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Dream About Tunnel meanings

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Example: I had a dream i was at a funeral. not sure whos. then i was on a dragon in a tunnel. what does this mean? ?

He was a colorful dragon. And I had a scary feeling. Maybe because I was riding a dragon. Or maybe he was taking me to hell. Also had a couple vivid dreams of both heaven and purgatory.

First of all, don't dismiss the possibility that this dream lacks meaning. After all, you never know...
Anyways, most people will probably tell you that your dream funeral represented a future death. This may be the case, but that is because it will be some form of misery. Next, the dragon. It probably symbolizes change in your life, which most people fear greatly. Therefore, your dream tells of something in your future (Possibly a tragedy or death) that will lead to changes in your lifestyle.
And for the dreams of heaven and purgatory, it could represent several things. First of all, it could very well mean that you must strengthen your religious resolve, though it is more likely that it means you will have some rather miserable times ahead, followed by great happiness (Or vice-versa).

Example: What does my dream mean?

had a dream where i was in my home with my family. it was me, my mother sister, my mother's boyfriend, and his daughter. all of a sudden people wearing masks and machettes in their hands starting taking to the streets of my neighborhood and broke into homes and were killing people. I got everyone into the bathroom and got the gun that was under the sink and shot any of the killers that got into the house. after a while, they were called back by someone and left. i took a carepackage and blew a hole into the floor of the bathroom revealing a tunnel that would lead to our escape. Moms boyfriend and his daughter did not wish to go and i didnt make them.
The last thing i remember after that was being in a dark room with a little girl, a woman in a nightgown with blood all over it with a machette of her own, and a mother being held with the knife to her neck. the room is very dark so i dont recognize any of these people. the woman says the girls name, then slits the mother. blood splatters on the walls and before i wake up the woman just stares at me and says nothing.
Can somebody please explain this to me? it has been bothering me for weeks

Example: What dose my dream mean?

Im in a tunnel and feel the walls move so i try and get out but half way it falls on my right leg, then the next thing i know im in a room full of people and my name is called but when i get up i have a false right leg and get a brave meddle. Please help it happen more than once a week.

Example: What do my dreams MEAN!?!?

Last night i had a dream of me outrunning a speeding truck in a tunnel of some sort. And then i died and woke up sweating. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? I dreamt about me going into the tunnel which looks like a mall.?

i dreamt last night thta i was in the tunnel with a lot of other people. It is like a labryinth tunnel, but it has everything inside:stores, dental office, restaurants etc. I know it sounds weird, i was walking around with other people(some i know and some i dont). We even saw this one indian restaurant.
I looked it up online...it says, when u dream about tunnel-it deals with birth/death/trouble in business,love etc, but they dont have the same scenerio i had.

Example: Does is mean anything to dream about tunnels?

I keep having dreams where I'm crawling through a tunnel of some kind...

Example: What does having tunnel vision in dreams mean?

So since I was a little kid I never had actual dreams, like pleasant ones at least. I usually just fall asleep then wake up or have nightmares. Now in all my nightmares I have tunnel vision, like I would only see things partially and have like a black mist around the edges other times I would be looking at the ground and only sometimes look up. I guess I can compare it to when your so drunk you have to look where your feet is going and look up once in a while then have to look back down, though Im completely sober in my dreams.
The key element in my nightmares is that the people in my dream is always faceless, and if I do see a complete person I feel like I'm looking through them then at them.
I've had these types of dreams since I was like 4 and I'm 15 now what does it mean?

Example: What is the meaning of me dreaming of going through a tunnel?

Just need to know

Example: What does singing and walking in a tunnel while dreaming mean?

Back on Saturday night, I had a dream about walking down a long gray tunnel while singing Don't Rain On My Parade, just like Rachel (Lea Michele) did it on Glee.
I love watching Glee and it's through that show I want to study theatre like I wanted all along.

Example: What does my tunnel dream mean?

I had a dream that I entered a tunnel with some friends and family. Some were ahead of me, some were behind me. After crawling several feet in, the tunnel turned to the left and suddenly became way too small for me to fit through. My toddler cousin and some other kids could fit through but I couldn't. I didn't think too much about it, but left, somehow knowing the next tunnel would be big enough. However, the same thing happened again. The new tunnel had seemed to change from my expectations of being big enough. The kids could fit through at the left turn,but I couldn't. There was something good to be obtained after the turn, but I don't remember what it was. I was a little disappointed not to be able to fit but not angry. The dream ended just as I decided to back out of the tunnel. I was still smiling and having fun. The tunnels were made of pale grey-blue painted cement. The second tunnel turned rectangular at the turn. I don't remember much about the first tunnel. I have been worrying about my weight, which may explain why I was too big, especially since it crossed my mind in the second tunnel. I have a couple of my own ideas about what it means, but I want to hear what you guys think. I think it may be I am subconsciously trying to go back to my childhood but can't or that I am about to encounter an impossible problem in pursuing a career as a teacher or I am feeling trapped into an impossible mold by my family and friends who's expectations I just can't meet, or maybe it is a combination of any two of those (since there were two tunnels). I think my smile suggests I am trying to face it with a good attitude. I don't know. Your thoughts? Thanks! :)

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