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Dream About U Turn meanings

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Example: Do u know what dreams mean?

Ok, this is making me kinda nervous, I have been having dreams about my wedding day lately, this is what I dream...:
I go to pick up my dress, the exact same day of the wedding, and they sold it! I mean they dont have it and I cant find anything else I like, and I see my self and Im not ready, my hair is not done, or my makeup, NOTHING! I see the clock and its 6: 24, and my ceremony starts at 6pm!
its kinda freaking me out, my wedding its 2 months from now, I dont know if is just cus is gettin closer or theres is a meaning behind these dreams...help!

I had dreams like that all the time for the year leading up to the wedding! I dreamt that my dress was black, that I forgot to put on makeup and take a shower, etc.. nightmares! We are probably just the kind of people that want everything to be perfect and are afraid of overlooking some major detail. My only advice is, if something major hasnt been taken care of, do it ASAP to put your mind at ease. Then, relax: You have taken care of everything and its going to be a beautiful day! Trust me.. my wedding day turned out amazing- white dress, makeup, and all! :)

Example: Dream meaning? What do u think?

I was going on a train, and my friends wanted to sleep ontop of the train and ride it from the top? Weird I know lol, and pretty much turned into my sister going missing and my dog dying? What does it mean?

Example: Can u tell me the meaning of my dream?

i dreamed that my bf died.in the dream, i know in the back of my mind that hes dead but i was in denial. when people asked me(in the dream) where he is, I tell the he moved to another county.

I read on some webites that when you dream about an ex gf/bf died, it means youre over him and moved on.But why am I still crying over him and thinking about him every single day if im really over him?

This guy and I dated for a year and then he broke up with me.Weve broken up for over a year now.Were not even friends cuz he stopped talking to me.

Example: What does it mean when u dream someone dies?

I had a dream that my brother in law died and that I attended the funeral.In the dream people weren't really sad and at the same time I was confused because it wasn't but it was my brother n law.

Example: What do u think this dream means?

I am falling in love with this girl. Last night she was in my dream, but not in a good way. I dreamt that her previous significant other had turned her against me again like he did last semester and I even walked in on them making out. I confronted him and he whipped out a knife, stabbed her then came after me.
What do u think him turning her against me again means?
And what do u think the stabbing part means?

Example: What does it mean when u dream about zombies? :S...lool?

what does it mean when u dream about zombies ?
cuz i did yesterday ,i dreamt that 100 of zombies were chasing me and my bff then we ran to a place where there's no zombies then we went to ...a supermarket? xD then sudeenly tens of zombies were jemping and running towards us ,then we saw this 'human' so they were running too and the strangest thing about this dream is that if there's a zombie chasing me or sum like 15 secs it's a zombies and wants to DESTROY and the next 15 secs he's the nicest person i've ever seen? LMAO I know what ur thinking ,it's so cheesy but i dreamt about that,and b4 all of that,i was a purple butterfly and i had a bird who's my friend and then we went not on purpose to this place that's like a zombie land so i suddenly turned soooo thick way more purple and went down on the ground and the bird turned green and landed too,WTF? lool heeeeeelp does that mean ANYTHING? or just random?

Example: What does it mean if u have a dream...?

what does it mean if u have a dream of ur girlfriend cheating on u and u c them kissing than u turn him around and punch him?

Example: What does it mean when u dream of spider?

ok i was at the mall wit my friends when my friend tht was wearin a white hat turned around and there was a HUGE spider on the rim of his hat
the spider was about the size of my hand and was all black with a gold diamond and a gold streak running down his back
at that moment i woke up
the next day i went downstairs and my mom goes "nick look at this spider its huge" so i go and look and it is almost the same identical spider with a huge web on my back door
what does ths mean

Example: What does it mean if u dream someone after u?

well i had this dream that it was Christmas right, which is right now, and i went over 2 her house. Outside her house on the walkway leading to her steps was a duct tape silo-wet (like of of crime scenes) of her boyfriend who was just murdered, and beside it was a bloody kitchen knife. I went into the house, found out that her bf was murdered then when i went back to my house, i heard news that a serial killer was on the loose on the radio, and then later a blizzard comes in, and my mom gets home, and i go outside, tell her about the news and then the killer shows up, we run from him, but then i finally get the upper hand of killing him. but after this dream, i have been getting the feeling that someone is out there trying to kill my loved ones, and i always get the feeling that "Something is coming." what does it mean? can someone please help me! i dont know whether to tell someone or just keep this depressed feeling, SOMEONE HELP!

Example: Dream meaning? What do u think ?

I was going on a train, and my friends wanted to sleep ontop of the train and ride it from the top? Weird I know lol, and pretty much turned into my sister going missing and my dog dying? What does it mean?

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