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Dream About Vaccination meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think that this really creepy dream means? PLEASE Help :)?

Ok, so there were this people (idk who) and they pushed me against the ground, then scraped up my arm, with thorns on a wire. And jabbed some kind of vaccination in my arm (it seemed like I felt it it was excrutiating pain) I was on a dirt ground I have no idea where (idk if that helps) PLEASE help me Thank-you so much God bless <3

Well if u just got this once it may just be some nightmare
don't worry about it. these kind of things happen to people

Example: Did my dog have a bad dream or a seizure?

He was asleep in his cage, when he suddenly started barking a really high pitched panicky bark. He stood up in his cage and thrashed around trying to get out. We jumped out of bed to let him out and as soon as we did he bolted out and hid in a corner and expressed his anal glands. We checked him over, he was not hurt, and he was walking fine. We let him outside and when he came back in he was fine, he grabbed a toy and laid on the end of our bed. It seemed like once he was out of the cage everything was ok. Did he wake up confused from a bad dream or is it something worse? He is a one year old intact male German Shepherd he has never done this before. He recently got his vaccines, a heartworm pill, a comfortis pill, and is on cephalexin for a skin infection.

Example: Having a dream of a yellow snake engorging the top of my sons head?

I dreamt that my son was accidentally left at an amusement park. When I went back to get him he was taking off on me again. We eventually got back to the Hotel room where he began to play in the walk in closet. I noticed a pet snake following him in there. As I did not here my son anymore I went in to follow him and pulled the snake that was slithering before me. I noticed my son was covered in a sheet. As I pulled the sheet off, I noticed he was wrapped with the snake around his neck. As I pulled the snake off, the end of it was completely covering my 3 year olds head as to eat him. It was like a sac. As I removed it, I saw that my sons face was white from suffocation. I woke my self up in fear. what does this mean?

Example: Sensible? Or an I dreaming and being incredibly stupid?

Obviously as a teenage (Im 17) horse-loving girl I would love a horse of my own. I've had experience with horses in the past: lessons for a few years before helping out friends with their horses (both stabled and field kept, and a range of cobs and TBs/TBxs). My dad has been driving me round since I was about 6 or 7 to visit horses (I didn't have lessons until I was 8 and we were a bit pushed for money at the time) and we have time and time again driven to a field of cobs. You know the sort if you live in the UK: owned by a gypsy-type of fellow, left in a field untouched, bred and bred and bred. Conveniently this field is by the river so dad can chat to the fishermen while I give the cobs some attention ;) ANYWAY, about 4/5 years ago I met a little cob filly - I'd been keeping an eye on the heavily pregnant mare for a while and then a filly appeared :D gorgeous girl, and surprisingly though it hadn't, to my knowledge, been handled (and neither had the mare) they let me stroke the both of them for a long while. Pathetic really but I feel like I have a link with her, particularly as my grandad was there at the time and died shortly afterwards. ANYWAY, the man seems like the type who'd sell them at a low price just to get the money. She would be kept on grass livery a 2 minute drive (20 minute cycle, probs) away from home, and kept as cheaply as possible (although this is a stupid thing to say when you have horses, I am well aware!). I would obviously have to back her and bring her on once I was used to her, but I helped my friend to back her 3 year old cob and feel I have a network of people around who could help me. However, I am sure she will need vaccinations, feet trimmed, worming, and I don't even know if she's passported :/ obviously I would find all of this out before I bought her. I just want to give her a life. She isn't too big, and I don't think I would be overhorsed - shes very calm to fuss, though perhaps a little nervous at times which is understandable. However, take into account that this is my first horse and, though I feel I could do this, I am thinking it could be a stupid idea should anything go wrong - which, logically it could with her health or lack of experience. Im such a softy when it comes to her because I have known her pretty much all of her life.

Sorry, waffle much! All opinions welcome, just please don't cut me down, be tackful. This has been my dream for years! Thanks very much :)

Example: What's the meaning of the song...?

What is the meaning or point of the song "I can ride my bike with no handlebars?"

Example: I had a njghtmare where evertbody had this disease or something like that. What does it mean?

I dreamt that alot of people were like in a truck or van. So I asked this other kid what was happening and he told me that these people were gonna cure us. Then the car stopped and everybody came out of the truck and then I saw my 3 year old brother and my twin brother along with 3 of my freinds so I walked torwards them and I think we were talking while following the crowd of people. We walked into this creepy mansion place and the bottom floor was like a big living room but it was very dark and creepy. There were these people that were like 8 feet tall that told everyone in the room that the medicine was ready and they gave evryone a pill and told us to eat it but I didnt believe them and told my freinds and brothers not to eat it so they pretended to eat it and throw it away then everybody else started to bleed from their eyes and became zombies. We were trying to sneak to the nearest door but when we open it I woke up.

Example: Please interpret my dream ?

I am a 44 year old male , and my parents are deceased . I dreamed I came home from school and my mother had my report card . I had to be in about 8 years old. my mother was talking to somebody and telling them that I would not gonna pass this year because I did not have the proper vaccinations . I looked at all my grades for a bit, and all my grades were a B, and I asked her what shots did I need to pass the grade, she would not tell me. so I ran crying 3 houses down, I did not know the people who owned the house, I ran out of the house I picked up some shoes, 3 of them as a matter fact and they did not match. when I got back to the house my father was at home from work . he told me to apologize to my mother and meet him in the other room, I apologized to my mother and went into the other room. She followed. The other room was nothing but Windows,They asked me, if there was anything I needed to tell them, I replied to them, I may not have been the best boy in school, my father said you don't have to be, and I continued to say, but when it comes to school, I work my butt off and the other kids don't like me cuz I made better grades than them.. My mother said that the vaccine they wanted me to get is uncureable. at that moment, I woke up from the alarm clock going off. I don't dream of my parents that much, and they were young, an my father, was actually nice in the dream, when in turn any other dreams about him , I would dream he was mean.

Example: Why do I keep dreaming this?

Ok so I don't dream this every night but every now and again I do dream something similar to this.
I've been sent to this concentration camp place but I have to be transferred somewhere else so they strap me into this cart or train thing similar to a roller coaster train and before they send me off they put this vaccination into my hand. It really stings almost like a burning pain then they send me off this other place like Auschwitz even though it's not ww2 in the dream more like in the future or so. I'm really scared by by these dreams(and because I don't dream them every night it makes them all the more scary) I often wake up crying, does anyone know what these dreams may mean?

Example: Now will you admit that Hillary Care is Communisim if she prevents you from working if you don't have coverage

The ends justify the means Karl Marx

Example: Dream question: I got raped then PREGNANT in my dream! i need your input?

i woke up this morning kinda scared.ok heres the story:

in my dream, i was a dancer and a cheerleader(like in real life) then they called me and showed me a chart that i was really pregnant. i had to go do scans at the doctor, then i found out the father was a guy that i see in real life. in real life i found out he likes me alot secrectly but hes shy. to this day, hes still like that since 2 years and everyday he stares and glances at me.
in the dream, i found out when i was put to sleep with all these vaccinations, the guy came in and raped me cuz he couldn't stand my beauty.he still came with me to see the baby and he was shaking because he thought he was in trouble. the baby was a girl. idk why, but i asked the doctor if i could get an abortion to do cheerleading but he told me nicley i will regret it later and not to do it so i didn't. so the guy in real life likes me and i like him back and in this dream we were parents.

what do u think the dream means? i got scared so i have to let this out of me. is this like a sign or warning that i have to avoid in highschool or something?i was wearing the same clothes in the dream! HELP I AM SCARED TO DEATH!

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