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Dream About Triplets meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do it means when yuu have a dreams about having triplet ndd yuu didnt kno yuu ws pregnant s?

each dream mean something.. i don't know.. but i use a site called "Saysadream" for my dreams and gives answer .. hope it helps u. Post your dream in a group! I help other to know means and other help me :)

Example: Meaning of dreams?

What does it mean when you dream someone is having a baby/pregnant?

Example: What does it mean to dream having triplets unexpectedly in a bathroom?

i am 19 years old and in the army along with my
husband and we we are almost 6 months married.
everything good so far except my lack of sleep and am
unable to sleep until 3 in the morning. before that i
would go to sleep around 10pm and wake up at noon the
next day and still be exhausted.
my dreams have been kind of strange because either
i am doing a mission or doing something i can't recall
and then i desperatly need to go to the restroom
trying to do #1, when go, there is a gush of
blood(sorry for to much information) i actually have a
baby and i say thats not suppose to happen, this
panics me in my dream because no one i know is near
the restroom to be able to help me and another baby
comes out, so at this point im confused because i did
not know i was pregnant(in my dream) yet a third baby
comes out and they look healthy and alike, i cant tell
the sex because im am stunned. the babies are
beautiful and radient with a glow then i wake up.

Example: What could my dream mean? Triplets!?

I had a dream that I was pregnant with triplets. 2 girls and 1 boy.
For some reason, I wasn't able to carry them so a woman from a family that wanted them somehow had them put inside her.
I wanted to keep them, but for some reason I wasn't allowed to.
After they were born, I went to go see the three babies and I just cried and cried.
But then, I was able to only choose one that I could keep. And I chose one of the girls.
And that is it.

I don't understand why I'd be having a dream about babies when I'm not married, and I'm not sexually active. I don't plan on having babies anytime soon.

Why did I have this dream?

Example: What dose it mean to have a recurring dream about having triplets?

what does it mean to have a recurring dream about having triplets? my sister has had it 3 times and my husband 2 times ! they say that i am having 3 little baby girls! so what does it mean to have it over and over again? Is it a sign that it is going to happen?

Example: What does it mean when I dream about giving birth to triplets?

Last night I had a dream that I gave birth to triplets. First a boy, then a girl (I gave her a Spanish name, that I can't quite remember, she was the only one I clearly remember naming in the first few seconds after his birth) and then another boy. However, I remember thinking the first boy was dead, or still-born, or just very close to dying because I didn't hear him cry and my family wouldn't tell me anything. I didn't give birth to them in a hospital. They were born at home, each in different rooms for some odd reason. The first in the basement in a blue room, the second in the bathroom, and the third in my bedroom.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Could someone explain what it means to have dreams about triplets?

could someone explain what it means to have dreams about triplets more detailed that the (gogle information below)? thanks!

p.s. they werent my triplets they were a female I just met triplets in the dream while I was holding one of the babys I felt that someone was trying to send me a message(remind you i didnt know i was dreamin but in the dream while i was holding the baby i felt like if i get pregant than i will have triplets) and when I woke up all I could think about was the triplets like their was some type of message I should know... ( and when I woke up i was confused "thinking that the message was that if i ever get pregant then im going to have triplets)

so what u think?

Triplets(google information)

•To dream of seeing triplets, foretells success in affairs where failure was feared

Example: What does it mean if you dream about being raped then having triplets?

first i have no intention of getting pregnant or having a baby.
ok so in my dream i DIDN'T see me being raped.
i just saw me talking to my bestfriend talking about me being raped
And her parents were out of town so i stayed with her
then by the time i knew it i had triplets.
i DIDN'T see me giving birth or anything like that.
but anyways somehow the guy that i like and he likes me too found me.
and was so mad cuz he thought i had these babies just because i wanted to have them
and then i started to cry.
but then my friend yelled SHE WAS RAPED
and he felt so bad.
then i woke up.
but fell asleep again.
and went back to the same dream
but then when i went back to the dream
the guy that i like said he wanted to be the father of my babies.
what does all this mean?
thank you for your help

Example: Dream about triplets ? whats it mean ?

I had a dream last night that I had newborn triplets. I didnt dream about giving birth to them but I had them, but I couldnt tell the sex of them, I remember telling someone two boys and one girl when someone asked me about the babies, what the sex was ect.
I recently miscarried twins. I don't know if that means anything. I did miscarry one baby before my daughter was born also. So I have lost three babies total. I don't know if they relate to each other or not but I was very happy in the dream, about the babies. But I remember having them at 13 weeks, which in real life we all know wouldnt survive but they were healthy 5 lb babies, the doctors took them from me though. I dont know any input would help.

Example: I dreamed of having triplets -- what could this mean?

I'm 33, and single. I've always loved kids, and want to have one of my own someday, but I haven't had kids on my mind lately. This morning, I woke up to a strange but very pleasant dream. I dreamed, I'd given birth to triplets. I didn't see the birthing process or the pain or anything unpleasant. All I saw was the babies as newborns and after sometime as toddlers. Two boys and a girl. They were extremely adorable babies, and didn't look anything like me. Very fair, curly hair, big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, they were sooooo cute n cuddly. When I saw them in their cribs as toddlers, I saw myself showing off my babies to someone, an unknown person. The boys were wearing black and white, and the girl was in red. One boy had a black shirt and a white pant, and the other boy and a white shirt and a black pant, it was almost like opposites; the girl was in a pretty red frock with smocking and straps. All three colors are my favorite colors. The dream was so vivid that I'm convinced there has to be a meaning to all of this. Can someone please help with interpreting this dream...

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