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Dream About Tsunami meanings

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Example: What does this tsunami dreams meant?

Im unsure why that now and then I will dream of earthquakes, building collapses in front of me and tsunami which are all happening in front of my eyes (meant I wasn't got affected)

Bt last night, I once again dreamt about tsunami and this time I was the victim... few small waves and few huge waves. I managed to stay put by holding on metal objects the most. didn't get swipe away and in the dream I was rather helpful... instructing and holding others to get through the strong waves... would like to know what this type of dream means?

Do you live by the ocean? if you do then maybe your dream is simply telling you it will be another sthey will come. That you will be able to help people so plan what to do. That is what I think. May God bless you. Please call on Jesus if you are in such life and death danger and He will help you weather you are not a Christian Shout His name ok. Can yo remember tnat. A ffiend of mine said hs wont ask help even if hed die I said thats stupid He says ask so ask you dont have to think in human terms.ask when in danger He will help.my friend went surfing and he got cought in the heavy waves closer to shore and couldnt get a breath each time he made it to the top a wave hit and pushed him hard into the sand he couldnt breath and he couldnt get out and no one was there to help.he was drowning. And he cryed ouy Jesus save me. And his eyes were closed when he opened his eyes he was sitting safe on the dry sand. The didnt walk there and he has no idea how he got there. I asked has he passed out he said no it was just like a instant he was sitting in dry sand. Remember that ok. Ok tak care. (True story)

Example: What does it mean to Dreaming of tsunami?

In my dream that have been having for years always the same never any thing different ... I'm home with my 4 daughters when I see a tsunami coming for us I'm screaming at my girls to hold on to me me and not let go we run IP a hill were the hospital is the water is rushing at my ankles and I'm trying to push my 2 older daughters IP the stairs and hold the younger ones in my arms were trying to get the roof as it is the highest point the water started to raise it almost to my hips now pulling my back and just as my youngest daughter starts to skip from my hands I wake IP .. This dream so so terrifying and really ... Can someone tell what it could mean

Example: What does this tsunami dream means?

there was a tsunami and it was really scary. I was just outside normally and the wave suddenly came up so I was running to the roof of houses or jungle gyms, trying to escape higher and higher. And when I just had one more breath! A friend of mine was my savior. He was cool. He pulled me up with one arm.

Example: Do you know the meaning of Tsunami Dreams?

I always, always, ALWAYS have this dreams that water is going to engulf me. It often is a tsunami that appears from nowhere, and I have nowhere to run. Sometimes I wake up before the water hits. On occasion the water pours over me and I hold my breath while I am smashed beneath the waves.
Sometimes it will occur as a flash flood. I will be in a room and water is seeping through the windows and doors, getting higher and higher. I have a feeling that this symbolizes my inability to control my stress or situations. Does anyone have these dreams or any insight?

Example: What does dream of tsunami mean?

i live nowhere near the ocean, but i dreamt i was on a beach with my family then water left out to ocean (and i got this gut wrenching feeling like i always do when the bad stuff comes in a nightmare, why does that always happen?) people ran out with the water grabbing sea shells,then i saw the wave in the distance but we ran to the car and drove away to a hotel with the wave coming and hurryed in our room. then i was alone in the hotel room looking out the window towards the incoming wave then the wave came and destroyed the hotel and i was underwater trying to swim up with lots of debris around me and couldnt find my family and people were screaming in the water above and i was drowning trying to get up and i woke up when i drowned. im wondering why people have nightmares, what this one could mean and why i always get the gut wrenching feeling when the bad stuff happens, and i usually die, ect. catching on fire and burning to death getting blown away off the beach by hurricane falling off of giant hill...

Example: Dreams of running froma tsunami?

My friends dreamt he was running from a Tsunami, what does this mean?

Example: What does my tsunami dream mean?

I dreamt that i was walking in the road right next to a coastline. i was with some other people. when i looked at the sea it was already in the form of a tidal wave, as if it was just waiting for me to notice it was like that. So we all started to run we ran into an old factory looking place and hid under some tables. then i thought that this wouldnt make any sense as it was sea level. so i got up and peeped out of a back window and i saw a street leading up a hill with some houses. we started to run up the hill. it was as if the water was waiting for us to run and then it covered the factory. when we reached up the hill we had to hold on to little rectangular plastic looking something (don't know what it was) that was jotting from the walls. some of them were slack. before the water receded into the ocean i saw some bright lights coming toward us and it was government offcials i was so happy i told ask where was the helicopter becuase i wasnt goin anywhere in the ocean (they had boats) all they did was give out some snacks and milk :S. After the water receded into the ocean everyone was relieved. i knew about tsunami's after watching videos of real ones. i warned them that another one would come that was worse so we have to stay here. when i looked down into the streets i saw cars passing normal but fast as if it was a highway. but off the road i can see cars wrecked by the tsunami. all of a sudden the water rose again and it began to threaten where we were so i saw that we colud go higher so i began to climb again. not everyone followed me some of them drowned. the remainder of us ended up by a house and the people were having a bar b q/cookout :S. the water reached there as well so i climbed even higher by that time the tsunami was over. the house where had the cookout or where ever wasn't harmed. some people survived with me i think my mother and brother and some others.

I want very detailed answers please. I am worried about this dream

Example: What does it mean to Dream a tsunami & for a loved to die in it & a calm storm after?

I have had dreams of tsunami's be for but this one just really concerned me the dream was.That me my baby daddy his mom sister & her daughter and our daughter were at the beach their me and my baby daddy went for a walk and seen the waves were getting very ruff and kinda high and out to the shore more then they should so we rushed back and his mom and sister were gone w/the kids i was mad cause they took my 3month old daughter with them. We had got their in a seperate car so we rushed to leave i was still very mad pissed off! when we got in the car i seen my baby daddy's friend was w/us some how and we seen their was water every where so we got out to run the color of the water was a dark grey/blue mostly dark grey. So when we had got out to run a wave had hit us and me and my baby daddy fell face down he died hecouldn'tt get back up the waves were pushing us down once we were down they cam stronger and one after another the only thing i had in mind was my daughter and i started to push my self up and the waves kept knocking me down but i some how i got up and as soon as i got my head out the water for air a family pulled me up out the water on to their porach some how the water wouldnt reach up that high. My baby daddy died he couldnt get back up and i would try to call my family and couldnt get a hold of them their was always something i did or couldnt figure out how to use the phone all of a sudden it was the next day and the news said it was going to flood all of a sudden a Very calm storm started and it started to flood the water was clear you could look down and see everything.every one started walking towards the ocean even though it was cover in water to take plants and flowers to the spots were ppl died and i kept pointing and crying to the spot were my baby daddy drowned it was by the car i woke up and still felt very sad & like crying he is in jail for violation of probation can any one tell me what this dream could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a tsunami?

This is what i dreamed last night;
I'm in the beach with a friend, and we are at a high bridge. So normally waves don't reach it, but suddenly the waves get son high that the bridge starts floading. What relly caught my attention is that the water looked so beautiful, but dangerous. My friend was trying to jump the waves, but I was just there, admiring the tsunami ? and also the giant waves never actually stoped, and i startting drowning, until i woke up. (the waves happened for a long time and me and my friend were jumping on the bridge, also the friend is a boy) <-- that's before i drowned and woke up.
Sorry for my bad spelling :/

Example: Tsunami dreams, what do they mean?

I have had tsunami dreams occur once in a blue moon for as long as I can remember. The last one was lying on a beach with my female cousin and a HUGE wave comes from the side of the beach. (Not from the actual ocean) We both start to run away but I feel exhausted and can't run. My cousin jumps into a rock pool and that's the last I see of her. I manage to out run the wave. When that's over, I am on top of a pavilion with the same wall of water heading for me. Every time I manage to just out run it. When I wake up in the middle of the night and fall asleep again, I dream of the same tsunami's over and over. What does it mean?

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