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Dream About Vagina meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help what does my dirrty dream mean?!?

hello i had a dream i was wacking off my boyfriend( handjob) and that he was cumming a little and that his thing was way longer than it is and i put his thing on my vagina but i didnt let it enter because i was afraid i was going to get pregnant or something what does this dream mean? Im not with my b.f and our relationship was abusive he used to abuse me a lot and i broke up with him like 2 weeks ago and we never had sex but i was paranoid about getting pregnant when i would give him bjs does this dream mean anything important? or no?

You said "hello i had a dream i was wacking off my boyfriend( handjob)" means that You are sexual attracted to this man...You being pregnant with child means change..New beginning or commitment to him...You not wanting to have his child means that {even if you want him in bed} that you are not sure of him or his ways..not having his kid means you not being connected to him in way and as far as I can see that you said that the relationship was full of abuse.so leave well enough alone while you are ahead and move on and find someone else new...That's my advise for you.

Example: Dream meaning: Goldfish coming out of my vagina?

I had a dream, that my husband and i were arguing about his sperm not fertilizing my egg, and i asked him to prove his fertility. I put something on my vagina and his sperm fertilized what ever i put there.
Then a gold fish started coming out and flopping around..
This is very strange.. can someone relate to this? or had a similar dream?

Example: I had a dream where tiny fish were coming out of my vagina. what could that mean?

Example: What does it mean I dream that my vagina is bleeding?

Last night I had a dream that my vagina was bleeding and that my mom came to me and screamed at me "what's wrong?" what does this dream mean? I'm 18

Example: What does this dream mean: A lionness vigorously licks my vagina. ?

In the dream, a lioness licks my vagina!

I do not feel ANYTHING (and no sexual arousal) but I was feeling fear of the ANIMAL and PUBLIC HUMILIATION! I did feel her tongue though.

I reach out to my friend, who has been my good friend for two years, who has a smirk on her face. She gets help but by then someone (that I find very attractive) comes to take the lion away.

I had a thing for this man. He has an anger issue but in my dream he was very calm!

I can not find the interpretation on the web.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of plants and flowers growing out of your vagina?

Example: Dream meaning? In my dream pieces of my vagina started falling off, and there was no blood.?


Example: I had a dream that my vagina was sewn shut...what does it mean?

Example: I had a dream I was a female and had a vagina. I could feel it with my hands in the dream...what does it mean?

I am 20 yrs old
I am straight
when i woke up was glad to still be a man lol

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