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Dream About Tides meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose it mean dreaming with?

What dose it mean dreaming that you had a bird but you didn't want it to fly, so you tide his legs in a string and didn't let it fly but I saw that it was really sad so at the end I was thinking of just letting it go free? It was hard for me to decide. Cause the bird meant a lot to me.

there is someone in your life who you love, who you are controlling, who does not love you back, and you are realizing it's time to let that person go.

if it's not a person it can be a memory of a time you were happy that you keep remembering but which keeps on hurting you, or perhaps you just wanna let it go now. because either you are over those past feelings.

since i dont know more i cannot say more.

animals are usually Representative manifestations, usually equated by either a person, thought feeling or memory or perhaps even an addiction from real life, the circumstances of the dream reflect the circumstances of real life. since it's become a dream, it means you think about this thing alot.

give time to yourself in solitude to understand yourself more.

hope i was able to help


Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream where my house ( only my house)started to fill with water. My brother and grandma were the on,y ones with me and we tried to get all our paper possessions (like pictures) but the water was filling the house too fast. There was a part when I heard my brother scream and I looked outside and his cat was hanging in a tree.

Background: my grandma died a few months ago and it was her house which I used to live in but when she died my mom kicked me out which started a huge fight. She cut me off from my brother and also took all my things. We've never owned a cat in the family. Just dogs. But my mom kept my dog.

I don't know off that helps

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that i was at the beach with my boyfriends little sister, it was extremly windy, and there was birds that where swooping me and really annoying me. the tide was coming in andi was trying to catch crabs. when it had come time to leave, i couldn't tie my shoes up.

please help!

Example: Eagle and Rising Tide Dream?

Last night I had a crazy but beautiful dream. I ended up in the middle of this piece of high land that rose above some gentle waters on a beach area. It was night time and the waves were very gentle below me. Then suddenly the tide rose and water started deepen below me and I knew I was going to be able to get back to the mainland.

After while I looked around and these EAGLES (Bald Eagles) dove down to the ocean in large numbers going down to catch float debris to build a nest. They were huge and focused.

I couldn't handle the pressure of waiting to drown, so I told myself that I would make it to the shore and dove down myself and ended up at the shore barely alive. These Asian bikers came ot the beach and as I opened my eyes.

What an intense dream! What do you think that means?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about the ocean, when it is at a very exaggerated high tide?

There were waves, but the waves weren't crashing down. The sea level was very high above the sand, resembling a very exaggerated high tide. The high tide was continually bringing ashore big, dead, unrealistic looking sea creatures. Then there were birds of all sorts, big and small ( I remember seeing Pink Ostriches) eating the dead creatures. I was just standing on the beach watching this all happen. I felt afraid at first, but then relieved when I saw that the birds were eating the remains of the sea creatures. Very weird. Good luck to anyone trying to figure this out.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep dreaming about standing by the gates of Heaven.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean.?

I was drowning, in the sea and the tides were pulling me down. I died and I went to heaven. I had this dream last night and it felt like I was half awake. I wasn't scared or anything.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

ok i had a scary dream.it was about all my friends and me were in a room with a lot of dudes with guns then a friend that i dont know gets shot then my best friend (girl) was next to get shot but all of my friends cover her so she woulnt get killed but a friend that was covering her gets shot and dies then i appear in a locked room but i can steel see my friends.my best friend is sitting down and tided up with blood all over but she is not dead then i appear walking with her but at the end nothing really happened my friend that was dead was alive (THIS IS STILL IN MY DREAM SO IM STILL DREAMING).so it was like a flashback but not exactly...thnx for reading please help me i had this dream twice but one along time ago then this one today (JUNE 8 2009 AROUND 8 )

Example: What doe my dream mean?

A few months ago I had a dream about a guy I liked when I was younger, i didn't know him personally. He wasn't that famous but he was in a band and had a YouTube channel. There's a four year age gap. Now he's band is pretty famous and so is he. Now were both older. Anyway I had a dream that we were young again and at my grammars old house. We were messing about with he's brothers and sister when we decided to out to the beach. But there isn't a beach near the house. We some how get to the beach and they're all playing. The water dawns to stand out to me, it clear like tap water and the sand is normal but it sparkles. The guy I used to like is giving a girl I don't know a piggy back ride. I got jealous and went to push her off. When I get right next to them they all vanish. And I fall into the sand and then I wake up. What does it mean every time I think about this dream it makes my tummy turn. I don't like this guy he's famous and I've never met him ever. I dint even remember him until this dream. Please help

Example: Two Tidal Waves - Dream Meaning?

I had a dream last night that I was in a place with a strip of beach in the idle of two tides, either side. Every so often the two tides would collide together covering the strip of sandy beach in the middle. We didn't know when it would happen but also wanted to be on the beach. So was feeling nervous.

Any idea of what this could mean?

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