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Dream About Tongue Depressor meanings

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Example: Reoccurring Dreams of my enemies? Please help.?

I keep having this dream about someone I hated and he hated me all through Highschool. Ok Heres the dream, I am at my grandparents house and I see him show up. We start talking and he kisses me. Then all of the sudden we are at my parents house and he gets up and walks outside, I start hearing that song "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues really loud in my head where the song keeps repeating the lyrics "Cause I love you yes I love you, Oh how I love you" and I am trying to yell to him but he gets into this dark green van and drives off and I start crying. Thing is I really don't like the guy and he hates me too. Then I end up at a Waffle House at 3 AM and my dead Grandpa is there. Then a guy dressed like Santa Claus comes up to me and he was drunk and bothering me so I stabbed him to death with a plastic fork and then I wake up.

Ok. Well, for starters, the people in our dreams are mostly just symbols. Your mind only has your own memories to communicate with, so it uses images like symbols.
So the romance with the guy you dislike is a common error what our mind plays - it is trying to send you a romantic suggestion because you are past puberty and not having sex (is it supposed to recommend sex, since that is how everyone learns the bird and the bees before language.) So it wants to cast a leading man and it just picks - randomly - some guys image you have in your head. Now you know this guy, so you try to figure it out, but it was just a romantic image being sent by your subconscious, which is tasked with sending them when we are not sexually active. And then you start trying to work out what is going on and the Moody Blues is the only answer - your subconscious trying to explain what it is working on here but you know he is not a viable leading man, so his image finally departs.
The Waffle House dream is a different dream, I think - but you are thinking about some advice or attitudes that your Grandpa had in the past or perhaps your Grandpa used to warn you not to go out late and to avoid drunks, because he is there when you are attacked.
But the Santa sounds more like you not being really thrilled about some of the trappings of Christmas - perhaps too commercial, or too stressful, too demanding - something about it ticks you off, which is why you envision yourself defending yourself against it. It bothers you but you know you can handle it - that is one of the sick ways our mind has of symbolizing a feeling of control of a situation: it has you kill everybody who represents the "threat" or risk.
These can be very real-feeling dreams. But our subconscious is like some drunk mute friend who can only communicate by pointing to things in your scrapbook or illustrating it using scenes from action and horror movies. LOL
Personally, I find the idea of a plastic fork as murder weapon particularly creative - right up there with wooden tongue depressors.

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