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Dream About Tides meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well I can't really remember what happened but I remember seeing millions of moons in the sky.
I have had this dream several times before where I would see like millions of moons up in the sky.

To see noon in the night sky is a good dream with good Omens.

The moon is an interesting symbol that connotes feminine energy; it is associated with the irrational and the intuitive. The moon effects the ocean tides, and it has been linked to madness or lunacy. As a dream symbol is can represent all of these things and more. As always, pay attention to the details in the dream before making conclusions. The moon could represent romance and our earthly impulses and passions. It could reveal things about the nature of soul and the unconscious. For those lucky people, the moon can reflect their inner peace and feelings of serenity and security.

You may end up with a sweet romance as per the dream. Best wishes. -

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a dream that i was going out with Ronan Keating from Boy-zone (god knows why) and i was doing a model shoot and my mum was the photographer. Then suddenly, we were all having a party in my friends house and Ronan proposed to me! (So weird) and then i was outside sitting in a chair and my dad came out with a gun, i shouted I Love You to Ronan just before my dad shot me in the head. I remember thinking that being shot in the head wouldn't hurt and that i was going to die instantly, but it turned out that he missed a certain part of my brain (not possible) and it didn't kill me, but i had to pretend that i was dead in case he shot me again. Then me and ronan and my friends were in Co Op hiding from my dad and buying scratch cards. And then i went back to my house and my mum had forgiven my dad for shooting me and allowed him back in the house, and i couldn't believe it. I cant remember the rest. Its really strange that my dad shot me though, because i am a 'daddy's girl' at heart. Id like to know what all of this means please! ha ha

Example: What does my dream mean?

~Well last night I had a really odd dream. I dreamt that I met a guy and for some reason he knew who I was, but I had no idea who he was and he would tell me "The tide came in and washed away the memory of you" what does this mean? I'm honestly stumped and I don't know really what to think of it.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I am a muslim woman, and I keep having these strange dreams. I dreamt a few months ago that I saw the Prophet (PBUH) standing on a hill holding a staff. THe wind was blowing and he was staring with no expression into it. He had long hair and it was blowing wildly in the wind. That's all that it was, for the whole dream. He was just standing there and the wind was blowing around him. I then had a dream a few nights ago that, in the dream, I had been defending the Quran, Islam, and all muslims for 4 years. Not exactly protecting it, because I know that ALlah protects whom he/she will and does not protect whom he/she will not. But something sort of like fighting for it in a good way where nobody was injured or got hurt. What in the world do these dreams mean? I am convert to Islam, by the way, and converted about 5 years ago. I am also American.

Example: Dreams about tides?

The other night I had a dream that I was with my family and these huge massive tides came up and we had to run so quickly to get to safety, but we were all fine.

Last night I had a dream that during high tide I couldn't reach my house and I got stuck out all night by myself.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about being cut off by the tide , you can`t swim at all?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so i had a dream about going to the beach with my 2 sisters ( ones 4 and ones 10) and my cousin who's 13. as we got there, we knew we weren't supposed to go into the water until our parents came but we got wet anyway cause there was a high tide. as we went back my mom found a dead baby girl that resemebled my 4 year old sister but as i looked for her she was already at home and my mom decided to give the dead baby a bath and took care of it. it sounds stupid but it's been bugging me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am running from the sea, I run up the stones to get away from the tide that chases me, only to fall down when I get to the top of them into a wall, which I push through and am helped out of by people at the other side, I run through the wilderness only to find myself swimming in a flooded town, I swim through it to find my brother, then me and him hang out for a while. Another dream I had lately involved large spiders and tropical creatures also, like snakes and the like, dangerous creatures in rivers and holes uin the ground where I was...

Example: Dream of being cut off by the tide?

I have had this dream quite regularly for about the last 15 years. I would love to know what it means.
I have read a few books on dreams but have never been able to find an answer.
Please help.

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