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Dream About Tracker meanings

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i dreamed that there was an american bald eagle in front of me and I got a huge rock and killed it by knocking its head off. weird and then a bunch of cops came in like eagles had trackers on them or something,

this is what i found out about what it could mean.
To dream that you killed an eagle, signifies your ruthlessness. You will let nothing stand in your way of ambitions and obtaining your goals, even if it means hurting those around you.

Does this sound bad about me because for some strange reason I think it sounds great except kind of the end.? wHY?


An eagle is a skilled hunter, so it is usually an ego symbol in a dream. Killing the eagle means taking power away from it and putting it someplace else. A higher purpose, for example. In the myth of Prometheus, the eagle was killed with an arrow, but it carries the same meaning. It definitely doesn't mean you're a ruthless person.

Example: What Does My Sisters Dream Mean?

I had a dream to that I was with these two guys and we were planning a robbery and I was the one making all the decisions. We stole something and then I remember telling the guys what we need to do to not be caught. It involved changing cars because I seen some detectives (that’s what I thought they were in my dream) put a tracker on the car we were using and then I went to take a shower at this hotel and the shower was way up so I had to climb way up into the shower. I heard an intercom come on telling me to give up because they (detectives) were going to catch us eventually. I just ignored them and then when I was in the shower, I could see out this window and there was someone spying on me so I closed the curtains and hurried with my shower and then we left that place. The next think I knew, it was a long time later, I was thinking in my dream, and there was this old lady under the sink crying and that was were we hid what we stole and I looked at the one guy and told him his mom found out we were the ones who stole and she was crying. He went to talk to her and then I woke up. What do you think that means? I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. Just scares me, I don’t know what to think about that one.

Example: Had a Cool but Weird Dream, Please Explain if it means anything?

Well, I was a Colonial Marine and we had just arrived at a Terraforming colony on some newly discovered planet, We had lost contact with the Colony a week ago, We arrived and it was a Ghost Town, I get my Motion Tracker out and it is reading nothing, then I get a blip, its moving around and starts heading towards us, I order the rest of the Marines with me to ready their Pulse Rifles, Then a Human Female runs along and I enter in Pursuit of them and catch up and I immediately Recognise her, its a girl from my school India, She is relieved to see me as am I because she is fine, We give each other a hug and then she warns me, We better get moving as they mostly come at night and I ask her "What Comes?" but she explains it is too busy to explain then suddenly the Motion Tracker flicks up many things moving and everyone readys their Rifles, Suddenly India starts panicking and screaming, then one of my Team gets dragged off into the Darkness screaming and we run into a Defensible spot to protect India, we see some targets moving in the Flickering Light and we open fire, Green blood spilling all over the floor and melting through it, The Motion Tracker dies down reading nothing and then we move foward before having the rear two men picked off, I exclaim to run back to the Drop Ship as the rest of my team is killed, Only me and India made it, we quickly climbed on board and I fired up the Dropship, having little time to wonder where the pilot was we flew to the Suphora, the Ship I was stationed on and we headed back to earth where I would have to report on the Events of what happened, I did so with greatest sadness but then went to check on India, we talked before she starting convulsing and coughing before shooting rigid arching her back as a louder crunching noise sounded, A weird wormlike creature Burst out of her chest scuttling off before I could try to restrain the creature a large xenomorph burst out of the air vent and attacked me, I kicked it off and grabbed my Pulse Rifle from the Table nearby and Shot it making it flee, screaming in Pain, I hit the alarm and guards flooded the ward, I was restricted to my house because they accused me of being Insane and killing India because of the Torment of The Terraforming Colony, then A week or so passed and The news started showing Images of the Creatures, The Xenomorphs then I kicked the door down and Killed the Guards protecting me and I broke into the Military Base, My gear was still there so I suited up and helped with defending the Earth from this new Parasitic Alien Threat and killed so many of the creatures, We evacuated many of the Civillians but all my friends died so we abandoned Earth but I remained on one of the Gateway stations monitoring earth so I watched the screens as the torment of what I had caused ravaged the Earth, I observed them build a new grand hive for the Queen, which I had identified by now as the one that Burst from Indias Chest, I noticed Seren Running from a group of Xenos, I shouted "Oh my God, we have to save her, she is the only thing I have left but they denied the request so I knocked my Colleague out and ran to the Armoury suited up and stole a Drop Ship, I raced down to earth and crashed through a sign just saving Serens life, I then shot many more Xenos and told her to Board the Drop Ship which she did so and then I felt a sharp Pain stab through my side, One of the Xenos Stabbed its tail through my side, she grabbed the Pulse Rifle and shot the Alien and then Pulled me onto the Drop ship, I thanked her and dragged myself to the Controls setting the Ship to automatically return to the Gate Station when I rested next to Seren and lost consciousness before waking up with Her crying into my lap and then Medics burst on board getting both of us healed up, I went to see her and she asked me to sleep with her so I could keep her safe.

Example: Can Anyone Interpret This Dream?

It was 1852 and i went into a brothel (female madam - male prostitutes) because the madam was the only seamstress in town who could make lingerie. In the dream I'd begun dating the man I am seeing irl.

In the dream, he was a bastard day laborer who made me stop going to the brothel. As I picked up my lingerie he came in to do some repairs, saw me, and stormed off in a rage.

I followed him outside and he said he was walking to find his father in Billings, Montana. I realized we were in Texas. (We live in Chicago, his parents are married still and live in Michigan).

We found a carriage abandoned on a country lane with 2 horses still hitched up. In the dream he was a tracker who could tell the owners would not come back, so we unhitched the horses to ride them.

The second one stormed off, knocked down a fence, and charged into a field with other grazing horses, the second carriage horse followed.

He and I ran into the field to get them when the field's owners, a large Japanese family, came out armed, ready to kill us, so we ran back to the road.

Any ideas? I'm at a total loss.

The breakdown of the real-life side is: we've been dating 3 weeks. I think I'm in love with him (this never happens this fast, it usually takes me a year of dating), recently he had to choose between me and another FWB who said she loved him, and he chose me. He shows signs of strong emotion to, but we don't discuss it, and his new job will have him on the road 90% of the time, I plan on ending things before then.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Example: What does this dream mean?!

okay before the dream, my whole family was fighting insanely because of me. my mom and dad are divorced. my dad was screaming at my mom so my brother told him to calm down and stop yelling at her. then my dad picked my brother up and had his hand around his neck and threw him into the side of the couch. i wouldn't talk to my dad the rest of the night or in the morning. then i had this dream... so my family was at the beach and there was two sharks. my family ran and everyone on the beach ran, and the two sharks turned into two people. they walked out of the water and mixed in with regular people. i ran into a little beach hut thing and i knew the two people when i saw them. one of them came in and bit someones neck. and right then and there, i knew they were vampires. the vampire took me, didn't bite me though, and several others into a place and we were all unconscious. when we awoke, we were in a large home with these weird eye, ear, and mouth pieces over chairs everywhere. in short, the vampire told us to put our eyes to the eye piece, our ears to the ear piece, and our mouths to the mouth piece. the eye piece would make us blind, the ear piece would remove our memory and make us deaf, and the mouth piece would make us vampires. i refused to do this until i saw my family and my boyfriend one last time. so two days went on and no one did it. the vampires were getting frustrated. finally, one of them screamed at us to start running to our homes. they would be there in an hour to get us back. they said that if we tried to run away, they would kill us. they were trackers, they said. i said that i was going to my house and then i needed to go to my boyfriends house to see him. i really missed my family, my brother and dad especially. it was weird though, my brother is always mean to me and my dad ... well you know the story. so i got to my house and everyone came running to me. they said they wouldn't let anyone take me, but i knew more than they did. then i said i was just going for a walk, but i was really running to my boyfriends house. so i started running . and finally i got to his house. i swear, when i saw him i must have kissed him for at least 5 minutes. then i just hugged him. we just stood there and hugged. finally, when i turned around, i saw the vampire standing there, crying. he made me leave. i was in hysterics by then. i didn't want to leave him i love him. when we got back to the house i started lecturing him. i was saying... how could you do this, take innocent people away from their homes, away from their families and boyfriends and friends and children. how can you live with yourself. then i started crying because of how much i missed everyone and how scared i was and i woke up. what do you think this dream means?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a positive pregnancy test?

I had a dream last night that I took a pregnancy test and it was a very clear pink positive. I'm not sure if it had meaning or not, but my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the night before in which he got off inside me and I'm not on the pill. I keep up with my period tracker and according to it I was suppose to ovulate the day after we had sex. Could this be some sort of sign?

Example: What do these dreams mean? One scary, one amazing.?

These are dreams I've had in the past that have felt quite significant to me, and I'd like to know what they mean.

The first dream started off in my high school (this one was a few years back now), we were all about to go on a field trip when a friend said she needed to buy a tampon. We left the building to go to a nearby corner store but it lead us into the local mall. We were then in a store in the mall, stealing things, and as we left a cop showed up. The two friends I was with (my best friends at the time) got away, but I didn't. They took me to a police station inside the mall (that doesn't exist in real life) and put a tracking device on me so I could only go so far, then left me alone on a bench to fill some paperwork out. There were two sets of stairs that went down into the police station. The cop I was with went down one set, and my friends came up the other. I warned them that the cop had just gone down there and that they should go. After they left, I went to see how far I could go with the tracker on. I went to the opposite end of the mall from where we had been before, and a bunch of people I knew from school were roller blading doing some kind of nightmare before christmas play or something...I waved at them and went back the other way. When I got to the other end of the mall, there was a door that doesn't exist in the real mall. I went through it. It lead to a small room, half of which was taken up by a set of concrete stairs that lead up to a white painted crawl area maybe only two or three feet high, and six or eight feet deep into the wall. There were squares cut out of the concrete along both sides of the crawl area. A girl sat hunched in one of them, and there was money all through the crawl area, but I got a horrible feeling from the place. The girl said I could take whatever money I wanted. I grabbed a small bit near the edge and ran down the stairs. Through the door came the police officer I was with before, stumbling and grabbing one arm like he was hurt. I grabbed his other arm to help balance him and my hand came away bloody. I ran out the door back into the mall and the whole place was empty, the walls and floors all white. Maybe a third of the way through there was a large clear plastic sheet on the ground where there was a person kneeling, screaming...with no skin. I somehow realized I was dreaming at that point and shouted "wake up wake up wake up wake up" until I did.

The other dream I'd like to know about was not a bad one, in fact it was the best dream I've ever had. It was just earlier this year.
I came into a room, don't remember the room I was in before, just the one I walked into. I was standing on a large bright white marble platform that gradually spread out into steps leading down to an area of a similar size (this was all one piece of marble, hard to explain but it would look like a single slab from a top view, just part of it was stairs). The rest of the room seemed to go on forever, and there were beautiful swirling galaxies and stars everywhere. There would never be that many galaxies so close in real life. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

The only dreams I ever have are vivid and the same things every time! I'm stuck in a house, and it seems like the killer's got me. Then somehow they become distracted and I run and hide. But they always have some super efficient way of finding me, like a bloodhound or a heat tracker. Again, I find a way to trick them. But I'm always running up, not down, and it seems like there's infinite floors. So the dream will keep dragging on and on until someone wakes me up, because I am not Able to wake up myself whenever I have these dreams.What the heck does it mean? Serious answers please, it's really bugging me.

Example: Any dream interpreters here?

ppl: Friend A (guy) , Friend B (guy) and Friend C (girl)

i rly like friend a but friend b likes me, and i don't like friend b. so were at school and i run past the gym and friend b and his friends were playing soccer, so i try opening the door so friend b comes and helps me and then says stay and i say i have a class but he says he likes me and i run away. so at lunch me and friend c were sitting in friend a's table and friend b comes adn puts this clip on friend c's hair and she takes it out and it's a tracker. and that's it! this is so weird i actually tried taking the longest route adn tried avoiding friend b so much he was acting all weird! thnx 4 helping!

Example: I''ve had a couple of dreams where my sister got lost. What does it mean?

The first dream, I had a really sad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like i wasn't going to see my sister again. She was just lost, and only then I realized how important she is in my life.

In the second dream, my sister was lost, but she had a gps tracker attached to her that kept on blinking. The gps tracker blinking in my dream meant that she was alive somewhere out there, but I just didn't know how to find her.

Could anybody suggest to me what it could be? Thanks!

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