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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of writting in dream?

What is the meaning of presenting a solution to mathematical puzzle in a book form in dream

Psychological Meaning: Your dream may be revealing your thoughts and true feelings. The person who it is addressed to may represent the nature of the issues that you are trying to express. If you dream of someone else writing, this may show an aspect of yourself that is seeking to express itself. The contents of the document may include useful messages from your unconscious.

Mystical Meaning: Mystical traditions emphasise the importance of wordless inner silence. “To reconnect consciousness with the unconscious, to make consciousness symbolical is to reconnect words with silence; to let the silence in. If consciousness is all words and no silence, the unconscious remains unconscious.” – N. O. Brown

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was staying in a dark village in a forest was always dark, the villagers were hostile towards me and kept trying to kill me, one of the villagers caught someone i cared for i don't know who and murdered them and left a skeleton filled with blood, i ran into the crypt to find a rib cage filled with blood and i drink it but it tastes bad i couldn't figure out the taste and then in my hand i see a beating heart.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

k so the first part of my dream was that my crush came over cuz there was some wedding party at my house, so him my brother and i were hanging out on the couch and talking a lot.. then he had to go, so he was saying goodbye to everyone and kissing people on their cheeks while shaking hands (it's tradition here) then he came and he pecked me on my lips and left.

the second part was of us hanging out at college with a group of ppl, then he had to get up to leave n as soon as he left his best friend was like you're definitely a ground breaker! he definitely likes you!

i know what most of you are gonna say - it's just a dream, it means you want him to like you, blah blah blah... but i came across a couple of sources that tell me that dreams actually might mean that you're picking up certain signals subconsciously and interpreting it through your dreams.

so i'm looking for SEROIUS ANSWERS...

thanx :)

Example: What Does My Dream Mean ?

I was dropped off at this big building and i was left there by myself . I Went out of the building and I tried to get help but nobody could hear me . There were people in my dream that I knew and they just kept walking and didn't even look at me . I Tried Screaming but they still couldn't hear me . Can Anyone Please Tell Me What This Dream May Mean . I Have Had This Dream Since I Was 8 And I'm 13 Now . Thanks .

Example: What do snakes in a dream mean?

ok i had this one dream one time and basically my ex boyfriend killed my mom and left all these books by her body.(everything he wrote was about me not my mom btw) On one of the book he wrote something like "the sex was good but" then inside the book he wrote I will love you forever. And on another page he wrote the first 3 days of summer we are going to put 3 snakes in ur bed, 2 by ur head and 1 between ur legs until they do there job.
I can only think he was talking about killing me. but what do the snakes mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've heard about how dreams mean something . I could be wrong. All this will really sound stupid lol . So i was having this random dream and what i remember very clearly is. spotting crocodiles. but not your normal size. they wer bigger. like a weird mix of dragon/crocodile . And dead snakes. (yes) . and when i looked underneath them(the snakes). the first one had something written in white text which said ' Purple Temple ' . The second one had a place i cant remember. and the third one had one of those long weird chinese names (no offense to any chinese names out there) . when i woke up . it all felt very real. I sat on my bed for about half an hour not being able to think of anything else. I have never heard of this funny place called 'purple temple ' lol. Later that day i looked it up and i found a 'purple cloud temple' . i have never heard of this place before. could it just be a random color that popped up in my head? . why the name . This sounds very stupid i know, but just thought i'd ask you guys.

Example: What is the meaning of snake in dreams?

In my dream I've seen my girlfriend watching me playing with the green snakes in my hands what does mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok ever since I was 5 years old (i am 15 currently) until the age of 13 I been having thses dreams where this person is telling me and "showing" me my past life. All I can remember is that person keep telling me that I am a witch and a princess from a long time ago. And I always get Deja vu a lot like everyday and even my plam readinds say I have a physic powers so what are these dreams telling me?Am I really a witch? Or is it a dream of wanting it which I doubt it because half the thigns in my dreams are extremly freaky.

Example: Ned help with dream meaning?

Okay i dreamnt that i was in a classroom and this asian guy started to talk to me i was annoyed but didnt told him then this girl comes also asian and starts talking i pay no attention to either of them...thats how i remember

then another dream

i was outside the school and i felt like peeing but didnt i talk to this classmate 1 (someone i know in real life) i decide to walk with him across some field but then i end up in a counselors room with another "classmate 2" of mine( the 1st classmate dissapears i realize later) the current classmate talks to the counselor about a class and instead the counselor asked me something and i look away and dont answer then we (me and classmate 2) walk outside and from there the dream ends

what do both dreams mean I dreamt both on the same night
also i dont talk to classmate 1 but i talk to classmate 2 thanks for answers

Example: Dream Meaning: Purgatory.?

The dream started off with me & my friend being at the beach. I told her to grab on to me because the wave was enormous, but she let go & during that wave I died & so did my daughter (turned out she was there.) So we headed to purgatory where we met with the Saint who was supposed to decided where we would go & this is what he said: "Because veryone loved the performance you & your daughter made. We will make sure to send you to a very nice place." My husband wasn't in this dream only my daughter & I. Could anyone define this dream for me?

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