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Dream About Untying Something meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do this weird dream mean?

i remember being outside in this big grassless field,it was people holding me hostage,and i was in this bed and my friend name ti-shay was talking to me,and then keisha which was her cousin appeared and call me retarted,then i started hiding under the cover because it really hurts me in real life when she calls me retarded all of the time.then just the get away from Keisha, i told one of the people that was holding me hostage can i go to the bathroom,then they was walking me to the bathroom which was like a mile away across the grassless field,then soon as i enter the bathroom,the person left out the bathroom,and then it was two people in there, one was nailed to the wall, and the other one was on the toilet tied up with chains,i recall talking to em like i know them and i was suppose the save em,they told me hurry up and untie and get them out these chains,so i pull out a key, i was tryna stick the key in the lock,but my hand kept shaking, and it was hard to stick it in there,and soon as i stuck it in there, there was a cop who was hiding in one of the bathroom stalls,he pop out and pen me down,then i appeared outside,back across this grassless field,then i seen this white tall slim human thing, he was literally the color white,running towards that bathroom i was at,and a rhinoceros charging at it too,i had to save them people in there and i ran and caught up with the tall slim human and the rhinoceros,i was running fast like on some dragon ball z ****,so i ran a head of the tall slim human,then i turn around and drop kick him while he was running, the thing failed and the rhinoceros destroyed the bathroom and killed my friends, then i woke up

Hmmm holding something back from your friends? Like a secret or something?

Example: What does it mean when you see your dead body in a dream?

So a couple nights ago I had a dream that has me paranoid.

I was at my aunts house and we were in the living room and me,my uncle, my mom, and my friend Ali were all sitting there and playing a board game. When 3 girls out of the blue come and put flowers on my aunts lawn and my mom went out there and ask them what they were doing and they said "oh Danielle's dead". And my mom said no she's not she's right here in the living room but they said no she's dead. So then I asked my friend Allie to go find my body because I couldn't feel anything. So we ended up at this old shabby black and dark house and we went through the back gates and there I was laying on a picnic table that you would see a park. I was wrapped up in a white Hefty garbage bag and the people who I don't know, untied the bag and I was wearing a pink and white striped longsleeved shirt with blue Bellbottom jeans and white cheerleading sneakers, which I have all of them in my closet. I was all gray and I had a stab wound on my side and it was all bloody and I woke up with my heart pounding.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

the other night i had 4 dreams that i could remember but one significant one was this...i was in a building, with no windows i think it was underground. i was in a room where a girl was tied up and there were nazis in the room guarding her. i went up to her, untied her and the nazis let me. i then found a few throwing knives, picked one up then walked out the door into a hallway. Hitler then walked past, down the hallway so i walked towards him, holding the throwing knife then stabbed him in the kidneys 2 or 3 times...that's all i remember. i thought that dream was pretty weird.

Example: Dreaming of blue, the Devil, black bikini panties, Dracula's cape [read on...] What does this dream mean?

I don't remember it perfectly, so I'll just try to re-tell what I remember. The "dream colour" was blue (like it was filmed on a camera through a coloured lense.) I was in my apartment. It wasn't as it usually is. It was dark, dense, scary and I even felt the presence of the Devil, but for some reason I wasn't very scared. There was some food on the kitchen counter, I think it was junk food. Something happened that I don't remember. After that it was a sunny, beachy day, and I wanted to go to the beach with someone, I think my Dad. I looked for black bikini panties in my drawers and found a pair of very nice ones. When I tried to look for a black top to match with it (since I didn't have the bikini top to that bikini), I found a strange-looking shirt that I put on, which was very long and changed colours from black to white to pink and vice versa. I also found that when I turned it inside-out it turned into a cape (like Dracula's), but was made of towel material and was tied around my neck like a cape, so if I untied it it would've been a beach towel. That's all I remember. Please help me interpret it!

Example: What does a tied up snake in my dream mean?

I had a dream I was with someone and we were in a room and I told them that a snake was following me and they said no there is not. Then I turned and pointed to a snake on the floor that was tied up with a shoe string. I wasn't scared but I wanted to prove to the other person that I was right there was a snake following me. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay so it took place in my last years choir class but it had both people from last years class and this years. anyways i was wearing some hot pink combat boots and they had this HUGE knot that tied my shoes together and i could not get them untied!
it was driving me insane and then this guy ive been crushing on for a while came up to me and started taking out the knot. the whole time he was looking the same way and i was watching his hands. and at the end i looked down at his face and he had been staring at me the whole time.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well, here's how it goes...

I'm not sure how it began but I know I was kidnapped by ninjas. I was tied up in the dojo (or whatever those places are called) and the ninjas were sitting around me. The leader was really mad at one of them because he was suppose to do something (not sure if it involved me or not) but he didn't do it and now everyone calls him a traitor. (Again, my hands were tied behind my back) but somehow, when that traitor ninja looked at me, I was untied and that's when I ran like bloody hell.

When I escaped, the dojo was in the middle of a playground! The ninjas chased me all the way to the parking lot. I jumped in the back of this woman's convertible and told her to drive but the car won't start. When the ninjas caught up, they tried to break the door instead of just dragging me out from the top. (the top was down BTW, they were very dumb ninjas if you ask me)

That's when I woke up

The next night, I had a dream where me and my brother were watching tv, sitting on the couch and when I got up to go to the kitchen the traitor ninja was there. Acting as if it was totally normal. And my brother didn't even notice him standing there!

What's going on? What does this mean? Please don't make fun of me, I'm being serious.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

for a while now, i have been having really bad dreams. I usually don't dream, or i do and i just don't remember. Anyway, they have all seemed to be about me getting into a really bad situation. and before i continue...no, don't do drugs, and don't drink. So...a few nights ago i had a dream where i was in a war, My squad and i were pinned down in an airplane hanger and the people had the place surrounded and were just shooting through the walls. I had found a place to find cover behind 2 old jeeps, and everybody was dead and there was nothing i could do to get out of the hanger. Then i got shot in the stomach and i woke up. Kind of creepy, but oh well... the one i had last night went like this: My dad, a girl, a young couple, and i were driving up a mountain, and we saw a truck in the middle of the road up ahead. once we got closer, these 3 deformed men(like the ork guys from lord of the rings) came up to use and pulled us out of our truck. They had us tied up except for the girl and i. I had an idea that i was going to distract them while the girl untied the other so we could get out. So i hopped on a quad (no idea where it came from), and i drove off and the 3 men started chasing me. After a little bit of driving, i saw that the girl was waving her arms and i saw that everybody was standing up from a distance, so i drove back to the truck. as i was was pulling up on the quad, they all got into the truck and started pulling away slowly yelling at me to get in the back, but they had to slow down for me and when i got in, the 3 men were standing in front of the truck. This is where i woke up. I have been having these dreams for a while. in some of them it seems like nothing i can do can save the other people around me, and in the others it seems like when i try to do something it doesn't work at all. And thoughts on what could be causing it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was ont he bus ride home when i noticed sitting across from me was my crush... i remember looking the other way and seeing an old friend who has the same name as my crush. My crush was looking out the window and not at me but i noticed he hadnt gotten off his usual stop. i looked at my shoe lace because it was untied and i tucked it into my shoe. Then we got off the bus (he also got off at the same stop). It was a little windy outside..(oh and he was wearing shorts by the way...which seemed a little weird in the weather)...and he wwas walking at my side, but for some reason i was slowing down and he was ahead of me after (like those dreams when ur trying to run but u cant...yeah, its like the same thing only i was trying to walk :S)

i even remember saying something like "i cant walk"...but he never said anything. ... since i was behind, i remember he sat by a bus stop waiting for me catch up. and it was still hard to walk...and i was struggling to get my legs over those brick things, u know, where cars par ( i hope u know what im talking about)...and yeah i think that was all of it... there was another part with a seagull that was over my head and he ran from it...soemthign like that LOL

so, can anyone try to help me understand what its suppose to mean...


Example: Please help! What does this dream mean?

i was in big office building and it caught on fire i started to run then i realized the guy im interested in was still in there so i went back and then another guy tried to take me back out and i told him that my friend hadnt come out yet so we went to find him and he had been taken by these gang people who said they would kill him if his father didnt show up so i tried to free him from where he was tied to the chair and they screamed at me and said they would shoot him if i didnt leave and then the guy i went looking with started to drag me out again and then i woke up

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