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Dream About Vacuum meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Perplexing dream -- what can this mean?

Last night, I dreamed I was pregnant (and very happy about it), and that my workplace had turned into a military base. One of my co-workers (who in real life is the daughter of one of the Board of Directors and has a plush job there, and sometimes talks down to me), barked orders at me to vacuum the entire facility -- eight times and to take only one hour each time, that if I didn't get it done the way she wanted it, that she would have me fired. (WTF?)

(Could it be because I watched "GI Jane" last night? I don't know where the pregnancy part of it comes from, though, because I've been married for 15 years and we have remained childless by choice.)

In spite of what the bogus so-called dream interpreters may say, dreams in themselves don't have any meaning, except perhaps as an indication of the dreamer's present state of mind.

Dreams are only a sub-conscious awareness of the brain doing it's filing.

Every time we sleep, the brain goes into housekeeping mode, adding to and reorganizing sensory information we have accumulated while awake. This stored sensory information is what we call - memory.

When we dream we become aware of this memory reorganization process. That is why dreams are quite useless for foretelling the future. Everything we dream has actually come from our own personal past. People who have remarkably similar dreams have probably been watching the same television programs.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I had a dream about bugs, spiders, flies and other type of creatures all covering my bedroom and I was scared of them. I was also trying to suck them up with a hoover

Example: The meaning of my dream.?

this dream is repetitive. i was in the bathroom with this girl and boy. i do not know what their names were but they were my friends. a mist was following us but we were in my house. then it started vacuuming. the boy apparently had this amazing power and so the mist was after him. me and the other girl had to help him. we could communicate with it through text messaging, iming, and anything on the internet. it could track us too by our cellphones. the mist could communicate with the boy through his mind. we just keep sneaking past it but we mostly are hiding in my bathroom. i never get to finish this dream and i was wondering what it meant. :D thanks.!

i never saw the movie the mist. :]

Example: What could this dream mean?

Recently, I've been dreaming a lot about one of managers. She is in her late thirties, divorced, and has three children. We have a good relationship at work and are perhaps a bit closer as I sometimes babysit for her. In the dreams, she acts as sort of a mother to me...she wakes me up to go to work, talks to me about my problems ect...in reality, she seems quite maternal although we do not discuss our personal lives with each other often as we are both busy with work obligations. The dreams are in no way sexual but are rather intense as I sometimes will wake up thinking she is near me...they have been going on for quite a while and I am curious to know if they may be trying to tell me something...all interpretations welcome.

Example: What does my dream about vacuums mean?

I had a dream that I opened up a suitcase and inside of it were three vacuums. A man (I'm not sure who he is) handed me a white vacuum. All three vacuums were only about two feet tall. So I took the white one and I started to vacuum the floor with it and it worked well. I was surprised for two reasons. 1/ I didn't know I had the vacuums and 2/ I was surprised by how well it worked. I know one of the other vacuums was red but it never came out of the case.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about vacuuming?

Example: What is the significance of the vacuum cleaner in my dream?

i keep having a dream, basically about my vacuum cleaner. any idea what this means?

Example: Dream of vacuum cleaner on long cord?

This has got to be the dumbest dream ever. I can't remember how it started but I had this vacuum cleaner ( an actual one) which was plugged in but I was trying to pull it out by its cord. I may have been afraid to go back to unplug it. I was outside in the streets and had gone many blocks. Then the cord was stretching but I still went on. Finally, a many with a scissors cut the cord. I was resolved to get a new cord for it. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream twice so far, in differant variations. The first was that an asian, teenage girl was standing on our deck, staring. The second was that I was going in the basement to ask my dad where the vacuum was(weird?) and there was a huge window that wasn't there before and there was a little girl, just caucasion, standing there and as soon as I started to walk away she screamed and it was so loud it woke me up. I mean LOUD!

Example: Islamic dream meaning needed.?

I had a dream where all my extended paternal family (fathers side) were being extremely abusive to me during a wedding of my cousin (that cousin is actually getting in a few months). In real life, this side of the family has not treated my parents or me particularly well.

My father was nowhere in site but my mother was and she looked my mother but she did not act like how my mother usually does in dreams. My aunt (fathers sister) was trying to cut my hair off using a vacuum and on the top layers of my hair were chopped and it ended up giving my hair a nice style and the vacuum turned to my aunt and all her hair came off.

My mother was helping my aunt and was on side so I cut of her hair too. (my mom actually dislikes this aunt the most in real life) But the funny thing was, when I cut my moms hair, she responded like it was gone and I did too but it didn't look like it...she still looked like she had a normal head of hair. I also think that she wasn't supposed to be my actual mother in this dream

Later on I was giving her things that she asked for and she was trying to put deadly pills in her mouth, trying to kill herself because her hair was cut up short and in a choppy mess. I stopped her and covered her mouth. And then I woke up.

Obviously this dream is unsettling because I was doing those horrible things to my mother and I feel so distressed as if I had a nightmare. :(

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