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Dream About Vaccinate meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is this a boring question?; How to convince parents for a ferret?

My mom says that ferrets are too much like rats. My dad will say yes if my mom says so. I said that I would pay and care for it. Please help me!1

You may not like this answer, but you should listen to your mother. Ferrets are a lot of work and very high maintenance. They need daily cage cleaning(otherwise they smell terrible), and very few children can make the hefty commitment it takes to keep a ferret.

Also, there is no way that a child would be able to afford a ferret. Ferrets are very expensive, much more money than any child could dream of. The start up for a ferret is around $500. That is just for cage, ferret, toys, hammocks, litter pans, bedding, water bottles, dishes. Most states require that your ferret be vaccinated for rabies and some state require distemper, expect to spend another $75 for that. They also need monthly heart worm pills, about $75 for a six month supply.

Ferret food is expensive. They should have at least three high quality food mixed together. Marshals food is not a high quality food(do not feed the ferret this). High quality means first three ingredients meat, and no fish.34-36% protein and approximately 20% fat (and low fiber) The high quality food can cost anywhere from 15 dollars to over 20 for a 5 -10 lb bag. Feeding them low quality food may be cheaper for awhile, but will lead to health problems and costly vet bills later. I spend around $60 for a three month supply of food.

Young ferrets monthly bills may be fairly reasonable, but as ferrets age they are extremely likely to get adrenal disease. You are more likely to have a ferret get health problems when they get older than not, and older is only about 4, so expect high vet bills for about half its life. Some other common ferret illnesses are renal failure, insulinoma. These illnesses can cost thousands of dollars to treat. My oldest ferret started showing signs of adrenal disease(hair loss). I took him to the vet and ended up spending $400 just for blood work and tests, luckily they didn't have to do an ultrasound which would have cost another $200. I was lucky, as Alec didn't have anything wrong, otherwise the surgery would have cost $2000, or he could have taken Lupron depot for the rest of his life, costing around $200 a month.

Sometimes parents are right. It is not until you are older that you realize that. I got my ferrets when I was in my 20's, but I always wanted one when I was younger. I am glad my mother said no, as I would never have been able to care for them properly. The last thing you want is to end up as another kid on Y!A! pleaded for free medical advise from people b/c you cannot afford to take you ferret to the vet.

Example: What does my zombie dream mean?

Last night I had the oddest dream. I was in the middle of a zombie infestation and holed up in a house with the only other people in town who weren't zombies (none of whom I knew). At one point, the one guy Max gave me a shot to vaccinate against the zombies, but one of the other girls in the room was already turned into one and I just left the room running. In the living room, one of the guys was turned into a zombie and killed Max and the other guy. I gave them all a shot and the zombie turned back to a normal person and Max and the other guy came back to life. They joined me when we went underground to this bar/restaurant/shop/subway type place where I met up with my two real life best friends who were trying to kill my ex boyfriend (who was now a zombie). I ended up killing the ex boyfriend and we patrolled the rest of this underground community to rid it of zombies. The whole time, this guy Max (who I didn't know) never left my side. I woke up as Max and I were glad that we saved this place.

What does this mean? I could understand it if I fell asleep watching zombie movies, but I didn't. Thoughts?

Example: My left arm bite by dog then igonne to hospital for vacc.?

in mid night ihave a dream one dog bite

Example: MOLOCH! Red Face Rash - RE!?

I had a nightmare the other night and woke up covered in sweat. When I got up that morning and looked in the mirror i had red dots on my face. They're like pimples but i know they arent, they are raised and vary in size, mainly around my eyes, they tender when i touch them? I also have a sore thoart when I sallow, a slight headache, my eyes feel heavy and i'm feeling tired. the bad dream was 2 nights ago now? the red lump/bump/pimples spot looking things havnt calmed down or went away, i actually feel worse today, i thought it would of just been a heat rash at first. my jaw also hurts when i open it. I am 20 in ten days, i have had chicken pox before, the lumps/bumps/spots don't pop or ooze liquid, they're not acne i dont suffer from acne, i do get spots but as i said before theyre not spots. nobody else has the spots, and as for a fever apart from getting hotsweats in bed and feeling hot flushes sometimes yesterday - no fever. i have 1 or two of thise red lumps on my neck, the ones on my face dont itch but the ones on my neck do sometimes. and no bowel problems, well i dont have very good bowels anyways, i normally have the runs quite a lot. thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream about snakes coming out of ice?

Last night I had a dream that ice was melting everywhere and tons of small snakes were coming out all over the town. I had to try to help people get vaccinated before they got bit, but as I was trying to help people, they were getting bit. The people weren't dying, just in a lot of pain. I never got bit. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean i just know , that it DOES mean SOMETHING?

Well i rescued a senior German shepherd and she has gotten better but not good enough for adoption i have six dogs and planned to take emily (GSD)to a no kill shelter in new mexico later that week ihad a dream that emily was speaking to me but through our minds saying not to give her away and that she would get better weird huh?

Example: Dream interpretation?

So my dream begins in my sister's apartment, it was late at night and we were both asleep. I noticed that my older sister waking up and I asked her what was wrong, she told me she needed you to use the restroom but I notice she was going towards the back door, as if she were trying to escape. I proceeded to tell her I'm not that stupid that's not the restroom door. As I looked outside the window I noticed my aunt was outside with a big knife and holding a big folded rug with my mom standing behind her. She told me to open up the door at once and I said hell no so she began to try and break the door down with the thick rug, at this point in the dream I was starting to freak out and I asked why they were doing this. As I told her this she responded by pointing to the hard cement floor outside. As I looked I saw a priest over my older brother performing an exorcism and it looked like he was having a stroke but with more angry facial expressions and I screamed what was wrong with him, the priest proceeded to yell at me "your sins have punished your brother by possession by the devil!"

My question is what in the world does this mean? Let's see, I come from a Muslim family but not a practicing Muslim. I have the highest believe that you don't need religion to be a morally good person, I mean they sometimes and most likely go hand-in-hand but you can have one without the other.(My opinion anyway)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was 20 years younger and back on my parents' ranch when Tony Soprano shows up to "collect debts". So I beat the bleep out of him by punching and kicking him up and down the farmyard. Just as I finished him off, Dad says it's chore time. So as I'm doing chores, all of Tony's friends show up and chase me into the barn, where I hide in a hay-bale maze. Paulie comes after me and gets lost and starts crying. Then the Mafia guys tell me I have to go back into the maze and get him out. Then they say I'm going to sleep with the fishes. But I say they can't shoot me until after the chores are done. So I have all these Mafia guys helping with chores and I'm making up chores to prolong them. The Mafia guys get wise and start asking if I'm making up chores to delay getting shot, so I say we still have to brand the cats and vaccinate the mosquitoes before loading them on trucks. Next thing I'm being chased through fields getting shot at and then I wake up.

Example: Not sure what to do as far as vaccinating our new baby?

Some background...We have 5 children, 9 yr old twins, 8 yr old, 5 and 3 yr olds...The older children (9, 8, and 5) were perfectly healthy and are all up to date with vaccinations...Our youngest (I will try to keep this short) developed a rash at 5 weeks along with a high fever...drs couldnt find a cause...this proceeding to happen quite frequently but with escalation of symptoms after each set of shots...my daughter progressed to the point of having a nystagmus (shaky eyes) and head wobble (a tremor) and ataxia (she could no longer balance herself)..I stopped all vaccinations and amazingly my daughters symptoms subsided...she never got another bout of the fevers and rash which came as frequently as twice a month. Her doctors and even doctors she saw at the NIH in Maryland denied this had ANYTHING to do with her vaccines (I swear its a conspiracy!) yet they could not offer any reason why it happend. Well, against my gut instinct and being hounded by her pediatrician at 24 months I allowed them to continue where she left on of her vaccinations...and low and behold my daughter developed the rash and high fever which landed her in the hospital...with raised liver enzymes among other things...which STILL no ONE, not even at CHOP could pinpoint...I swear its the vaccines and now stick to my own feelings and she will never be vaccinated again.
Ok im sorry that was SO long...but onto my question...our new baby is due in June...I'm petrified to vaccinate...but I'm also afraid not to. I've read both sides of the issue and I frankly don't know what's right.
I'm not asking for your guidance but mere opinions of what you think you would do in my situation? Would you vaccinate knowing deep down that you believe these to be the cause of one of your childs symptoms...or would you take the chance on the hopes that since you have 4 healthy children who were fully vaccinated that the problem with the 3 year old was a fluke?

I'm raking my brain over this...

Example: Would you have your kids vaccinated against pregnancy if you could?

Say there was some kind of safe shot that would be guaranteed to prevent your daughter from getting pregnant or son from knocking up a girl until he/she is legally 18.

Yes or No...and then explain why.

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