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Dream About The Prophet Ismail,Son Of The Prophet Abraham,Upon Both Of Them Be Peace meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why do my dreams feel like reality and reality feels like dreams?

I do not understand why I am feeling this. I feel like I am going insane. I am not really all that sleep deprived (considering that my sleep deprivation is worse during the school year when I am working extremely hard on all the projects I have). My dreams seem to be filled with things I can not completely describe with full detail. But my dreams feel more realistic and life itself. Is it possible that I am just feeling out of place or depressed or have some mental problem? I honestly doubt I have the latter of the two, but I am wondering if other people feel this way.

it's different between one person to another,

dreams it's part of life, and it does come true,

About Vision:

difference between the vision and dreams .The visions and dreams existed since the existence of humans is best known as narrated by the Holy Quran from the vision of Abraham peace be upon him he is slaughtering his son Ismail, and the vision of Joseph prostration of the planets to him, and the vision of Pharaoh cows and spikes, and the vision of the Prophet peace be upon him to enter the Sacred Mosque, and Al-Nawawi in his commentary on Sahih Muslim when hadeeth of the Prophet peace be upon him 'the vision of God and the dream of the devil', that Allah creates in the heart of the sleeper beliefs as created in the heart awake, the Almighty to do what he pleases. Does not prevent sleep and awake, if the creation of these beliefs as if he made note of a sign of things last created in the second case, in other subsequent time, or has been created, if created in the heart of the sleeper to fly, not a bird, and above that which he thought something otherwise What, so that is belief note of the sign over another, nor be the creation of Allah the Almighty, the clouds note of the rain, and everyone is created by God Almighty, but creates the vision and beliefs that make it a note which made it possible without the presence of Satan's presence and creates what he learned on the harm done Bmdharh devil are attributed to the devil as a metaphor for his presence then, and it does not do is real and this meaning of the phrase peace be upon him .. Vision of the dream, the dream of the devil .. Dream which is the name of the beloved, the dream, the name of the hated. Good dreams .. And the vision of invalid types of vision .. The vision of three: a human from God, a good vision, a vision and a warning from the devil .. And the vision of what is happening one by himself, dreams of warning that Satan is false as it is not true that in modern man said to the Prophet peace be upon him .. If I saw my head was cut and I followed after him any, he said .. Do not speak fixing the devil in your dreams But the vision is one of the energetic self-Like to see a man himself with the likes of his heart, or fear of something people see, or be hungry Ferry he eats, or full Ferri he vomited, or sleep in the sun opined that in fire burn 'and adds Sheikh Attiya Saqr .. Nabulsi was mentioned seven divisions of the false vision, a modern self-defense, worry and wishful thinking and dream that ghusl is required, and the devil be intimidated by what the witches. And the vision and the vision of the devil if different natures and contorted, and the vision of pain and pain to something .. He explains that the words of Al-Nabulsi,

meet with those who interpret the phenomenon of vision in this as the wishes of the repressed floating on the surface when sleeping man and is affected by the body and require the nature and deprivation in the event of vigilance such as hunger, thirst, heat and cold, and this is what turned him Sigmund Freud .. And others. . That run counter to good vision, says there are things that contradict with good vision, which is that which is contrary to the law of God, if it was an injury to the law of God in anything or harm to others are relatives, for example, or do harm to a person who is evil people This is a kind of the things that contradict with the vision. You should stick to the rights .. What comes from the signals within the vision to do something or leave it? There are significantly important is that any vision which is something or leave something, even if it was where one of the righteous are not binding on the people, dream which is especially cost them, what he sees some people remember that he is by this or forbidden to do as well as Klawp certain verses of the Koran or fighting certain people or so, all this is not binding and does not apply for one on one, has been interrupted since the revelation of the Quran after the death of the Prophet, prayer and peace. Is the vision does not come only for the benefit of man? Do not come the vision to human Saleh Taher only Women who are menstruating side may be vision true, it is interpreted Joseph's vision of Pharaoh, and valid vision of the boys, preferred to Joseph prostration planets him, that man may see the vision and thus he may have other relatives and colleagues, among Tzmoa his name, and said, the vision of Abu Jahl he gave up and swore allegiance to the Prophet peace be upon him was for his son Akrama, and or credit saw a piece of the body of the Prophet peace be upon him took place in her lap, so the first part that Fatima will give birth to a son of her cousin gave birth to al-Hasan and took him or credited in her lap. There are times when you believe in dreams? Nabulsi, speaking for the best times to ratify the vision and the different people there, is it magic or the day or nap .. He warned that those who wish to endorse his vision, so be committed to the truth in his life, and sleep on the light and said: it explains the vision must be of discernment and knowledge, and that starts by telling His vision: the good, God willing. Also, the term vision varies from person to person and environment to environment and religion into a religion and separation of time to another chapter, Valsfaragl at the horse of pride, beauty, and the Arabs travel and evacuation, and eat dead sulk at the depriving and livelihoods when the Isthalunha and heating with fire and the sun is better In the winter, and the evil in the summer, and snow and ice and the cost of drought in the country, warm, and the richness and breadth of the country's cold

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