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Dream About Turtles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if u dream about TURTLES and SNAKES?

I was in my house I lived in in middle school (I'm now in high school) and there were turtles everywhere in the living room. We were picking turtles that we wanted and there were ppl who worked there. Every turtle had a different face (turtle face not human) but it was a bit creepy. I think we chose 2, but ended up taking 1 and put it in a ziplock bag
Then it was scene 2 we were in the same house except all the turtles and ppl were gone. My grandmother and mom were making something on the dining table my brother in the living room.
All of a sudden this nasty short and fat bright yellow and white snake dives in outta nowhere and slithered around my house soooo quickly and by the the time I moved 10 ft to jump on the dining table my feet touched it twice. It didn't bite me and not only was I scared of it biting me but I thought it was gross. In the dream my mom said it was a watersnake because of how quickly it moved and because it has crap senses since when I threw a book near it it didn't even move but haha it's not a watersnake. At the end it started bumping into the wall and then it shrinked to the size of a worm and tried jumping on the dining table where me my mom and grandmother was at it succeeded and our table fell over and I woke up

Lol why turtles and snakes though
I've never dreamed about snakes or even turtle

Turtle dreams are usually associated with wisdom, loyalty, and longevity. The snake dream sounds like a nightmare, and snake and turtle dreams are generally not related unless you are a reptile hobbyist or herpetologist. White snakes signify a weak enemy in Islam, and in Christianity snakes turning into unnatural shapes indicate that you will have a problem which you can solve with calmness and will power according to Dreamsdreaming - White Snake Dream Interpretations.

Example: The meaning of dreaming of Massive Green turtles ?

My mum had a dream that there was massive green turtles just walking around and she and i Both want to know what that means so if anybodys knows thanks :)

Example: Dreaming of TURTLES? What does it mean?

I took a two hour nap and had a dream of 3 turtles. One of them had a baby turtle riding on its back. THe thing is that they were suppose to be my turtles that I just bought but I was too scared to pick them up. What does this signify?

Example: What does it mean to dream of lizard and turtle?

In my dream I was laying in the bath tub.
I seen a lizard swimming around in the water.
I was playing with the lizard. Then it turn into a turtle.
I was holding the turtle the palm of my hand. I didnt feel scared in my dream.
I felt relax and at peace.

Example: What does it mean to dream with turtles ?

I had a dream that I was outside a house and next to me there was two small baby turtles , for some reason i just kept watching them , also there was a river next to the house and a big turtle came out the water walking coming towards me then the big turtle just bite one of the baby turtles head off right after that i woke up , Ive never had a dream about turtles before does anyone know what it means.

Example: What does it mean to dream about Turtles?

There were about three of them and they were very big and they were swimming around in a pool.

Example: What does it mean when dream about turtles?

I know dreaming about turtles can indicate pregnancy, which makes sense, I'm 2 months pregnant. In this dream I was on this road and there was a two large turtles and a smaller one. The two larger ones were box turtles, bigger than any I've ever seen and they had lost their shells which were laying on the road, but they still of course had new shells. I kept thinking I have to pick up these shells...I moved the small one out of the road, but kicked the two larger ones off the road. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of turtles?

I had this dream that I was in my room and there were these smart turtles and they were trying to attack me, they were making babies in second and all of them were trying to attack me and i was trying to get rid of them so they wouldn't keep growing.

they never touched me but they were really fast and my phone woke me up lol

Example: What does it mean when you dream about turtles?

I keep dreaming about turtles swimming in some water. Then its like I reach for it and then it swim away and 10 more pops up. I have been having the same dream for a week.

Please help. Thanks

Example: What do turtles mean in dreams?

in my dream it was night time and i had an overhead view of the ground that was moving (almost as if I were flying) and the image that really stuck out to me was this pool that had this glow with the prettiest water! it had 5-7 (i don't really remember exactly how many) turtles swimming short ways across the pool in sync. there was only one turtle near the end that was lagging behind a little bit but not by much. anyway i have been thinking about this all day and i was hoping someone could tell me what it means. Thanks :)

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