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Dream About Top Hat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed of a Native American and a dream catcher, what does it mean?

I dreamed last night that I was at a football game, and there was a Native American football team against another, but that wasn't the weird part...

All of a sudden I was on a huge rock mountain cliff, but I was watching a movie about Native Americans in the clouds. I began to cry, and next to me appeard an Indian with a tall hat with a feather, he had long hair, and about 68 years old. He hugged me, then all of a sudden I was with other Indians on horses, and they were jumping through a wind catcher in a cave. I woke up shortly after that.

I have no idea what it means, if anything, but if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!

chief joseph was famous for wearing something of a top hat with feathers in it. His plain in your face philosophy was what made his stand out in history and folk lore, ie, when face with insurmounable odds against him in a war he was quoted as saying its a good day to die. my g father**cherokee** would have said , your dream could possibly mean, there is someone trying to teach you something, horses are teachers in native totem's. The tears are , the lesson is hard, and not what you usually would want to do. The football game is incidental due to the fact, its either your peers or family. or even a struggle of whats right and whats wrong. (tow opposing decisions) The dream catcher means , possibly, that you have the decision in front of you, but the fear of it, makes it keep getting caught in the web of the catcher. Let go stand strong and live wiht the decision

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm in Victorian London, and i'm the daughter of an earl. I end up marrying a tall, thin brown/white rabbit wearing a top hat and waistcoat, and he walks upright, named "Sir Hare". Then it flips through my life with him, like every night at dinner we sit at this huge gilded table and eat a giant steamed carrot. Then it shows me running around in our mansion chasing after all our little rabbit babies, and they just look like normal fluffy bunnies. Then the last scene is me being buried in a giant shoebox, and him weeping over my grave and sprinkling lettuce leaves over the grave. Apparently we loved each other very much. I was always wearing a burgundy ballgown, and black hair piled up on my hair with rubies in it (even though in real life I don't have dark hair). I'm really curious because I've had this dream TEN TIMES now. O.O

Example: What does a hat in a dream symbolize?

I had a dream that my teacher bought me a 7-dollar hat that was for a good cause. I didn't have money and he asked me if I wanted one. It was a tweety hat. He kept the receipt so that it could remind him that I needed to pay him $7 back. Is this just a random dream?

Do hats have a meaning?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream where an octopus in a top hat was selling me a banana? why?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having these dreams about water, or beaches. Last night was the third time dreaming about these things within a time span of 1-2 weeks..and I'm starting to wonder if it means something.

dream 1) My family and I were camping near the ocean. My dogs got loose and ran to my grandparent's camp. This lady yelled at us for having our dogs loose because it was making her dog bark. So we coaxed our dogs back to our camp, and they ran through the trees and into the water. Two of my dogs came out, but my third one was caught by this huge wave. She was on top of the wave as it came to shore, and I woke up when it came crashing down.

dream 2) This one is a little confusing. At first my family and I are on vacation and we were swimming in this murky area. We were having a good time, so my dad was trying to call someone and see if we could stay an extra day at our vacation spot. Then the dream changed, and I was at this camp of some sort. I had made friends and everything. Anyways everyone was swimming in the ocean, and the waves were really choppy and bad. They were going every which way and I remember being worried or scared. And then, there were sharks. My sister screamed and everyone retreated out of the water, but my sister couldn't get out. She yelled, "Don't just leave me here!" as no one went back to get her. I remember waiting on the shore, really concerned before I woke up.

dream 3) (last night) I dreamed that my family and I were vacationing near a beach, and I recall having to be in hiding and disguised because there were people looking for us...like we did something wrong. I had went to go swimming at the beach when my dad scolded me for not going out without a hat on or something to hide my face. It was weird.

So yeah that's it. Also I had another dream between those that I was a runaway with these kids and it was raining SUPER hard and the people we thought we could trust, we couldn't and they betrayed us. But what I remember the most is the rain, and the lightning, and the thunder. It was a pretty clear dream and I don't get those a lot.

Anyways I know this is a lot to read and take in, but I just really need help in interpreting all of this. What do the dreams mean? Am I trying to tell myself something? Is something going to happen? What do I do?

Example: What does dreaming about a hat mean?

ok everything started when i was at school, with this guy i don't even talk to, then he had a hat a I took it from him and started running.Him and his friend started chasing me and my friend were running from them, and don't know why her, then I lost the hat.When I saw him he had the hat he said he found it the hat in the floor and I took it from him again(i don't know why) i started running they started chasing me again , i lost the hat again, he said he funded it in the hall when i didn't even passed through there it was really weird can u tell me the answer plz

Example: What does 'with his top hat at a jaunty angle' means?

I know the overall meaning. I think it's kind of a courteous or debonair man. But what are the exact meaning of the phrases 'at a jaunty angle' and 'top hat'?

Example: Last night I had a dream that I was trying on a gorgeous hat and bought it, what does this mean?

Example: I dreamed I was chasing a black cat wearing a black top hat down a hall way?

What could this dream mean mean?

Example: Shadow man with top hat?

To anyone who doesnt believe... lucky you. im 23 and to this day january 22nd 2008 i have never heard of anyone else ever seeing this figure. i saw him a lot as a child and havent seen him for a long time now.

imagination? Thats what i always thought... till today. now it totaly possible that more than 1 person can experience seeing a dark figure.. cause we do live in an age with crazy movies and video games and lots to fuel up the imagination...

but to you skeptics... HOW.. i'll repeat... HOW is it possible that thousands of people have all seen a shadow like figure with a top hat... shadow figure... sure... could happen... shadow figure with top hat... WTF! i had a bad dream last night which got me lookin this stuff up, and i wish i never did. i looked at some pics people drew of what the saw and i almost had a heart attack... so if your child or anyone you know describes this.. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

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