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Dream About Vagabond meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Good hard rock, classic rock, punk, or heavy metal songs to work out to?

I need to build a new workout playlist for when I go to the gym. A few examples of bands from these genres I like are:

Guns N' Roses
Def Leppard
Mötley Crüe
The Ramones
Social Distortion
The Misfits
Minor Threat
Judas Priest
Jimi Hendrix
The Beatles
The Doors

Any songs by these artists or similar ones, please!

Jimi Hendrix-Jam Back At The House/Beginnings, All Along The Watchtower, Voodoo Child(Slight Return),Stone Free(Filmore East Version), Ezy Ryder, Highway Chile,Bold As Love, Lover Man, Dolly Dagger, Peace In Mississippi, Come On(Let The Good Times Roll), Trash Man, Sunshine Of Your Love, NWO theme,

Thin Lizzy-Fighting My Way Back ,Vagabond Of The Western World, The Rocker, Jailbreak, The Boys Are Back In Town, Warriors, Rocky, Boogie Woogie Dance, Massacre, Bad Reputation, Opium Trail, Get Out Of Here, Chinatown, Killer On The Loose, Genocide(The Killing Of The Buffalo), Dedication, Don't Believe A Word, Johnny,The Pressure Will Blow, Hollywood(Down On Your Luck), Thunder And Lightning, This Is The One, Cold Sweat, Heart Attack, Bad Habits, Nineteen,

Van Halen-Eruption, Jamies Cryin, You Really Got Me, Ain't Talking About Love, Atomic Punk, Feel Your Love Tonight, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, D.O.A., One I Want, Dirty Water Dog, Fire In The Whole, Panama, And The Cradle Will Rock, Hang'em High, Mean Street, Unchained, Judgement Day, Runaround, Pleasure Dome, The Dream Is Over, Right Now, 5150

Rory Gallagher- Everything

Guns N' Roses-Everything

ACDC-Anything by these Gods

Mötley Crüe-Girls, Girls, Girls,

Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit(From The Muddy Banks Of Wiskah version), Breed, Anneurysm, In Bloom, Drain You, Stay Away, Lithium,

Judas Priest-Breaking The Law, You Got Another Thing Comin, Judas Rising, Painkiller, Ram It Down, HellRider,

Queen-We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions

The Beatles-Helter Skelter

Biohazard-State Of The World Address, Punishment,

Death Before Dishonour-Count Me In,

Alter Bridge-Metalingus

Angel Reca-Handtricks

Dream Theater-Lie, As I Am, This Dying Soul, Honor Thy Father, The Glass Prison, A Nightmare To Remember, Root Of All Evil, Constant Motion,
Black Label Society-Ain't Life Grand, Bleed For Me, Stoned & Drunk, Doomsday Jesus, Funeral Bell, Parade Of The Dead, Concrete Jungle, Low Down, Stronger Than Death, Demise Of Sanity,

Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train, Bark At The Moon, Not Gonna Stop, Let It Die

Poison Idea-The Badge, Alan's On Fire

Cold-Remedy, Kill The Music Industry,

Disturbed-Down With The Sickness, Haunted, Glass Shatters, Decadence,

Limp Bizkit- Rollin, My Way, Take A Look Around,

Linkin Park- Runaway, Forgotten, By Myself, Faint, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Hit The Floor, Crawling, In The End, Don't Stay

Megadeth- Mechanix, Peace Sells...But Who's Buying, Wake Up Dead, Devil's Island, Good Mourning/Black Friday, Bad Omen, My Last Words, Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, Take No Prisoners, Rust In Peace...Polaris, Tornado Of Souls, Hook In Mouth, Symphony Of Destruction, Architecture Of Aggression, Skin O' My Teeth, Sweating Bullets, High Speed Dirt, Psychotron, Ashes In Your Mouth, Crown Of Worms, 44 Minutes, Head Crusher, SleepWalker, Kick The Chair, Play For Blood,Burnt Ice, Moto Psycho, Return To Hangar, Reckoning Day, Train Of Conscequences, The Killing Road, Family Tree, Elysian Fields, Victory,

Metallica-Master Of Puppets, Battery, Orion, Dyer's Eve, And Justice For All, Blackened, One, From Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, The Call Of Ktulu, Ride The Lightning, Escape, Trapped Under Ice, Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Fuel, Memory Remains, Enter Sandman, OF Wolf And Man,


Fuel-The Last Time, Won't Back Down(Bring You Hell)

Pantera-Cowboys From Hell, Domination, Cemetery Gates, Shattered, Primal Concrete Sledge, Mouth For War, Live In A Hole, By Demons Be Driven, I'm Broken, I'll Cast A Shadow, Revolution Is My Name

Joe Satriani- Motorcyle Driver, The Extremist, War, Summer Song, Friends, Hans In The Air, Flying In A Blue Dream, Surfing With The Alien,

King's X- Dogman, Fade, Over My Head, Moanjam, Out Of The Silent Planet, The Burning Down, Fall On Me, Send A Message, The World Around Me, Chariot Song, Pray, Love & Rockets,

Kingston Wall- I, II & III

L.A. Guns-Hellraisers Ball, Rip & Tear, Electric Gypsy

Motorhead-Every Album

Poundhound-Massive Groves From The Electric Church Of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music

Puddle Of Mudd- Control

Seether- Remedy, Sold Me, Out OF My Way

Sick Puppies- You're Going Down

Steel Panther- Feel The Steel

Symphony X- All Albums

Union Underground- Across The Nation, Turn Me On Mr Deadman, South Texas Deathride

Drowning Pool- Bodies, Sinner, The Game, Step Up, Hate. Sermon

All Guilty Gear Soundtracks

Example: How many hours a day do you listen to music?

And by this I mean when you listen to music with headphones on.

Bq: Favourite Rod Steward Song?

Bq2: Last band you listened to?

Example: What do these lyrics mean?

We rise with the sun in the underworld
We suffer from a graveless name
We prise wide lids
And wounds with lips curled
Over teeth that have tasted shame

Cemetery and sundown

Against the flora of nightfall
We gather like the fauna of war
To cure Aurora so spiteful
With her stake in the coming of dawn
To conjure forth the past
Those heady nights of pain resplendent
In the service of the Goddess of Death
When her sheets ran royalty red

Moon lengthen or crypt-kept silhouettes
Shadows dance, eyes flicker in descent
Unveil the greed, our needs are bitter, spent
On upturned mouths and haunts of wickedness

We walk this Eden, a secret
Faces hidden under Leonine pride
In dusk’s embrace
We find it hard to keep it
When blood and lust and waking worlds collide

Example: An intresting anime with good story and action...not gore,not horrer just good action and story?

i mean anime with good intrestin story and action if possibly...i mean im the kind of person which rarly sees stuff like that or not easily impressed...im more of a slice of life,dramam,romance and highschool teenage stuff person but latly i got bored the same stuff so i want an anime if possible with good action and good story...

NO naruto im seein that and thats more talking/fillers then action...
i saw dragonball was awsome for its time...
one piece IS AWSOME
and im gonna start bleach wen the anime finishs

so dont name those animes please...i might also add wen i say good action i dotn mean horror or gore stuff...like blood+ or claymore(even tho there awsome xD)

so ya tell me some if possible 20+ episodes :) thanks

Example: What are 3 of your favorite bands(and the songs they sing, if you have personal fav's) And Why?

name of 3 or more.. of your favorite bands.. and a few songs they sing that are you favorites :)..
Is there any meaning behind those songs for you? what are they...

Example: People often tell me my poetry is too abstract... what do they mean by this?

Here are some samples, and I understand the basic concept of what abstract is... I just don't know how to fix the problem... or are my poems too much of a mess?

Tell me how to feel,
now that the clock
has tolled her time
parceling sanity
to our loved ones
while we cringe and
bear our loss of it.

The darker memories
with their long dusty claws
perverted splicing tongues
and glowing green eyes
follow me
and lay across the path
in hopes I will look
into them.

Then I will drown (dream)
but I mustn't!
I can survive
just tell me
how to feel

a decade old tragedy
and now no more
except beneath my pillow
underneath the faded light.


Family Thorns

The petals of truth,
swirl in the wind
with the fragrant scent
of my vagabond heart.

Where did the truth begin?
Was it with those fatal foot prints
in the sand
erased by the tide
along with the crimes unknown
to myself.

Tell me please!
What I cannot remember
I see the shame in your eyes
as the words falter on your lips
and I cannot help but cry.


Someday I will dance -

while the honeysuckle
swims through
the hot sticky
texas air.

and the remnants
of a cool breeze will
enter twine through
my fingers.

we'll sway to the
tambourine cat's
ferocious purr
and the
jazzy screams
of the mice
beneath it's feet.

and no longer
shall i feel ashamed,
that I too - am apart
of this over zealous life.
yet to do that
I'll have to
let the past go.
let the tulips
swallow my tears
with their soft,
soft petals
that shall kiss my cheeks
in comfort.

but it's too much,
I want to be free,
yet it's just too much!
The anger,
sifts through my brain
and boils
underneath my skin
leaving the blisters
of too many sleepless nights.

If only someone had come,
held my hand
and told me
it's going to be okay.

but no one will.
They all died yesterday.

Help will be appreciated, especially if someone can use specific examples of abstractions in my poems?

and why are abstractions considered bad?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a guy for 22 years?

I'm 36. At 14 I met a 17 year old guy & developed a very intense fascination with him. From then on saw him everywhere I went, thought about him constantly, and had regular, sometimes a little psychic, dreams about him. I thought he was my soul mate. I made an attempt to get to know him, but he rejected me.

His Mother died when he was a senior (I was a Freshman), and I remember how much she always seemed to love me. I didn't really know her, but when I entered a room, she'd stop everything and hug me tightly. After his mom died, we were at a party, and he was telling a few guy friends he loved them. He looked into my eyes, and also said to me, "I love you."

He was known to be brilliant, but odd. He never had girlfriends, though one time, out of the blue, he told me, "I'm not gay." We slept in the same bed during college years once, but just held each other. He seemed interested in me, then he would be sort of mean to me. Another time, we were all hanging out, & he left the room & went to sleep in my bed, I slept with him that night, but was afraid to touch him.

In those days, in the big city of Austin, no matter where we went, during our late teens-mid 20's, we'd end up in the same place. He even said it was "really weird" it's like that with me, & said he'd only had that with one other person (a guy friend). We had an argument about a philosophical theory one time, and haven't seen each other since.

We're now Facebook friends. I've married 2 men, and divorced, with 3 children. He seems to have still had no women, or if he has there's no evidence of them on Facebook for 5 years now. He seems to be a vagabond, gets high, plays music. I'm in Texas, he's up North. His hair is now graying. One night, I had two much wine & emailed him. Then I got embarrassed & told him not to write me back, and he didn't. But hasn't deleted me from his FB.

But, through my marriages & 2 divorces, when I was single, and every single year of my life, I have had dreams about him, at least a couple of times a month. It's always us unexpectedly meeting up & feeling the magic I felt with him once again. I feel I love him today as I did when I was 14.No other man has ever felt "right." I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any interest in me now. I am the typical consumerist single mom, plastic and tied to a job, & his life is wild & free.

Will I have to dream of him for the rest of my life? Why do these dreams come? Do they mean anything?

Example: Why has the UFC never shown any interest in Gegard "Young Vagabond" Mousasi ?

He was a dominate middleweight in Pride winning the middleweight graand prix. I know he has since vacated his middleweight title belt to move up to the light heavyweight class and even talked about becoming a heavyweight, but still he is one of the so called top fighters in the world so why doesn't the UFC try to bring this guy in, he beat the overrated Denis Kang. Guess we will see how good he does a weight class up once he takes on Babalu and then Sokoudjou.

Example: When you were young, did you dream of a life of adventure on your own or of a life of romance with the person?

of your dreams?

Example: Help! 10 points for best answer?

I have this poem for English and I HAVE to get a good grade. I am in 6th grade and here is my poem
How can I repharse this? I know it dosen't sound good but how can I make it better?
Please note- I'm using my moms account so if I have answered any of your questions it wasn't a 6th grader answering :) HELP!
Heres my poem

My Dog

Furry and Warm
Is always there, always believing no matter
I can always count on my little black dog
I throw the ball; she retrieves it
I pet her she nudges me for more
She cheers me up when I am down
no matter what I do she will always love me
I spend time with other dogs
she doesn’t care cause at the end of the day
she knows i’ll always be there

I can’t imagine my life without my little black dog

Thanks any thing else to add about a black lab? due Friday!

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