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Dream About Time Capsule meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of wierd dream?

I was me,only I had alien like antennas and long,straight har. I had 3 friends. One was a gilr,with pale pale skin,and she dressed in lacy pink clothing and and a matching parasol.She had long,white,platinum hair. She looked like a doll,in a way.

My third friend was a tuxedo cat. It couldn't speak or anything,but I guess it was my pet since it followed me everywhere.

The last friend - oddly enough - was a total geek. Slicked down hair,Huge,circular,thick glasses,tie,you know,everything,including the buck teeth.

(before i move on to teh actuacl dream,i just want to say i have all of my senses in my dreams.)

Al four of us walked into the cylindrical capsule thing.It looked extremely futuristic,wires and all. ANYWAY,we climbed in on these seats.I pulled this lever thing with a danger sign,and then,with tremendous force,i was blown to the side of the capsule,and i was having a minature spasm.My vision was totally and completley distorted. After just about 2 seconds It stopped,with a frightening thump. We all fell to the ground. I opened the capsule door,and we were in this .. place. Its ahrd to explain. it was nighttime,no stars or moon,and we were in a rocky,yet grassy plain. Infront of us was a fairly large condo. I remeber telling them to come on,and we began walking to a large,rectangular window.

We looked in side and saw (this is pretty ridiculous) coca cola bears. Like,they had teh bottles (but they were some foreign langugage) and they were white,but they looked different.more fierce. They were sitting,much like a human does,in a pool of bubbling black...stuff.It resembled Oil. Then,one began to walk out. It saw us,and gave the most scary growl/roar i had ever heard. I ran,so fast it was unbelieable,and then the bear caught up to the cat.

The bear ate him in one swallow,and then disedegrated.The geek started talking to me,and he said soemthing like "Once they eat,they are destroyed." And the doll - girl kind of just looked there with sad eyes.She looked at teh polar bears and...

She started to run to them. I jsut watched,i didnt know what she was doing.And lets just say she commited suicide. I remember sobbing,sobbing so hard that when i finally woke up my pillow was sopping wet. What could this really,really bizarre dream mean? It kidn fo scared me,it had repeated three times.

If it makes you feel any better, I have weird dreams too.

I am a soda addict (not the caffeine-free kind, either), and I heard if you drink caffeine before you go to sleep, you'll have strange dreams. Usually they don't mean nothing, but sometimes they can mean insecurity, lust, jealousy, etc.

For a while after I lost someone close in the family I kept having dreams that people in my family were dying. Usually the dream ends right after the person dies.

One dream I had was that my family went bankrupt and we had no food or money so my dad declared that we must resort to cannibalism and eat my little brother. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I woke up kicking my legs and tears were pouring down my face. So usually depressing events in your life can cause weird dreams.

But enough about the depressing dreams. I've had funny dreams, too.

The oldest dream I remember was when I was four. I remembered it to this day because it freaked me out. I had a high window in my bedroom. The light was on and everything. There was a pile of stuffed animals leading to the window. I climbed the stuffed animals to look out the window at the moon. Suddenly, everything went dark and an echoing voice (apparently it was the moon) shouted, "Get down". I found myself hanging with one hand on the window sill. I loked down to realize the stuffed animals were gone, it was pitch black, and the floor was many miles down. "Get down I say" the moon repeated.

When I think about it this day, it makes me crack up. But if a four year-old can have a weird dream like that, who knows how many people can be affected by weird dreams? Anyway, if you want to know what the dreams can possibly "symbolize" look up a dream interpreter website. It tells you what flying, falling, death, love, etc. means. I hope this helped.

Example: I had a weird dream that i was a sexy hot chick...what does my dream means?

i dreamt i was a hot sexy chick, n i was at this bus stop in a forested area waiting for the city bus, it was afternoon. then suddenly the bushes moved n a weird looking animal, half dog half cat n with legs like horse, came out n wanted to bite my butt. i screamed like girl say 'AHHHH HOLY SHAT GAWD!'

Then the bendy bus stopped in front of me, n i hopped on. The bus was like a futuristic vehicle, there was no bus captain. I saw a mini bar, n a robot appeared n asked me what would i like to have. (for a drink)

I scolded it f%%% u, n then it became pissed n shot soft drinks from a long pipe, into my chest (i think i was wearing a black racer back tank top), n my top all wet n my bra was soaked n i could feel the sticky liquid on my boobs.

i as approached the rear of the bus, i saw passengers but they were all sealed in capsules like cryogenic frozen like in some sci fi movie like the Alien. I screamed in fear n want to get out of the bus, but then i felt a tentacle reachned into the back pocket of my denim minishorts n wanted to hold me back. i ran forward with all my might n i think my pocket got ripped off.

then cant remember what happen next, but i was at the pavement n then i saw a big shopping mall in the distance, n den i realized i left my flip flops on the bus? coz i was like barefooted. Next up i cant remember much but later on i was inside the mall.

It had many neon links blinking at the storefront of the various boutique shops.

i think i wanted to buy a pair of shoes from Pac Sun store n den i was inside, i looked around, the clothes n footwear were all like locked in a transparent glass display cabinet, weird? So i asked a black salesgirl for a pair of cute sandals, female size 38, n later she returns with a box which seems to be a steel box? weird sh1t...

i opened up so i could try on the shoe, but i saw some steel tools n i dropped them.

They landed on my feet n injured my pedicured nails i think! ouccch my poor feet n i think next scene i limped then cant remember what happened next.

next i was inside a department store n a salesgirl wearing shades pulled me n wanted to demo makeup on my face, n later on she applied face powder n it was actually curry powder! Next up for the blusher, it felt like chili powder. i smelled it n my face was burning...so spicy n hot. omg! WTF...whats wrong?

i ran away crying...sob sob boohoohoo, i ran out the entrance of the shopping centre, the ground in front had some small holes where water fountain will shoot up once every few minutes. when i went pass, the water all started shooting up n i got all wet n i could not get out of the water maze, i was trapped by 3 feet of spouting water from every direction.

then i woke up, it was so scary, but i was back to being a guy n not the hot sexy chick i was in my dream, i n felt upset coz i really wanted to be a babe instead.

Example: Dream about an air-raid siren, interpreation please...?

Hi, can anyone interpret please... i had a dream that i was listening to the radio in bed and there was a message that came on, a voice said ' we interupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news, the eifle tower in paris is gone, the iconic' (voice trails again) air-raid syrens fill the air going of all over the city, we were told to all get to a nuclear buker... headed i add in my bunker by none other than 'tony robinson' from time team. it must have been the follwing day at this point cause i noted that it was bright sunlight, we line up outside the enterence to the bunker which had a very heavy circular sage green door with a bolt accross it, beside it there were two pots of pink and white petuniers. i entered the bunker and made my way down greated metal stairs, the capsule was all rusty and as i was decending there was a slightly warm air that drafted up and i the pulse of a generator/big fan. then i woke up... any ideas. please!

Example: Dream interpretation please?

I dreamt I was going into the train station at a very busy peak time, and the platform is down a very long escalator, underground, there're a lot of people who've finished work, pushing, walking at different speeds, the individuals within a mass of people all merging and overtaking, I start waking don the down escalator to the platform, moving around people standing still on the escalator.

The escalator is unrealistically longer than normal (although it is quite large/long in real life), I continue to walk down it, people walking down faster than me over take me and I do so to those slower than myself, I realise that the escalator is not actually moving down, its stopped, I'm not sure when it stopped or if it hadnt been moving the entire time since I started walking down it, also the people on it are thining out: as I keep walking down theres less people to walk past and less people overtaking me, moments later I realise there is no one else on the escalator.

I look donwn the escalator in fron of me and up the escalator behind me but no one is on it anymore, its at this point I realise the escalator is moving, going down, and that it may have been moving, or going down the entire time, despite my earlier thought that it had stopped, which I was sure that it had.

As I near the bottom of it and the platform comes into view, I can see that its covered and overgrown with frens and tropical plants and trees that just grow up through the large ceiling as if its intangible. Standing, facing me at the bottom of the escalator is a dingo. It piercing blue eyes and is standing still, calmly and non threateningly staring at me as I descend and approach it.

When I get to the bottom of the escalator I it tilts its head to the ground and drops a rope necklace at my feet with little things sewn onto it with loops of cotton thread: the pewter ship token from the monopoly board game, a soft drink can ring pull, a fake plastic human finger, a keyring tag, small stones with holes drilled through them and few other small plastic figurines like the ones you get from a capsule toy vending machine.

I squat down and pick it up but when I stand the rainforest on the platform and the dingo is gone. The train platform is empty. I jump down onto the tracks and walk away from the platform towards the city and theres just blacks in front of me and wind whistling through the tunnel.


Example: What does my dream mean?

I had four dreams last night. And in all of them I died by a shot to the head. I can only remember one clearly. I was in a party. The walls were wooden and so was the floors. A gang came in and I think it was a robbery. I was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. I tried to run away and I got shot in the back of my head, I could feel blood trickling down and matting my hair but I felt no pain, I fell down though. I also saw the used bullet capsule. I tried to crawl away from the shooting to the corner of the room. There I saw another girl hiding, her knees to her chest. She was watching me being murdered. The guy who shot me came up with his gun, turned my head to the side and put the gun to my temple. I put my fingers to the side of my head, as if to block the shot. He shot me again and everything turned black, I felt no pain but I think I died. Then I woke up very calmly but afraid because it was my third time dreaming about being shot that night.

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

ok this is a really weird scary dream i had about 30 minutes ago.. i was not aware it was a dream so i was reall scared :(... ok so the dream begins as me my friend alyssa and megan are all going to california (which is weird because im not very close with megan) we take the plane to cali its still sunny and were walking around everybody seems very friendly and chilled out. While were out exploring, we buy drugs off a person whos face i cant remember, they where super man pills. i get high and loose my friends at some point , by this time it is very dark and i have wandered in to some kind of townhouse complex that has an entire shrine dedicated to seth rogen ( lmao!) after i go through the shrine, i wander into the complexes club house that is free for anyone to use (doors where open) , i pass out on one of the couches. I wake up on the couch with no memories from the night before but a memory of a "dream" i had while i was sleeping there. I had a dream of being at the hair dresser with the siccors snipping next to my ear. Then after i woke up i find a capsule filled with what appeared to be glitter ? then i go on to discover that my piercings are missing ( i have my lip nose and bellybutton pierced) all three of them where missing, i go looking around the clubhouse looking for them thinking they must have fell out .. on a table i find all my piercings laying their all smashed up and broken, as if someone had taken them off me and smashed them with a hammer! so i got freaked out and went into the bathroom.. i look in the mirror AND SOMEONE HAD CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF! by this time i found my friends and they dont really seem to be too concerned about what happened, they just want to get high again... but they tell me to look in my purse to make sure no one stole anything before they leave to get high again... i look in my purse and all my valubles are in there.. but i find an unopened box of condoms?! which i did not buy my self because i dont have sex with anyone right now. i go in my wallet and all my money is still there, but all my picture id is missing! i also find a mini pocket bible, but somehow in the dream i felt that it was mine, so i held the bible while i cried in fetal position :(

isnt that creepy!? what does that dream even mean?!

Example: Attempted suicide in my dream?

So I had a dream last night and I'm wondering if somebody could narrow it down and tell me what it might mean?

So it started with me going to my room laying there with a lighter. I'm not quite sure how I got there or why I had a lighter. Or why I decided to drink it. I drank all of the lighter fluid in it just kind of on a whim. But I didn't die. In fact I got a very slight stomachache and I had to pee, that's about it. So I went to the bathroom but suddenly I was at school going towards my favorite bathroom. When I got there it was full of people because somehow it had been turned into the locker room. I tried to find a place alone in there but I couldn't. I even found a diaper in one of the toilets! Well I kind of had a mental breakdown and went to find my best friend. When I found her she saw how distressed I was [I didn't tell her why] and told me I should get Anthony [my current boyfriend of 7 months although he lives 500 miles away right now] so I called him and he came running down the street within 5 minutes. We actually then had a kind of romantic moment like we filled a box with cute things and then he took out 2 lighters and I started to have a panic attack and then he put them in the box and we buried it. Kind of like a symbol of something [like a time capsule maybe?] Well when he walked away I freaked out and tried to dig it up but then he came back so I stopped. Well suddenly it was 10 years later and I was walking through kind of a memoir thing in a yard with lots of trees and he was showing me things from different family members teaching me about each one. We were also married by that point. Then my best friend and her husband [whom I did not recognize] came around the corner and we decided we were going to celebrate our lives. I took my best friend away and finally told her about my attempt 10 years prior and felt a little better. Then that night [for some reason we were over skype even though we were sitting next to each other.. but skype is how we communicate right now] I finally told Anthony and he just kind of hugged me and said thank you for telling me and that it was all okay now and then I felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted off my chest and I finally had no regrets and then I woke up.

Also I woke up with a stomachache because of the whole lighter fluid thing.

Anyway can anyone tell me what all of that means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of my dead grandmother?

i dreamt that i was lying in this room and the whole room felt dull, and un alive , then i saw two baby car seats like capsules but they looked like doll ones that kids use, then as i turned my head i saw a hand like when someones hidding or lying down and they put there hand on th draw, thats what my grandmother did but sh was lying down, and i stood up, as soon as i saw her face i couldnt breethe proply, then i walked outside, and i felt safe, because i knew it wasnt her, when sme one is dead they are dead. then sh asked where i think sh might have been talking about my mum which is her daughter, sh asked if i had seen her, and i was kind of getting smart and saying na i havnt seen her and laughing. because i knew sh wasnt aloud outside and sh couldnt get me if i were outside. then sh went back to sleep again? or died again? what could this mean.

Example: What would you put in a time capsule if you lived in the 1960's?

I already have:
1. A peace Sign
2. A comic book
3. Newspaper front pages from the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.
4. A joint
5. A tie die t-shirt
6. Fashion Magazine
7. Elvis Presley concert ticket (68 special)
8. Paisley shirt
9. Women’s Day magazine
need 11 more!

Example: What do dreams about being weightless in space mean?

i just had it.

it wasn't me, but my former closest friend. he was testing metabolism in weightlessness(space), in the future. you couldn't see any electronics, the capsule roof was transparent, and smooth volcanic rocks under the floor were picked to power the craft. there was only one astronaut, a woman, and she both headed the craft and ran the experiment. my friend was hooked up to intravenous sustenance. he had to pay for the experiment, and he was periodically exhilarated at intervals, mostly out of a sense of adventure and wonderment. he wanted to keep it going, even though he was running out of money. the next rock-time interval was costing $4000, and the astronaut/experimenter assured him they could put it on his credit card, but they both knew that would probably be the final go. why weightlessness in space? why paying to be an experimental subject? why a simple setting and uncomplicated, informal future?

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