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Dream Examples

Example: What does my Dream mean?

I had a dream, were one of the guys from my past were in it and we were going every were to stores and shops but my parents were there for some reason and the dream ended at his house and him giving me a drink in a tee cup he left the room and i broke the cup by accident. and hid it in the Garbagecan before he returnd

now me and this guy are not friends nor enenemy's and we never went to shops and stores and i'v never been to his house? but i have always wonted to be friends with him ?

hi it mean may be he is also thinking the same because of that he is comeing in your dream ..

try to meet him or call him and say to him about ur dream . dose he dreaming same like you . you will got the answer.

luv t/ c

Example: What does my dream mean? D:?

I had a dream last night.
I was with my friend Lizzie and we were walking through town, trying to guess the personalities of the people who walked past us, but then for some reason Lizzie decided that she wanted to get a hook hand, so we went and did that (?), then afterwards I was Optimus Prime. Just magically, being optimus prime, as if it was a natural act of life.
Then a few people came up to us and waned us to go to the teapot factory, so we did, but then somehow one of the randomers got stuck inside one of the teapots? So I had to get them out, because I was Optimus Prime. ¬¬
Then Charlie was there, like 'OMG OPTIMUS PRI- oh you're Ellie.' then he walked off, and I was home. Then at home I found out that phil my friend lived opposite me, and was best friends with my brother but was unable to speak to me because he couldn't talk to women, (by this point I was no longer the beautiful Optimus Prime).
Then I got stabbed in the face by a talking, human quiche and then I woke up.

Example: Meaning of 'LOVE' is : L= lake of sorrow, O= ocean of tears, V= valley of dreams, E= end of life. is it true

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where me & my french teacher(female) we went off on a plane
now ive N E V E R riden on a plane in my life and i dont really know what it means help?

Example: Weird dream? whats it mean?

Ok I had this dream where my mom and I were walking into Famous Footwear.She tells me 2go look around, so I walk down a shoe aisle and all the sudden Im in Africa. I look around and this little African boy was standing next to me. He kept following me around, and then I finally asked him if he was hungry and he said yes. So I made him a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, he took it gratefully and held me hand while he ate it. So we were walking around and people started coming to me and asking me 4peanut butter and jelly sandwichs, so I made them 4 everyone as fast as I could. Then i turned around and i was back in famous footwear (I did this multiple times) and I'd go down another shoe aisle and I was in Africa again. This time I went around asking who wanted pb+j and everyone did so I was making them and I was like 'I need more pb+j sandwichs, there's 2many' and I basically made a ton of sandwichs..what does my dream mean?


I had a dream that i cut myself accidently with a fishing line (like papaer cut) and then after that a fishing hook was caught in my skin ( it hurt).. i was also with my boyfriend but it was this man's fishing stuff..it was also night time. My initials are V.J.I and my bfs are J.K.P.
also will i have kids and when?

Example: What does this baby killing dream mean?

I dreamt of watching a baby wrapped in a blue blanket being poisoned by and injection into his thigh... I don't know who the baby was or why he was being killed. In my dream it seemed sad that we had to kill him but not wrong. Any ideas? To clarify I did not actually inject the baby but it seemed that I was part of it.

Example: Weird dreams, what do they mean?

K well theres a guy who ive liked for the past 6 and a half years..ever since 7th grade. Nothings ever happened between us because hes never liked me back...there was one night though 2 years ago where my friend threw a big party and i got the date mixed up so wasnt there for start but she texted half way thru to ask if i was coming and so i rang her and next thing she put the phone on to the guy i like and hes asking me to come down...and then i got there and we hung out for part of the night but that was it...nothing else happenned so thats practically nothing, lol! Anyways, last week i dreamt that he was somewhere, it was some kinda kitchen or gathering place..and he was there pretending to be there for my older brother but was really there to see me and we hugged and then he reminded me of bringing my family over to his place that night at 8:10... And last night i dreamt that he was in my living room watching tv on his own..? What do the dreams mean? Signal for future or just fantasy?

Example: What does a dream about being raped mean?

I Had a dream last night that it was back "in the day" and i was a slave. & my slave owner beat me the most because he liked me. One day he called me and my friend (another slave girl) i was living with to the "big house" (witch was small btw) and had us get undressed and suck him off and crap. Then he stop wanting my friend to come and he wanted me to come only. after a few times of having to come to the Big house at night he started falling in love with me. and i think i fell in love too O.o .
Then the last time was when we went into the bathroom of the Big house to do it again..And this time he wanted me to really have sex with him (all the times b4 it was all oral) So i climbed into tub filled with light water. And i did it ..(NOTE: imma Virgin so this is a big deal for me) Not to be nasty or anything but im just giving you guys details..Anway..I rode it -Gag- For about 5minutes all i see was gross moaning and groning , it was loco because i was acting as if i was loving was i was doing like enjoyed having a man be with me in that way ya know? and them SPLAT he came..inside :'( ugh. And when i climbed off he wanted me to suck it v.v so like an idiot i did. And well i woke up screaming i gave it away i dont have it anymore. (my virginity) :l im scared. does this dream mean im going to lose my virginity to someone who doesnt deserve it? ..just for extra detail i went to the bathroom and i felt jelly sticky stuff this usually happens before my period. (the white/clear stuff). I think i was raped in my sleep or something. im really freaking the heck out.


I'm 15
Still a virgin i hope.
And well idk ! Someone tell me something

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?!?

Ok, so this is my dream
I'm in this massive garden, and it is boiling and sunny and im sat there sunbathing and just chilling. next to me is a table with a bracelet that has a charm that says "it's all for L.O.V.E" later on that day suddenly everything turns dark and cold, then the bracelet starts moving around, then i could see this tall slender mans figure, like an outline. Slowly but surely over days and days, the more I acknowledge the presence of this "ghost" the more it becomes real, then slowly i realise its michael jackson, back in his thriller era. and the more i became friends and stuff the more real he was, until one day he became real, fully and totally real.

What does this dream mean? I'm sort of a fan, i like his music and respect him as a person. But this dream was so wierd because i remember every detail, and i never do really, and this dream seemed so real, like i woke up and turned over and expected to see him there!

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