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Dream About U.S. Visa meanings

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Example: Getting a work Visa (H1B / H2B) in the U.S.A?

I would like to temporarily live and work in the USA when I'm a little older and would like to get some information about it.

I read there are the Visas I listed above (H1B & H2B), the J1 visas for students, the B1 & B2 visas for tourists (but if you're caught working while carrying these visas you could go to jail and be expelled from the states) etc.

If I would like to go and get a visa Should I appeal to the U.S embassy in my country (in this case - I'm from Israel)?
I know it's a complicated procedure and all but it's like a dream of mine, ever since I was little.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could explain me a little more about it... Thank you.

Yes you apply for a visa from the local US consulate

Pick a visa

There are basically NINE ways that you can get a visa to live and work in the US:

(1) Marriage (or engagement in anticipation of marriage) to a US citizen.

(2) You have skills that are in short supply in the US e.g. scientific or medical training. A degree is normally a must. Or you have superior specialist skills with at least 12 years experience. (H visas)

(3) You have an Employer who is willing to transfer you - but even the employer has to make a good case for you - so you have to be a manager unless you fall under category (2) above.(L visas)

(4) You may get a Green card in the diversity lottery (UK citizens, except N.Ireland, are not generally eligible unless you, your spouse or parents were born abroad or held a different citizenship.

(5)You own or buy business (does not get you permanent resident status i.e. no green card)You must be a national of a qualifying Treaty countries. The business must have a minimum value of around $150k (more the better) bearing in mind you will need somewhere to live and with any startup business you will need at least 2 years living money as back up. So a figure of $350k would be a nearer minimum (E-2 visas)

(6)You are an "investor" i.e. you have at least US $1m in assets to bring with you. half of that in a few areas. And your background will be investigated to the hilt. (EB-5 visas)

(7)You have a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister and no further) who is an US citizen who would sponsor you, approx time this take 2-12 years?

(8.The R1 visa is available to foreign members of religious denominations, having bona fide non-profit religious organizations in the U.S., for entering the U.S. to carry on the activities of a minister or religious worker as a profession, occupation or vocation

(9)THE UNUSUAL You are in a position to claim refugee status/political asylum. or You get a member of Congress to sponsor a private bill with legislation that applies just to you.
The S visa issued to persons who assist US law enforcement to investigate and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities such as money laundering and organized crime

Recruitment agent will not take you seriously if you are not already in the US. Writing for jobs is really a waste of time; likewise US employers have no idea what foreign qualification are or mean (except Degrees) it may pay you to get your qualification translated into a US equivalent, there are Companies that do this (wes) ..
But if you are getting a visa under (2) above then you need a job offer before you can get the visa. Your Employer will be your sponsor this will cost them upward of $5k. So you can see you have to be offering something really special to get considered They may also have to prove to the Dept of labor that there is no American who can do the job if the position is to be permanent ©

Example: I want u s a visa plz?

Example: Work in U.S with a Student or Tourist Visa?


Before I begin, I would like to state some important points.

I'm not after an American Dream, I know things are hard, I don't plan on take anyone jobs, actually, in a long-term, I intend to create them. I have a very strong entrepeneur spirit.

I have great ambitions for myself, I don't play on staying illegal anywhere, but everyone must start somewhere, so, my question is:

If I go to United States under a Student or Tourist visa, and eventually get a job there (as a aircraft maintenance technician for example, a profession with a lack of professionals. I'm graduated as AMT), I will be able to accept the job and change my visa to a work one? The company hires me there and ask for a visa exchange or something?

I'm 20 years old, brazilian, but also European citizen, my father is Portuguese.

Thanks for your time.

Example: What option can i do? because im j1 visa and id over stay here in the U.S?

Im in trouble situation, i came here for J1 visa which mean training to filled my on the job training college credit. But when i arrived here i experiece slave. I thought i came for training and they made me supply labor, i experience slave work and that work is not be held in my training plan. So i think about to escape to my sponsor, and i leave to my employer. I've got all evidence pictures and videos of that slave work. and im afraid now because being out of status. it was happen 1year and 3months ago. and im loosing hope to survived here and the only thing that i decide to stay here is to pay all of my debts that i used so came here but they ruin my dream. any option and advice to became legalize here or im willing to join of any U.S Armed Forces can i?

Example: Can i travel anywhere in the U.S. by train if i'm in the process of Dream Act or will i still get deported?

I applied for Dream Act, (Deferred Action) 2 weeks ago and i got a text from USCIS and an email regarding me of my case and that it had been received and accepted and they said they would send a letter in the mail, in 7-10 days as a receipt to show that i was aproved for the finger prints and digital picture for my work permit. I want to know if i can travel meanwhile in the process, or will i still get deported? I want to see my girlfriend in Rochester, New York for Christmas, i'm 16 and i want to see her so bad but i'm afraid they will stop the train and arrest me, even though i met all the requirements of Deferred Action and am not a criminal, my parents brought me here legally, by visa but it expired. Please help, One of my neighbors had been deported on the way back from Niagra Falls where his train passed through Rochester and police had checked the train for illegal aliens, he was sent to jail, (i think) and had called my house and told my mom they gave him 3 options. (1) He could pay to have lawyers arrange a way to gain legal status in the U.S. (2) He could leave voluntarily and have 3 months to stay in the U.S.A legally. (3) He would be forced out if he chose to be disobedient to the first 2 options. He chose to leave voluntarily and he was like 28 years old, he came by crossing the border. I'm afraid that could happen to me too, even though i came by visa, i want to visit my girlfriend sooooo bad. But i'm afraid i'm going to get deported like my neighbor did. BTW i did write this question over again, i just forgot to add some parts. Please help. It would mean everything if i had some helpful advice on how i could go or if i would be deported.

Example: So I left the U.S before I turned 18...and I was applying for a student visa to go the U.S legally?

And...this happens...wth..

Example: Marrying my girlfriend and moving to the U.S?

Okay so this sounds weird and i am really young, but i wanted to ask this question just to see if this is possible.

So i'm 17 at the moment and i currently live in Australia, i have a girlfriend that lives over in the U.S. We have talked about marriage and stuff and we are thinking of marrying at a young age so i can go over there and be with her. I am going to finish highschool first obiously. Basically if i were to marry her at the legal age would i be able to go over there and live with her? Since i'm from Australia too, i am from a good and well respected country and i have no criminal record and i would work very hard while i am over there. I really want to live in America too, it's been my dream since i was a kid and i aboustly adore Americans and there accents.

I really love my girlfriend, if i were to apply for a Marriage Visa would i be granted and would i get a greencard to go live with her?

Example: How can I be a true American of the U.s and A. and live the American Dream?

Example: Moving to the u.s Virgin Islands help?

Hi I'm 17 years old and from the uk both my parents were born in the us Virgin Islands and my main dream is to move there and stay could you tell me what I required for a visa,do I have to get an American visa,how do I apply any information would help thank you

Example: I really want to work in the U.S?


I'm 33 year old married man who currently live in Korea.
I don't know where to start, but I will do my best to explain my dream.

My wife, 3 year old baby and I went to the U.S this spring, actually it was on my wife's bucket list.
So, I decided to quit my job to travel there. We traveled New York and also visited Alabama and Seattle to meet our relative. In short, our life style changed significantly after we went there.

I know, world economy is very poor and US does not allow foreigner for immigration because so my people who came from other country already immigrated.
It's not easy to get a job there.

However, my family really wants to live/work at least 2 ~ 3 years of our whole life. ideally 5 years.
We don't want to stay in the U.S forever but since we experienced freedom, peaceful in there, especially in Alabama.

All people said we'd better give up, there will be many obstacles to overcome.
It maybe, but I, my family wants to try.

Everyone around me has never went to the U.S and even think of living there.

So, I really wonder whether my dream is just dream or not.

Currently, I work at a small company which provide foreign company in Korea with IT maintenance service.

Is there anyone who can give some information or advise?

Thank you for reading this and I hope I can get a good news.

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