to go through some outfits to change into before I got out of the car, like some lacy hand gloves, tops, shoes etc cuz I wanted to look good. I rolled up all the windows which were tinted for privacy but when I looked behind me I saw the trunk of the car popped open so I feared somebody was robbing the car. I then looked out the side window and saw this lady standing there with an expression that I knew meant trouble yet I stupidly opened the car door at which point I instantly knew was a mistake as she dug the end of a long gun she had right onto my belly button at which time I woke up in fear.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about my crush from 4 years ago. I started liking him again and i've been seeing him a lot lately.

the dream:

ok so i was at school and i was taking a test and when i finished i came home and my first cousin and my crush were at my house. i havent talked to my crush since 4 years ago. so i was in the living room and my couch is like a beige color but in the dream it was an old fashioned green kinda color. so i was sitting next to my crush and we were talking and my cousin was filling out a collage application form and he lost it and 2 minutes later my crush found it.

I feel like it means something. does it? or does it mean nothing at all.

Example: I had a very frightening dream! What does this mean?

I had a very frightening dream where I was like an angel and my wife and daughter were demons (mind you I am a female and in my dream I was a man) but we were all "human".

anyway I was watching a show on TV about some really strange sexual fetish like women eating each others flesh and then my daughter (who is a demon) started talking about how she prayed for me but then tried to chain me up but I whipped out a sword and started slashing her up then I got a bigger sword and cut off her foot!

My "family" who were demons were after me for something but didn't say what. I tried to escape then but all these other demons came out of nowhere as if they were plotted there for my escaped. Later I disguised myself as a middle eastern man and moved to Afghanistan and adopted a new identity.

For some reason it cut into an airport where my demon wife and daughter were there waiting for me.

I tried to cut out as much detail as I couI have no idea what this dream mean but I woke up very scared

Example: I need help finding the meaning of a dream!?

At some point of long dream I was standing in one corner of a 4 way street during a bright day talking with some people ( I don’t remember who ) and all of the sudden I felt like looking under my shirt and I saw that my belly bottom was cover with an extra skin I moved the skin to see behind it and inside my belly bottom (wish was huge at that moment of the dream)where some kinds of hatching worms and one big yellowish like actual worm that was like coming out of my belly because you could only see the head of the worm and it looks kind of dry or death. Once I saw that, I’d pull the worm out and it didn’t hurt or anything but I did felt and heard the cracking of it and I saw the hole in my skin after taking the worm out. In a second after, my belly bottom turn normal again but the hole from the worm was expulsing some kind of yellowish liquid and in that same second I felt some kind of shaking in my belly and the line from the belly bottom to the solar plexus area took the form of a centipedes inside my skin like if the centipedes rise up under my skin. My belly turn purple and got very round and big and It was showing a lot of blue and red veins and all of the sudden a headless black centipedes cover in a mucus like substance start coming out off my body using the same hole that was left in my belly bottom from before. I was able to saw it moving snake like with all of its legs under my skin while it was coming out of my belly bottoms until it came out completely and fall in into the floor. Once that happened I was normal again and the dream keeps going to other things but I don’t remember them. By the way during the dream I didn’t felt scare but very curious trying to figure out what was happening like if it was a puzzle.
I hope somebody can help me out.
Thank you very much for your time,
Happy New Years and many Blessings

Example: What does my dream about this girl mean?

Ok so what I remember of it is that I was at a house party at a beach house with kids my age (19). I started talking to her and randomly I tried to touch her and touched her boob by accident and she just laughed and pulled my hand away. Then the next morning i saw her and tried to get her number. Before I approached her is as her from a distance and when I walked up to her and asked if I could have her number she already had it and gave it to me. I hugged her and have her a kiss on the cheek cuz I guess we had a fun night.

Then randomly I saw a girl come out of no where who I assumed was her friend come out and said there's nothing on that piece of paper and she turned quickly to leave. On my way to my car I opened the paper and there was just sand and a few rocks in it. I've never seen this girl in real life before I think the girl was some kind of symbol or something because i heard you can't dream about someone you've never met before. I think I saw her face in my dream briefly but it wasn't detailed at all. What does this mean?

Example: In Romeo and Juliet what does this ..."true i talk of dreams, which we the children on an idle brain"?

Example: What does the phrase "clouds in my coffee" mean in the song You''re so vain?

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