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Dream About Vacation meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean.?

ok well im on the worst vacation in history and i really miss my boyfriend (im going home tomorror) and i had a dream lastnight that we both worked at the toys r us near my house and we were cooking cookies and there were drunk people and alot of random stuff but it made no sence to me. can you tell me what this dream means.

to interperet dreams you have to seperate each and every peice of information.you may think "working at toy store w/ my bf" what could that mean, but actually the question should be bf, toy/toy store, baking, cookies/sweets/deserts/(oeros-choc chip etc) and define each seperatley then put all that together and decipher for yourself what it all could mean---dream intereprting sites are confusing but can be right on.
also you should be very specific. did you see a specific color or toy? (like were the walls blue or did you actually see the "toy r us" words in your dream?) each and every detail could be thought as interesting dream-of.com is my fav dream website.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things happen. If you are mixing� ingredients together that you normally would not combine, then it suggests that you need to find a connection between two seemingly different things. Perhaps these things that seem incompatible may yield surprising but positive results.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things out of seemingly nothing.
To dream that you are baking cookies, signifies feelings of optimism or an increase in productivity. You may also experience a rise in status.
To�see or play with toys in your dream, symbolize childhood, domestic joy and harmony. You may be searching for the comfort and security of home. It also represents playful attitudes and your childish ways. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor suggesting that "toying" with somebody's feelings. especially if you are playing together with someone in the dream. Perhaps you are leading someone on.
To see people you know in your dream, signifies qualities and feelings of those people that you desire for yourself.
To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him.
To dream that you are hard at work, signifies success and merit. Alternatively, it may suggest anxieties about a current task or project. You may need to "get back to work" and stop procrastinating.


Example: I have been having dreams about babies. my bf and i r taking a lil vacation next week. does it mean...?

Example: Reoccurring dream meaning?

I've had this dream every night for the past week or so and I am tired of it.So if anyone could tell me what it means or how to stop it it would be greatly appreciated. Almost the entire dream is in third person and I am not in it at all. It often skips around like someone fast forwarding over parts of a movie.

A family has decided to go on vacation and leaves Martha , another woman who lives there, to take care of the house. As they are leaving Martha is programming the code on the lock and a neighbor comes over to try to make a deal with her to get the code but she refuses. The teenage daughter not trusting Martha stays behind. (It skips) Martha and the girl are fighting there is blood but it isn't specifically one or the others'. There is a bang on the door the girl runs over to keep the person out keeping an eye on Martha. Through the glass she can sort of see that it is a young man. Martha says " who are you more afraid of me or my son" in response to the girls constant watching her.
( this next part I always see in first person) The son breaks the glass hurting his hand and stopping for a second to examine his wound at which point I, the teenage girl, shoot Martha. (back to third person). The son continues to push against the door and Martha's head turns toward the struggle and smiles at which point the son breaks through the door knocking the girl down. The three struggle until the family walks in. (skipping again) The entire family is sitting around a table in a red tinted room. Someone asks "aren't you dead" to which someone responds "we all are" noticing deep gashes on everyone's neck and blood on everyones clothing. Noticing a small plastic creature at the end of the table the teenage girl says " I suppose she left you here as a babysitter" and her brother accross from her laughs. The creature opens is eyes and spits blood at both of their feet. Suddenly they are back in their house and I think I have woken up, and the family thinks they woke up from a dream. The teenage girl goes to put on her sweater and someone screams. There is blood all over it like in the red room. the girl runs out of her house and across the street, looking in the window she sees martha and her son, but martha's appearence is different. Martha has a twisted bottle with clear liquid to her forehead and what looks like red tinted goggles ofer her eyes. Her and her son are watching everything that had just happened on their TV as if it were a movie. Sensing the girl Martha turns to her and smiles evilly, attempting to scare her but the girl girl smiles back and slowly lifts Martha's dog into view with a gash on its neck similar to those the family had had.

This is where I wake up. I always have the full dream never stopping in the middle even if that means sleeping to 5 pm which is the case today.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that i was walking up my road towards my house with my best friend. Then a random drunk guy i'd never seen before stabbed me in the back... Any ideas what this means please? o_O Thanks

Example: What does dreaming of a restaurant in your vacation town mean?

I had this dream one time that I was on my vacation home and I ate at the McDonalds there. Then I went back home and there was this man pointed at people with a gun. I tried to cross the streets but cars were everywhere and I tried not to get hit. Then I was happy since I had my own place to live and don't live with my grandparents anymore. But this man with the gun followed me everywhere and I was scared.

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I dreamt that I was on a plane and then it crashed, but I survived and the people around mostly did also, and I think we stopped in Africa and there were African people with guns it seemed like some kind of military zone, and they didn't come up to us to ask if we were okay, so we tried to find an English speaking person and we found one guy, but he didn't even care and then I woke up. I'm going on vacation to Europe in a month and obviously I'm going to fly by plane, so Does this dream mean anything?

Also, Im not worried at about flying, I do this every year(fly to Europe), but this is the first time I ever had a dream like this.I actually like flying.

Thanks in advance.

Example: What does this vacation dream mean?

Okay so in real life, I am supposed to be going on vacation with my family and I am so excited. In the dream I remember it was raining and we couldn't go to the park since that is the place we would be going in real life and I was disappointed that it was raining. Sometimes I would get my hopes up when it stopped raining and let my family know that it's okay to go to the park but it only rained again but harder. What does this dream mean? thanks for answering.

Example: Dream Meaning... When I was on vacation last week I had a dream that returing to my house?

a new tree was planted in my front yard. The tree was small and green blooming pink and white buds.

Any ideas on this dream meaning?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you forgot to pack some stuff on a vacation?

I had a dream where I was so excited to go on vacation but I found out later that I forgot to pack some stuff on the vacation. What does this dream mean? Thanks for answering.

Example: What does it mean when i dream that im near the ocean like on a vacation with a couple of friends?

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