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Dream About Tidal Waves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do tidal waves in my dream mean?

I have this dream. Im sitting in this inlet thing and there are huge walls surrounding the front of it and behind it but both sides are not that high. They are made of brown brick and are 100's of feet high. Well im on the side of it and there are pillars and im walking between them. Well i see the wave coming and there are people in the water, people i dont know but i feel like i know them. Well the wave hits the wall and i stand behind the piller and i watch all the water rush by me. It does this 2 or 3 times. and no one ever dies they are stuck almost in the same place but that front wall stays there but the back wall gets knocked down. and i ask what are we going to do about the walls? Rebuild them? and some random person says...yes and make them better

In this dream, I believe that the waves represent emotion. That is a fairly common meaning for water, because we have many emotional expressions using water, for your dream 'wave of emotion" or "tide of emotion" come to mind.
I believe that the walls represent barriers you have constructed yourself to prevent the emotion from having any impact. Pillars also tend to represent something strong that you have built (the dream is about you).
You used the word inlet, so I would ask: do you have an outlet for your emotion? The subconcious is very good at creating puns that only come out when you start thinking about the dream.
Do you want to rebuild the walls? The dream says that you do want to rebuild them stronger, but it is only telling you how you feel. Contrary to what most people think about dreams, they don't tell you what you must or should do, just how you are feeling. You should still decide for yourself what to do, and as you do it with determination, the dreams can change.
If this were my dream, I would be tend to be wanting to let the walls fall, and experience the full power of the emotion. It might depend on the emotion though, you might need some protection from it because if it is overwhelming (=overflowing) it could "drown you" or at least leaving you gasping. But still, I would want to find that protection another way - visualize yourself in a life raft, ideally even having fun in the waves. Why not?
Oh - and the front wall staying but the back wall being knocked down - on the face of it (the front that people can see) the emotion is not coming through. But deeper inside you, it is having an impact (the back wall).
Do you know what the emotion is?

Example: What do these dreams mean? Earthquake and tidal wave?

Two nights ago I dreamt of a tidal wave coming, i cant remember too much but I was with family and my deceased father was in the dream too, he was so happy. I remember just packing stuff to get ready to leave for safety.
Last night I dreamt of an earthquake, also surrounded by family, but also a sisters friend and a baby ( she only has one kid, but in the dream she had another baby) I just remember walking through my house and looking outside and everything was ruined, an for Somme reason I was walking and looking through the ruins of my house. What do these dreams mean?

Example: Two Tidal Waves - Dream Meaning?

I had a dream last night that I was in a place with a strip of beach in the idle of two tides, either side. Every so often the two tides would collide together covering the strip of sandy beach in the middle. We didn't know when it would happen but also wanted to be on the beach. So was feeling nervous.

Any idea of what this could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tidal wave?

I dreamt there was a series of huge tidel waves( tsunamis ) in my home town.Me and some random people were walking in the street to to the highest safety point.The water wasn't coming from where the ocean would naturally be in my home town,it was coming from the opposite direction .The water always seemed to miss me,and the people.
When I got to the top of this mountain there was a secrect mushroom shaped porta pottie .And me and all the random people just watched the series of tidal waves .
It was so life like.
What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a movie with a tidal wave in it?

I am in different locations in the dream. At 1 part, I'm at my apartment at night, except it looks diff b/c there's multiple levels & halls w/ different rooms. My ex bf lives on a floor up or down (not in rl), & I'm invited to go there even though I never see/interact in the dream. I watch the movie in his apartment w/ my bro.
In another scene, I'm w/ my bro running into an alley at night, to a TV screen hanging in a corner to watch the movie. we want to get there before anyone else does, so we get to watch it first.
Then, I'm on a tour bus during the day w/ my stepmom & dad. I'm annoyed & bored there, w/ nothing to do. I need medicine for something & am annoyed when they haven't called to get it.
I see the movie again, twice on the bus. I forget what happened exactly, but there is a man as the main char, & at the end, he's running away from a sea foam green tidal wave. The water is about to catch up to him, & the waves are taller than him. I don't see if he escapes, or if the waves catch up to him.
I see the ending of the movie twice, & am excited to see it each time. The people on the bus who were boring to me crowd to see it everytime the ending comes up.

Example: What do tidal wave dreams mean?

I have many reoccuring tidal wave dreams, being caught in tidal waves, witnessing, swimming in them.

I've heard it means something about dealing with a "wave of emotions" but I was wondering if there were any different interpretations. I've been having these dreams for years, each time a little different, but they all of tidal waves.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tidal wave?

I had a dream that all this fire was set to the grass at a park and I ran away as fast as I could and right when I thought I was gonna burn a gigantic tidal wave came and I was scared that the tidal wave would kill me but it swept me up and did not hurt me. I then was so high i grabbed a building and jumped off. I thought the height of the jump would hurt me but it did not. Everything was okay after wards. What does this dream mean.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of tidal waves?

I had dreams about tidal waves 3 times in one night first time it was just waves rising and i wasnt there the second time it was a huge wave hitting me and my yougner brother but we survive the third time it was just a wave hitting me and i survive. then i had it one more time yesterday i had a dream with huge waves hitting me and my dad but i dont no what happen to the both us in the dream what could it mean?
i asked my mom and she said it definitly means somthing but shes not sure can some one explain it to me plzz?

Example: I have this dream. a tidal wave?

i have this dream i was in a beach and seeing a dark skies and wind so strong it is start to make a tidal wave. all the people in the beach were running but i was just cant move. i was standing watching the wave being then i saw my crush (well i was to proposed to her in real life but she likes someone else) then we just stared and i look back and saw the waters rushing towards me. what does this mean..?

Example: Any idea what this tidal wave dream might mean?

I was on my way to the beach to get there you had to walk down a long flight of concrete stairs..When I got there everybody looked happy I didn't know anyone and I was waiting for the sunset. Then out of nowhere I see a tidal wave..everyone starts running including me. The stairs start crumbling but I make it to the top I look down and I can see bodies floating around dead some made it but not all. I look up and the sun starts setting..I woke up and then I went back to bed only to have the same dream.

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