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Dream About Vagrant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning/theme of this poem?!?

i'm having a hard time understanding the theme/meaning of this poem...please help! thank you

Here I love you.
In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself.
The moon glows like phosphorous on the vagrant waters.
Days, all one kind, go chasing each other.

The snow unfurls in dancing figures.
A silver gull slips down from the west.
Sometimes a sail. High, high stars.
Oh the black cross of a ship.

Sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet.
Far away the sea sounds and resounds.
This is a port.

Here I love you.
Here I love you and the horizon hides you in vain.
I love you still among these cold things.
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels
that cross the sea towards no arrival.
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors.

The piers sadden when the afternoon moors there.
My life grows tired, hungry to no purpose.
I love what I do not have. You are so far.
My loathing wrestles with the slow twilights.
But night comes and starts to sing to me.

The moon turns its clockwork dream.
The biggest stars look at me with your eyes.
And as I love you, the pines in the wind
want to sing your name with their leaves of wire.

Pablo Neruda

Thank you for posting this

this is about a seaman remembering his love in a cold winter night

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well first, there was a race. The only way I can describe it is like..the vanship races in Last Exile. Like...speed racer almost, but in the air. My team lost to a faster one piloted by an old friend/enemy of mine. Twins. I mean, in real life she's not a twin, but here she was. She asked why I was looking at her so funny. And at her "better half." I said "well I don't see that side of you that often, that's all." After that, there was a wedding in the basement of the church I grew up in. Between a pair of my boyfriend's friends. The girl wasn't dressed in a wedding gown though--I was. And a couple other girls were dressed in white as well. The groom wasn't anywhere to be found, or at least, I didn't see him. I guessed the wedding hadn't started. i went upstairs and my boyfriend, laughing and dressed in tuxedo, said "Yeah, I'm next [to be married]."

I talked to my boyfriend about it this morning, and he says that's weird because he tells him (the groom) that all the time. I didn't know that at all. That's really weird. But what does it mean?

Also, after all that, there was another girl there. My "sister," who had the same name as me, only spelled slightly differently. Looked nothing like me. I had to help her figure out how to use a computer. No clue what that means either.

Example: If you where a vagrant and could pick one weapon of choice for taking of game for food, what would it be?

So... in your opinion which of these would work the best?
Air rifle
And why?
I'm trying to gauge peoples opinions of a few things as I'm planning to pursue maybe a childish dream, but at least one of freedom, true freedom. And need some formal opinions of which is the most effective/cost effective/reliable/longest lasting etc.

Example: Dream interpretation help?

Okay well I had a dream and I've been getting these sorta psychic messages lately and in my dream, I blurted out:

"What the wanderer wears will not relent his money"

And considering that I don't even know what 'relent' means, I think it would be good to find out the meaning behind this :)

I don't stress my life out over finding solutions but I am curious about what it could possibly mean.

Thanks for any help!

Example: I had a dream about a Nun, a crazed bum and my busted car. Could you explain to me please?

This dream occurred a few months ago, and so I wrote it down. Now I am getting the chance to ask for its meaning. So here it is.

I was dreaming I was back in Vegas and driving around. I drove around until I came upon a church and went in. When I went in I picked up a plastic fake candle that was white (the ones you see that glow because they got a light bulb at the top.) and walked around in the chambers and halls of the church. Then the candle began to transform into a real candle as I walked around until it became a real one. Into a real wax candle and flame. (The plastic and bulb was no more) then the flame began to float above the wick, above the candle a few inches. It was not longer burning the candles, it was burning in the air. It stayed above the candle and my mood began to uplift and as it did my candle became more and more real. continued...

Example: Dream Interpretation?

I just woke up from a horrible dream!

I dreamed that i was driving down the street when all of a sudden a vagrant attacked my car! he busted out all of the windows, beat the sides of the car all up. and then he hit me in the head with a hammer!

this was an extremely freaky dream.

what could it mean?

Example: Im a guy who just started college yesterday and had this crazy dream with alot of symbolism?

Today I had a really interesting dream. Usually my dreams are really random and make no sense but this one was really interesting, life like, and really long too. Sorry that its so long but there was alot of details that could be really good symbolism.

It takes place in a dark run down neighborhood. Its really dark like midnight, and I am running around jumping over fences and jumping off of high places like balconys. Im not running away from any thing, in my dream im just having the sensation to test my limits (like how fast I can run how high I can jump).
I sneak into a home. It was a town house. No one was in it. The lights were off and it was furnished like any regular house would be. I didnt steal any thing or any thing like that and I have no idea why I went into the house. But I start to see car lights pulling up to the house from the window. So I check every door to find my best way to escape and I get out from the way I came from the backyard.
So I continue to run around like im in a free-running video. I come up to a street. Two thuggish guys are telling an old lady and a few other people what they want to eat, and the old lady is offering them a place to stay. I sense danger so I keep on moving but at my free-running pace so I pretty much run up and jump right over them. I come up to an intersection with like 5 different ways to go. Up the street is a bar and a huge gang of thugs looking right at me. At this point im thinking if I keep on running around they might start to chase me. But then I decide to keep running but go in a different direction.
At this point im in an even more run-down creepy neighborhood but I get the feeling ive been here before and I keep running and for some reason I keep telling my self "dont be scared to die its only a game". I run up to a block with two large parking lots on both side surrounded by huge fences with barbed-wire. Up the block I see a group of what looks like my friends so I run to them. Some of them seemed familiar but none of them were really any of my real friends except for one, who looked exactly like my friend in real life but when I asked is that really you, he said yes and his teeth were sharp and pointy like a demon.
Coming down the block is a woman walking her dogs one is a large brown lab or some kind of a breed that would strike me as a normal dog. The other is a white pitbull that she couldnt control. The pitbull the entire time, had lightening sparking out of its body. It was barking at us and wanted to come get us and kept pulling the woman until the woman just let him go and said "here its yours now".
Every one starts to run but I stop and try and tell my friends that if you run from a dog it will only chase you. So I stop, on guard ready to fight the dog with my bare-hands and the dog just sniffs me and with a wagging tail is excitedly jumping around lightening sparking out of it and all. I take its leash and decide that I will take control of it. But im still a little scared of it so I decide to pet it make it calm down. As it lays down and is relaxed I try to tie it to a lamppost. But im scared to get too close to its mouth so I ask my friends to help and they are too scared as well so we do a lousy job fastening it to the street light and run away from it. It gets free and runs back to us and this time I decide im not going to be scared any more and I grab hold on the leash and take control.
Then we pass by a small playground and there is the woman with the brown dog. We approach a well lit house where there is my brother and a bunch of my real life friends and there is a fat infant or baby. I look back and the brown dog its fighting with another dog while the thundery pitbull is beside me pretty much tamed. And as I look towards my group in the bright house. They killed a huge dog and started to cut it into pieces and my brother starts to eat it. And I tell him not to eat raw meat and he tells me "we need to survive, and we cant start a fire" so I ask my friends for a lighter and I start to think of ways to start a fire without gaining the attention of other vagrants.
And then I wake up. Im not homeless in real life I dont know what happened in the dream that every one was just trying to survive. And I would really like to hear any ones take on the thundery pitbull.

Example: I had a dream I was crucified, burned with acid and dismembered?

It was a pretty detailed dream. Should I start the beginning? Sure. Why not.

It starts off with me moving to a new neighbourhood I'm unfamiliar with. I'm bored, so I decide to go explore. After roaming the streets for a good few hours, I decide it's time to go home. Except. I don't know how to get home. I thought I knew the way, but it turned out I didn't, and I ended up getting hideously lost. I meet two girls and ask them if they know the way back to my suburb. They say I need to catch a train (I really didn't realise I'd ventured so far) and tell me they'll take me to the station. So we set off. We get to this station, but it appears to be undergoing heavy construction. We have to cross a series of boardwalks and planks to get to the other side. It's pretty perilous, considering they're suspended high up in the air and I can't see the bottom. Anyway. We get to the other side, but the station's clearly been abandoned. There's one overturned carriage that's been spray-painted, and a few vagrants milling about. The girls suggest we go check their train station, and see if my train leaves from there. So we cross the planks again only to discover their train goes nowhere near my suburb. So we decide to return to the abandoned station, and ask people where the new one is. And this is where things turn slightly morbid. I don't know what sparked the fight, I just know that I suddenly had a can of acid, and I was spraying it at one of the girls. She was shrieking in pain, writhing about on the floor, so I just made a run for it. The other girl also had a can of acid, which she proceeded to spray me with. It disabled me, and they were able to drag me off to some grassy slope in the middle of nowhere. They nail me to this wooden pole, and I was quite conscious of the fact the nail was going through my bicep. I thought it was a bizarre place to nail me, and then I realised they planned to cut off my arms. They removed both arms and one leg and just left me there. I looked over to my right and saw hundreds of blood-stained poles. I was pretty horrified to realise I wasn't the first.

Then the POV changes, and one of the girls is on my train holding a box. I remember feeling angry they'd known where my station was all along. The girl approached a bystander, opened the box, and asked the man if he could tell her whether or not the thing inside was alive.
He said, "Well, it hasn't got a head or anything so I doubt it."
It was a box of my shrivelled up arms and legs, that were so burned from the acid they looked like barbecued sausages. I remember feeling really upset that I was dead. That I'd actually been killed.
And that's when I woke up.

I've never dreamed about being killed and mutilated before... Usually I get away, or the dream's about another person.
I was told dreaming about things like this is a sign of depression. Is that true?

Example: Comparsation (am lit)?

Compare walter Mitty to miniver cheevy.
Not too long please.

Example: What do I do with my life?

So I'm a 23 year old male. I have bad depression and attention deficit issues. I fix them by smoking pot. A lot...I'm always medicated. I posted this question before but only telling me I need to address my "drug problem" First off, It's purely neurological reasons I get depressed...Wiring issues if you will. Prescription drugs only exacerbate the issue or add other very unwanted side effects. Cannabis allows me to straighten out. You wont tell that I'm "high" I never smoke enough to get "baked". I'ts not a drug problem that I have. If anything you'd never know unless I told you. I used to be suicidal and really messed up...I'm back to my old self. Happy, my energy has returned, I'm fully alert and attentive and I've gained this unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding. I seek the truth and my higher purpose in life and I found Christ through cannabis. How is that an issue? (Scholarly articles prove Cannabis was the key thing in the holy anointing oil. It was also the "New wine" Jesus spoke of and he gave it prolifically as medicine to the ill and crippled. It is said to hold within it, a blessing.) I sadly was short on discovering this wonderful medicine too late. My lazy attitude got me F's in high school, my depression cost me my social life and my love life. I'm by no means stupid. I have a 138 IQ and I only got F's because I was lazy and never did the work. I wonder now...that I'm in debt. I cant go to school, I cant hold a job down for long with the economy being this dysfunctional. (Thanks Obama! F#@* a$$#*!%) Anyway...I have a very deep sense of self awareness...You couldn't break my psyche or make me go insane...I have nothing and I'm insignificant and I know that. In my case, even if I was to pay off my debt and get my life together, Id be 50 and starting college. My hopes for a cushy life are gone. No wife and kids because I wont be able to support it...I can survive anywhere you put me. I have deep moral values I would like to believe I'm a good person. I feel like I should have some purpose...but what? I feel like a knight born in the wrong time. I feel like a warrior. I want to fight...but I want to fight for good...for peace and the ones I love. To be the one who helps the girl getting robbed in the middle of the night and disappear without anyone seeing me. To wonder the country...the world. being a silent guardian. I feel no need for material possessions or anything like that. I feel like a white knight. What is my purpose in life...should I even bother trying to live as a vagrant vigilante ? Or should I accept that I'll be a homeless nerdy pothead one day? Possibly a pothead living in the wilderness like a hippie...I certainly wont be homeless. Someone elaborate me and please give me something serious to ponder upon. Thank you and God bless.


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