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Dream About Vacuum Cleaner meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this wicked dream! In my dream it was on halloween! this kid was after me to kill me and i was running thoughout the town trying to avoid him! I went to my duplex that i havnt been to in a while but all my stuff was moved out and a lady was vacumming! i was confused so i went into the closet! i cant remember the rest but after all that i was in a field with tall grass and nothing really was in sight except a tall telephone pole with a light at the top and it was dark and windy and stormy! there was alot of people (about 10-15ppl) *around my age*(17yrs) making a circle and this huge black bird kept swooping down and almost hitting my face but i dodged it evrytime! the people around me were telling me to watch out! please tell me what this dream means! REAL ANSWERS!

If you're 17, I'm seventeen.
Hallowe'en, a time for pranks. You ran 'home' but it's not home. Your stuff is gone. The vacuum cleaner said that's final. The past is the past. (At least you lost the guy who was chasing you)
You went into your closet and came out into a field (Narnia?) of tall grass where the dark and stormy night was illuminated by a beacon atop a tall post.( You were not in the dark.) A dozen or so people around (you were not alone) and the scary monster was only interested in you.The people cheered you on (your support system) as you repeatedly evaded your attacker (you're a winner).
See how positive this dream is? You triumph over adversity by outrunning the killer, getting support even after losing your home, and protecting yourself successfully from an airborne menace.
In this dream you are learning that you can handle anything that comes. You'll be alright.

Example: Scary DREAM? WATS IT MEAN?

i had this dream several years ago but still scares me. i went with my family to a casino. we were having fun but then all of a sudden thousands of snakes lunge at me. evrybody runs out and my mom hands me a vacuum cleaner to blcok the door . i am pressing against the vacuum wit h her help. then she runs away i dont hav enuf strength i let go the snakes lunge wen the door opens and then i wake up

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i fell asleep and had this dream... but there was this one part of it that really bugs me. i was sitting in my old basement from a long time ago, and i was on the phone with this girl who i had a crush on. i got off the phone and turned of the tv. at that moment i noticed my computer from back in the day was also on in the corner, so i get up to turn it off. by the way, the whole time this is happening there is one one light on in the center of the room. so i got up to turn of the computer but then right behind me in a hallway a door FLIES open and a vacuum cleaner starts sucking me into this dark boiler room. what the heck does this dream mean? its a reoccurring one from when i was a VERY little kid and scared the crap out of me then too.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I remembered more. At the end of the dream I went to the Doctor/Head Administrator to file a report about my belongings. His office was filled with super hi tech gadgets. At the door he asked me if I was me and I said "Yes, sir". He laughed and said, "Well I've been called some strange things!". I said "Like your highness?" and he laughed again and said yes. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm scared, please help?

I had a dream that my class went on a field trip to this ancient museum said to have been built on an old ritual ground. Our tour guide brought us to the room where they had unearthed a "portal". It was a pure white circle with gold markings on it, and it was supposed to lead to a demonic puzzle world. Now here's where the weirdness really begins. The portal is behind glass, but then a boy from my class gets through and steps on the portal, and vanishes. We start freaking out and suddenly the glass isn't there and we run forward. The moment my feet touch the circle,the museum fades and a different room comes into focus. It has a large pool of water in it, with sharp rocks pointing up from the bottom. There is a wall on the other side with five four panels above a small doorway. On each of the panels is what looks like a piece of a heart. I hear something move behind me, and I see that my friends are here too. No one else, just them. We decide that we should swim across the pool and see if we can find a way out. Once we're on the other side, we notice that one of us isn't there. We look back over the pool, and he's standing there, staring at the water, mumbling that he can't cross it. We keep telling him that it's alright, and he finally jumps in. It wasn't like watching a person fall through water. It looked like he was falling of the side of a cliff, and instead of bobbing back up, he hit the rocks on the bottom. I can't tear my eyes away as they pierce his body. I can't look away as the blood runs down the rocks. We're all scared now, and run down into the doorway, which leads to a dimly-lit hallway. We run, but it seems endless. The lights go out, and I hear my friends scream, but further back from where I thought they were. I run in the direction of their voices, and I run into something hard. The lights come up again, as dim as they were before, and standing before me is the boy who was dead underwater a moment before. He tells me to come with him, that he needs me for something. I run away, and I can hear him follow me. I eventually end up in the room I had left, and I don't know what came over me, but I threw him back into the water. The minute he hit it, he disappeared. My friends are there, and ask me what happened. I tell them. They say it can't be true and point to the water. His body is as I thought it was, dead on the rocks. I can feel my heart pounding, and tell them that we have to leave. We go back along the hallway and find a set of double doors. When we open them, we see the museum. I hear voices coming from along the hallway. I tell them to go ahead, and I go back down the hallway. Suddenly, I'm grabbed by two men in white suits. They pull me into a room cavered in crimson, and tie up my hands before standing guard at the door. There are two others next to me, a dark-skinned woman wearing a black skirt and a red shirt, and a pale man wearing khakis and a white blue-and-red striped shirt. They are bound the same way I am. Before us is a low, rust colored table. Behind it are two figures. One is a woman decked in scarves and jewels. The other is the dead boy. His eyes are pure white, and he has a vicious smile on his face. The woman makes a motion with her hand, and one of the guards brings the dark skinned woman forward. The woman produces a ornate jeweld dagger from amidst the folds of cloth, and the other is thrown down on the table. She stabs her, and just before she dies, I see a white smoke escape her lips. THe man is brought forward, and the same happens. Then I am thrown down on the table. You'd think with a dream like this, I'd wake up before I die, right? Wrong. She stabs me, and I feel my spirit leave me. I stand beside my dead body, and see the spirits of the man and woman standing next to the boy. He's calling to me, asking for my help, and a translucent blue figure with glowing red eyes is floating behind him. The figure floats forward, over to me, and I feel the sensation of something so much more powerful than fear. It's like nothing can help me, like I'm alone, and I'm going to be erased from the world.

I woke up shivering and unable to get to sleep. Everything in the dream was vivid, every voice was clear and I felt every touch. What does this mean? Help me if you can.

Example: What does my dream about vacuums mean?

I had a dream that I opened up a suitcase and inside of it were three vacuums. A man (I'm not sure who he is) handed me a white vacuum. All three vacuums were only about two feet tall. So I took the white one and I started to vacuum the floor with it and it worked well. I was surprised for two reasons. 1/ I didn't know I had the vacuums and 2/ I was surprised by how well it worked. I know one of the other vacuums was red but it never came out of the case.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about vacuuming?

Example: What is the significance of the vacuum cleaner in my dream?

i keep having a dream, basically about my vacuum cleaner. any idea what this means?

Example: Dream of vacuum cleaner on long cord?

This has got to be the dumbest dream ever. I can't remember how it started but I had this vacuum cleaner ( an actual one) which was plugged in but I was trying to pull it out by its cord. I may have been afraid to go back to unplug it. I was outside in the streets and had gone many blocks. Then the cord was stretching but I still went on. Finally, a many with a scissors cut the cord. I was resolved to get a new cord for it. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of spiders?

I had a dream of several black spiders under my kitchen sink. For some reason, I chose not to kill them but rather suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. There were 3 or 4 though, that I could not reach so I sprayed with poison and killed them that way. What does this mean?

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