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Dream About Vacuum meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dream: My room had fleas/tics or some type of tiny bug that bites all over my floor so I was laying in bed watching tv knowing I should suck all the bugs up with a vacuum so I do. After I do that I go to sleep then when I wake up there's bite marks all over my body and there is a bug attached to my finger do I rip it off. What does this mean. I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy lol

To see fleas in your dream signify you will be provoked into anger and manipulated into retaliation by someone close to you.
To dream that fleas bite you signify that vicious rumors by false friends will slander(ruin your reputation) your character.
Fleas are dirty insects that cling on to our pets. When you dream about fleas, the dream denotes sickness and minor irritations. After the fleas dream, you will feel the need to deal with both new
Having annoying fleas around you foretells of petty quarrels with your relatives that amount to nothing more then aggravation.

Example: What do dead rabbits mean in dreams?

I am walking with my one year old daughter and I am barefoot... I end up in a vaccant lot full of trash which I have trouble walking through since I was barefoot. Even though there is alot of thing on the floor I notice the dead rabbits the most... What can this mean?

I started walking in the first place because I was looking for my daughters pacifier...

Example: What dies this dream mean?

Ok so, im on a school field trip, with my friend, we get onto the bus with a vaccum thing, then the girl i liek is just sortof on the bus, we get on the freeway, the roof dissapears, nobody mentions it, and in th middle of the free way there are a few people playing cribbage on a coffee table?

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Example: Scary Dreams. What do they mean?

The last few nights I've been having terrible dreams. The one i remember is most vividly is being in the funeral home my grandmother's funeral was. Me and my ex-boyfriend weremthere,but I think we were back together. We were leaving,nut I left my laptop and iPad in there and we went back to get them. I asked who was driving,then realized there was someone driving us and said "Oh," and got out and knocked on the doors. My friend's grandpa came out and said now wasn't a good time. I told him I left my stuff in there and he agreed to let us in. When we came in there were small pieces of dead body everywhere and I'm pretty sure I stepped on a piece. My ex picked a piece up and say "Whoa,look. It still has a chunk of brain on it," and I told him to shut up before I puke. He set it down and my fiend's grandpa got my stuff and gave it to me. He was vacuuming up souls and me and my ex accidentally let them escape. My friend's grandpa yelled at us and wouldn't help us. Then I woke up. What do these creepy dreams mean? And why the he|| am i dreaming about my ex?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this wicked dream! In my dream it was on halloween! this kid was after me to kill me and i was running thoughout the town trying to avoid him! I went to my duplex that i havnt been to in a while but all my stuff was moved out and a lady was vacumming! i was confused so i went into the closet! i cant remember the rest but after all that i was in a field with tall grass and nothing really was in sight except a tall telephone pole with a light at the top and it was dark and windy and stormy! there was alot of people (about 10-15ppl) *around my age*(17yrs) making a circle and this huge black bird kept swooping down and almost hitting my face but i dodged it evrytime! the people around me were telling me to watch out! please tell me what this dream means! REAL ANSWERS!

Example: Scary DREAM? WATS IT MEAN?

i had this dream several years ago but still scares me. i went with my family to a casino. we were having fun but then all of a sudden thousands of snakes lunge at me. evrybody runs out and my mom hands me a vacuum cleaner to blcok the door . i am pressing against the vacuum wit h her help. then she runs away i dont hav enuf strength i let go the snakes lunge wen the door opens and then i wake up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a dream where I am in my bedroom and there is one of those toy laptops in my closet and it opens up to reveal teeth and I try to run away but I can't because it's like this big vacuum is sucking me back so I have to pull myself along my bed to get away. What does it mean, I have this dream almost every night.

Example: What does my whale dream mean?

I went outside and I pressed a big red button on the wall ( O.o... ) and this huge white whale came floating in the sky and started making really loud noises everyone was running inside to hide. Then it got dark and this really huge scary looking black whale tried to suck us up like a vacuum cleaner and we were all struggling to hold on something.

no mean comments please i really am tired of them
if your not going to answer my question then don't even bother. >.>


Example: Nightmare dream what could it mean?

i was sleeping in a room and my brother and mom were there laying with me in the same bed. i was laying there awake and then suddenly i could sense something. i was so terrified i could feel the little hairs in my skin rise. The next thing i know this invisible presence came up from behind where i was laying like almost it had came out of the wall. Before i could blink my eyes i felt it hurling towards me and enter the right side of my body. I began screaming and trying to fight it but it was as if my mind and spirit had no control over my body. My mother and brother quickly woke up , scared by what they saw they began tugging me towards them. Slipping out of their grip i was tooken away. I don't know where or what had happened but the scary thing was that i woke back up in the same room but without my mother and brother by my side. It happened all overs again but this time i was trying to fight it off alone. i kept kicking and screaming and i was yelling for my brother and mom like if i wanted to say, "mom its here help me". when i woke up i was terrified and kept looking everywhere. The strange thing was... my right side felt weird it didn't hurt but it was like something happened there and i could feel it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i fell asleep and had this dream... but there was this one part of it that really bugs me. i was sitting in my old basement from a long time ago, and i was on the phone with this girl who i had a crush on. i got off the phone and turned of the tv. at that moment i noticed my computer from back in the day was also on in the corner, so i get up to turn it off. by the way, the whole time this is happening there is one one light on in the center of the room. so i got up to turn of the computer but then right behind me in a hallway a door FLIES open and a vacuum cleaner starts sucking me into this dark boiler room. what the heck does this dream mean? its a reoccurring one from when i was a VERY little kid and scared the crap out of me then too.

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