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Dream About Tigers Eye meanings

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Example: What could this mean in a dream?

In my dream i really focused in on this white cat (it was something wild , like a lioness) and especially it's eyes, what could it mean? thanks (:

Juliette is right - more is needed to interpret your dream.
If you had a "normal" day in which a cat appeared, would normal that mean nothing happened all day long?

The appearance of the cat is a flag that something significant is going on in the dream. The wildness of the cat is symbolic and relates to the dream. What was the dream about and what was happening?

Example: I dreamed of a tiger, a cat and a rooster strangers, which means?

I was in a garden along with a friend, and he and I got in a chicken coop, and within this henhouse had three animals, a tigre black (actually I could not see, but was placed on the head who was black), a cat that the START had blue eyes, and a black cock, I my friend (a stranger) were trying to get out of this chicken coop over the tigre was angry, I was kind of'' the devil is behind me,'' I was running ( Weird huh) protecting me from him, my colleague was fighting me, protected me more time, and we were behind a mattress (sleeping) it gave me an idea that was to climb on top of the mattress and jump on top of tigre, left the coop, but then I saw the cat (who had called cat cat) sleeping and quiet in his black cock, but I thought "I do not get anything to defeat this cat, she must be kidding me, she would not lose so easy "and she was right, she opened her eyes, eyes that were blue nows were RED and ran, I knew she would run a 100 miles an hour and then went toward a river (since cats hate water) but could not get there, she came to me and started biting me, but then came the black cock and killed this cat biting her, and I thought I'' a chance to get to the river was 1%, was the only form of defeat the cat, save me and save my friend, but I could not, but came an unexpected and saved me a rooster, why? Why a black cock could save me?'' THEN THE DREAM IS OVER.


Example: What the hell does this dream mean?

Okay so my boyfriend had a weird dream last night:

Me and his family were in his mother's home country of Guatemala and we were all standing before the Tikal Mayan pyramid. At the top of the pyramid sat a tiger and we all bowed down to it. The tiger ate someone and then my boyfriend took a picture of the tiger. In the background of the picture him and I saw two red eyes. The red eyes approached my boyfriend and told him to choose between me or his family. My boyfriend answered the eyes, saying he could not choose. "Fine," the red eyes responded, "then I will choose for you." The eyes took me away from him and then he woke up.

So, my boyfriend and I are freaking out about this. Can anyone help?

Example: Dream meaning: lion, lioness, no harm, tiger, me escaping, lioness escaping looking into their eyes?

Saw a tiger in my dream,
A family raised it
It was nice big and really healthy

They tried to make me friends with it but I was too scared
It even wanted to lick me like a dog does lol
I just couldn't trust that tiger...
But I just Ddnt wnt to near it.

Few days ago I had a dream where I have seen loads of lions and lioness'
They Ddnt harm me cos I kept escaping them.
a lioness tried to climb over a fence but because she was too hawavy and zoo keeper was doing sth on the van and pushed it away it couldn't. Later she was able too, n I hid myself
( I was in a parking lot ) saw a girl walking inside the safari park she was just about to enter the lions place then realised n went away..Then I escaped another lioness fighting with a tiger. I was panicking and when I saw ppl and tourists and just told them,
I saw a white (like light yellow or very light cream) huge lion just watched me it was standing next to a small girl tho. And she was indicating its friendly but I Ddnt trust a lion. and didn't go..
(Inside a zoo or safari park)
I kept on escaping all lions eye.
Later a lion followed me to town or sth.
I walked and when I turned around I saw it far away
When I remembered that God created Animals I said God is great in Arabic and Said there's only one god
It replied but Ddnt come near me just watched. From far away and lioness was next to it who didn't even care about me..
just a quick reminder in that dream I've also seen a tiger n lioness fighting but it was extremely serious just like a car fight and they ddn see me.

What do these dreams mean?!

I'm having personal problems ATM btw.
Additional Details:
I feel like they want to say sth to me or do sth to me in my dream
But I can't trust them
But others in my dream keep stroking them or indicating they are friendly

I looked at a lions eyes and second dream I looked into a tigers eyes...

Example: Help - Tiger dream, what does it mean?

Hey everyone! If anyone can help me interperet this dream I'd be very grateful! I was wondering if it had something to do with my b/f cheating on me...?

It involves being in a large garden of a suburban house where there are two circular platforms with small stubs of like jail bars around the perimeter. The smaller one is empty and the larger one has a baby tiger. I'm with someone although I never see them I hear them. I go to pet the baby tiger in the cage thinking it can't get out, but it just steps over the bar-stubs and walks past me. I feel threatened but it doesn't attack. As a turn around to watch it, the mother tiger walks from the house, it has rope draped around its body. It comes towards me and attacks. I run toward the house and try to barricade a glass door but it pushes it open and lunges at me. I'm terrified but end up fighting it off by poking it in its eyes. It runs out to the garden again and sheds its rope.

Example: I had a dream that I was wearing a Tiger eye stone bracelet, what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a flying white tiger who disappears in mid air?

i had a dream where i was standing outside and on the corner of my eye i see a huge white tiger with wings around his head and looked at me and disappeared in mid air? i never made a big deal about dreams but i feel this one is telling me something. it meant a lot to me. please help

Example: What did being followed by a white tiger in my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in a really big house and my sister brought home a white tiger, and my boyfriend let it out of its room for some reason and let it roam the house. I told him to get it back but he couldn't, so I spent the rest of the dream just running from it (the best hiding place was the top floor bedroom which was where my best friend lived) because it was specifically trying to find and catch me, but I don't know whether it was trying to attack me or not. just wondered what it meant, it's been playing on my mind a lot haha

Example: What does dreaming about tigers mean?

I just recently had a dream about a tiger. What happened was that I saw it coming and I ran like hell! But then I got caught in a dead end. The tiger was slowly coming up to me roaring and about to pounce. I then started yell or ...roar back at it. At first due to my frighten state it was small and not so loud, but it made the tiger hesitate. Then I got louder and tried to make my self more threatening by looking much bigger than the cat, holding my arms out in a threating position. Then I guess my intimidation worked because the tiger turned around and left.
So I'm kinda confused about all of it...

Example: I want to know what means to see a white tiger with human eyes in your dreams?

I am Aleksandar and from several days i dreams a white tiger with human eyes and also i think that the tiger is with my eyes.

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