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Dream About The Color Red meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of red butterflies and red flowers?

I've been going through some bad times lately. One night before going to bed I asked God to send me a sign that everything would be OK. That night I had a dream of red butterflies flying around red flowers. This was the reddest red I've ever seen. The grass was the greenest green. It had just rained and everything was sparkling with rain drops. The dream was so intense I jumped right out of bed. What does it mean?

Dreaming of the color red shows passion or anger. It doesn't have to be bad because fire (passion) and blood (anger) are symbols of energy and life itself.

Dreaming of butterflies can mean resurrection.

Dreaming of flowers can mean a womans soul. Red flowers can mean you are trying to force something to happen.

Green also means the awakening of hope and a new life.

So maybe all of this means your passionate about starting over, a new life, you want to escape the bad but you shouldn't force it. Let it happen on its own :)

Example: What is the meaning of a Red colored hat in a dream?

Someone put it on my head in my dream!

Example: Dream meaning green color?

I have had reocurring dreams with green color and a little girl.I would appreciate if you helped me with interpretation. In one ream i was getting dressed by female members of my family and by my female friends in a beautiful green gown...then i realised they were preparing me for some eremony and i didnt find out which, i remember i was approaching the ceremony venue and i was wearing green hugh heels shoes and they looked gorgeous as well. Another dreamwas me packing things for the trip, particulary green top and green dress. My partner was vert happy that we are going tigether and he seemed fulfilled. We might havve been moving too. I had 3 dreams within the last 4 months period about little girl(3/4 years) who loojed like my niece but was like transparent and attached to me...and the latest one about red hair little girl, wearing white, not transparent and she seemed very radiant, beutiful. Help, what does this all mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of red hair?

My hair currently is cut fairly short, I have an inverted bob and my hair is brown. But in my dream, my hair grew back longer and it was lucious and shiny and it was a noticeable red color, it was down to my waist, then I cut it to shoulder length. And the red was something like a main focus kinda, and it led me to wonder: what could this signify?

Example: What does it mean to dream a red sun?

Okay so i had this really weird dream last night and i really want to know what it could mean.

So my dream starts out with me being outside in what seems to be a parking lot of a store.Its dark out and im just walking when I see my ex girlfriend but in this dream she happens to be my girlfriend. We begin to talk and hug and then, all of a sudden the sun comes out and its completely red and big. At first, it thought it was the moon but then i saw the moon(full) right next to the sun.I was completely afraid because It seemed to be really close to the earth and big. Then,all of a sudden,people start screaming and panicking. Before i can even run,my ex grabs me and tell ms she loves me and next thing i know im awake. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of red nail polish!?!?

I had a dream my nails had red nail polish on them..(and no I domt want to paint my nails red lol) What does this symbolize?!?!

Example: Red balloon dream, What does it mean?

My brother was holding onto a bunch of red balloons and was scared of losing them...

What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream in color?

Example: Do colors mean anything in dreams?

My grandma and uncles and aunts have told that depending on the color of clothes the people in your dreams are wearing then your dream has a meaning to it I just want to know if its true and I forgot what the colors ment

Example: What colors mean what in dreams?

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