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Dream About Transfusion meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that some one i loved more than my life died. i was so upset and depressed i wanted to talk to a preist so i could let out everything cry my eyes out and feel better becuase i couldnt talk to anybody i had to keep the way i felt to myself and be strong but the preist was busy until i couldnt take it anymore and started crying so bad when i was by myself. a while later some girls came to talk to me but i didnt tell them why i was like that or how i felt because they couldnt make anything better i wanted to yelled at them so bad bt i stayed quiet and after i went to look for my bestfriend to talk to her but i couldnt because she was all druged out at school so i had to help her out take her home and on our way i woke up crying and i still have this feeling that i cant describe but i know its not good what does this mean?

I had this same dream about my father for several years. I looked it up and found out when you dream about a loved one dying, that means you worry about them. I never understood this, because my father was fine and I had nothing to worry over.

Then, about a year after I had the last dream, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C that he had received from a blood transfusion when he had his hernia surgery, and as a result of the progress of the disease, he had also become diabetic.

Now, this could all be coincidence, but I found it incredibly eerie.

Example: Weird strange dreams what could they mean...?

Before I went to bed I was in darkness and in a half dream like state...All of a sudden I hear this high pitched manly scream almost dream like... it was suffocating me so I snapped out of it...my heart was racing because I was scared...it took a while but I must have fallen to sleep.

1st dream I was wearing dentures...they prevented me from speaking properly I couldn't even open my mouth...I was chocking on my spit always swallowing large chunks...whenever people would try to talk to me I would mumble and would swallow...it was uncomfortable so I had to spit the dentures out in front of me...I looked in the mirror and revealed 2 rows of teeth...the first row had teeth missing and I could tell there were signs of decay...I was panicking because I couldn't speak well and I kept swallowing and I didn't want to stay like this...I was thinking how did it come to this was it because I didn't take care of myself ...why I always brush. That was the last thought I was thinking before I woke up.

2nd dream I was in a warehouse with a group of people...one of the doods in the group kicked a foldable chair. It slid, hit the air and made a squishing sound. The impact started to reveal a blood transfusion cord...the cord was connected to the back of a frail man who was hunched over in a chair...blood was dripping from the holes on his back...the man turned to me his face was behind a mask I could tell he was sad and he had a blood tear coming from his mask...

I turned my head and saw a man in a regular suit walking with a smile but in a trance like state upon closer inspection. There were at least four flies flying around him and I knew it was a sign he was decaying.

Oh the flies were as big as tennis balls

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in a large group of people running through the mountains, swimming across a river all while I was bleeding from a hole in my ankle. No one noticed until I collapsed on a dock next to the river. They were running towards me when everything went black and I woke up. Before this dream, same night, I dreamt I was in a hospital and needed a transfusion for blood loss. The nurses put the IV in the spot that I was bleeding from in the second dream. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream about blood transfusion mean?

I was giving my best friend a blood transfusion. It was like a DIY... We got all the stuff from the doctors and went home and sat her down in my lounge room and started injecting her with blood.. I think I injected her about four or five times before I woke up. What the hell does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning - IV/blood transfusion?

Hi, wonder if you can help.

I had a dream last night where my leftarm was attached to an IV that was taking blood from me (like a reverse blood transfusion). I remember my arm was strapped to a board so I couldn't move it and I was wheeled around in a wheelchair as I wasn't allowed to walk around.

I don't remember any person or place specifically, but I know that I was uncomfortable and in some distress.

Any clue ?

Example: Whats my dream mean?!?

Okay. So, I had a dream last night. It's by FAR the scariest, and worst dream I've had. It started at a mall. Everyone was leaving, not running, but calmy walking out. But everyone was! And I was wondering what was going on, so I walked over to a man holding a white thing that you breath into. And when he made me breath into it, a button on the side turned red. So he said I couldn't leave, and told me to sit on the escaladers that were shut off. After i sat down, blood started to come from the inside of my ears. Then, my lip started breaking open and bleeding. Then, I knew I had a deadly virus that had broken out in our town. As I laid there, I tried to think of how I could have gotten this virus, then I thought that I had gotten it from drinking after a little girl that goes to my church. I took a drink of mountain dew after her in my room. More people had to come sit around me, because they also had been tested for the virus, and had it. After the people who were healthy and were free of the virus left, we (there were about 50-60 with the virus) were given blankets to stay warm. There were doctors trying to help us. But as they were trying to figure out a cure, everyone started crying because there left cheek was breaking open. The virus was eating at our skin. The doctors gave us soft little fluffy ivory colored stuffed sheep toys to help comfort the pain, since there was no medicine to help it. Then my dream bounced to another place. I was suddenly at my house. My parents and sister were all in the living room, and i asked my dad to pray with me. Because I was obviously scared. After that, I told my parents that it was my time to go home. (To go to Heaven) Then after that, it bounced back to the mall scene. I got up and walked into a room across from where all the people sick were. And i saw Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He gave me a black coffin shaped box, with a fancy gold cross on the front. I took it, layed down with it, and held it tightly. The pain from the virus got worse. The girl that was beside me said the virus would get worse, and worse, the pain would triple 100x. It would continue to eat our skin away until we all went mad and start to bang our heads on the walls, and just go bizarre! So when we reached that point, we had to be shot. After that scene, I suddenly was in the car with my sister, and I wasn't sick at all, we were at apartments. And there was a little girl picking apples from an apple tree. She stared a whole through us. Then we were at a park. And the little girl i saw earlier in my dream was at the tope of a hill. Then my dream bounced to a scene with me in the car. I was perfectly fine. I had the little virus tester that the man from the mall had tested me earlier with. When I breathed into it, the button turned green, meaning I was virus free. That's where my dream ended. The whole dream was CRYSTAL CLEAR. I could feel every ounce of pain i was having. I could feel the agony of knowing I was about to die. And i could really feel the tears flowing down my cheeks. Any help on what this means?!?!

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

Okay, i have two diff dreams for you. the latter is much more complicated.

First off. I drempt i was riding a horse home. the setting is wildnerness, my riding bareback and the horse keeps trying to buck me off. i keep scooting forward and when the horse trips, i almost fall off. knowing that if i were to fall off, i would fall in front of him and be trampled. but i stay on.

Second dream( i asked about this one before)
Okay, so, i'm in a hospital for assisted suicide. I'm perfectly healthy, but in this scenario, assisted suicide is legal. this doctor walks in with a big needle fullof some transparent liquid. he asks me if i am really ready, i say "yes" and before he puts the needle in, i stop him and say "give me a few more hours, let me think it through". as i walk around the hospital, i end walk into a room with some crying people and i ask what is wrong. they tell me that their duaghter needs a lung transplant or she is going to die. i ask her blood type, A- like me "Fantastic! i'm going to die soon, so lets to an anti-body test!" when i leave the room, the doctor holds me up against the wall and says "you wanted to lose ten pounds, how about a kidney, oh wait, WHY NOT YOUR HEART!?"(this is in that kind of sarcastic "you are not doing this" voice). in the end, i decide not to die and the doctor walks me out of the hospital.

(i dont believe dreams really mean anything... im just curious what you guys think)

Example: I died twice in a dream... What does it mean?

This is how my dream went...

It was late one night and I began to have a heart attack. My husband rushed me to the hospital. After the doc checked out everything he told me that I would need to have a blood transfusion because I had a rare blood condition. While doing the transfusion my lungs stopped working and I died before they could fix anything. Or so I thought... The next thing I knew I was hooked up to life support. I could see everything that was around me. I saw my husband talking to the doctor. They were talking about taking me off life support. I kept trying to kick and scream to let my husband know that I was there and there was no need to flip the switch but it was too late. I died again. No revival this time. I woke up after that.

I'd really like to know what my dream means. Thanks for the help.

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

last night I dreamed that was pulling hairs out of my mouth (not strands but ponytail size hairs! someone in my dream told me I had to go to the hospital, before I went to the hospital I went to see my crush,at the library he was busy so I talked to someone else. I told them that I knew who my crush was dating after I said her name,the guy I was talking to said that my crush was behind me. my crush looked mad and walked away I went after him. I apologized for talking about his girlfriend he accepted my apology. Later on I told him about how scared I was to go to the hospital. He said he would go with me so we went to the hospital. A nurse told me that I would need a blood transfusion I told her I was scared of IVs. She said she would wait until I fall asleep to put an IV in I was ok with that. My crush laid on the bed with me and he held me close to him. 10 minutes later I fell asleep in his arms. when I woke up (still my dream) the IV was in my arm and I wasn't scared.Why did I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: Strange Dream...What Did It Mean?

I had a bizarre dream. One part of it involved some sort of magic. A girl and a boy were sort of transparent and made of ash or something. I didn't know what they were taking about, but me and another boy agreed to help them and we did some weird ritual. There was music, but I don't know what it was. During the ritual the boy and I were turning into the same ashy substance as those two, so I broke free, urging the boy to let go because I felt like it was a trap. There was also something to do a spider that had several eyes.

After we broke free, it was like some sort of war started. There was a tan girl with black hair who kept trying to kill me. We were fighting with these large sticks made of steel. She almost hit me several times and I ended up running away. During the dream I didn't realize it, but this took place in the two yards my dad owns.

When I ran away she proceeded to throw things at me and two of them almost crushed my skull. I head for a trail if lush green, and this I remember very specifically, including that there were blackberries. Some of them were red, and others were a juicy ripe black. As I ran I knew I needed to head in a different direction. I kept glancing outward to make sure that the tan girl had not seen me. However, I noticed that there was these Vitatnmese looking people standing around at a distance and hat made me wary. I kept going though untilI got to end of the trail.

I stood in the line with the Vietnamese where there were lots of children. Their eyes were messed up and has blue in them. There was also some blood pouring out. I heard people talking how it was contagious just by touch. I heard someway talking about vaccinations, and how some guy had died after 90 transfusions (which I guess we're supposed to save him from becoming like the children). I then decided to leave before they could do that to me. I saw these two large plastic tubs of blood, and there was some guy standing on top of a bus speaking English. I ran, knowing that if I didn't something bad would happen to me.

I ran into these three or four girls under a plum tree (almost all of this took place in my yard but it was modified) and we quickly became friends. We played cards and we were told by one of them that people were being discharged from the war permanently for having asthma. We all rushed next door and told the similar story. When it was my turn I told the nurse I had coughing asthma and regular asthma. She scared me because she started talking and I had a one beside something that said leukemia. She told me, however, that I was extremely intelligent. She said something else but I don't remember. She started talking about a guy, but she handed me a ticket which I guess she wasn't supposed to and I left.

I begged a friend of mine to tell the asthma story and make sure they got out alive to come back and see me. I was so sad. Then I had to travel up and down these crazy railroad tracks, some of which were made of mud, others of rock. I saw a few other scraggly people traveling along them, and because everything was railroad tracks I had no choice but to outrun trains the entire time. I'm very fast but in my dream I was even faster though at times it felt like something was pulling me back.

When I made it to this small station, I handed in my ticket which said, 391 which I guess was my car number or something. I met some girls and I think their number was 376. None of us could find our cars when they started driving up, and we ended up getting a large call all to ourselves which was 391 (I told a lady it had not come yet and she called another one). That is all I remember if the dream because I woke up shortly after.

What does all of this mean? Especially the numbers: 391, 376, 90 and 990 (the amount of money I got to leave the army with)?

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