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Dream About The Color Blond meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What doe's my dream mean...? PLEASE!?

The dream was absolutely out of a movie! It was beyond perfect! I saw that i was in the sea and that i was a blond woman with a short hair while in reality i have brown and long hair, and i had approximately a 5 years old daughter with the same exact hair... while i was walking in the sea i saw a white seashell, i smiled at it, i played with it but i didn't take it " i still wonder why", and then i saw another one but this one was brown and i took the same reaction as the other seashell. Moreover i saw a third one and it was brown again , at that moment i saw something... i saw myself dancing with my daughter! i was holding her hands and the only thing we did was laughing! but this wasn't reality , it was hallucinations! and i knew that in the dream! After a moment i took her inside the sea! not because i wanted to imitate what i saw, but because i wanted to do so...the sea was so stormy! but i didnt care! i took her inside! Dark clouds covered the sky. the sea was the color of Dark blue and the waves were smashing into our legs! But NO. We weren't afraid! we were happy! it was only me and her in that place... I grabbed her hands and we started dancing inside the sea! The waves were going in a different direction than ours, but i didn't gave up! We were dancing. I started hearing my daughter's giggles! that's what made me happy. She was warming up my heart with her voice while it was SO cold... And then suddenly i got tired and started to slow down but it was too hard to resist ... my daughter told me, if you're tired we can stop! i told her " no i can do it, i can continue!" and then slowly my dream started to disappear.
The End.
it would be appreciated if you helped me :))

It means absolutely nothing...dreams are our brain's attempt to make sense of what would otherwise be meaningless stimuli, random messages created from the arousal of the posterior segment of the brain. Others think dreams are merely the brain firing signals as it organizes the previous day's thoughts and experiences that may end up as memory. The problem with any theory about dreams is that we can't really prove or disprove any of them, and they aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. If dreams are psychologically significant, they can still be the result of random brain stimuli. Dreams are most likely a combination of theories.

Example: What does this dream mean?

so in my dream i was out side and i think it was morning. the ground was gravel. Then i saw my mother and she had this crazy look in her eyes and she was walking toward me. She was holding 2 knives. One was a steak knife with a black handle, the other was all silver and very sharp and shiny. then she started to run toward me trying to hurt me. i kept on trying to take the knives away from her. But i only got the silver one. Then i pushed her and she dropped the other knife with the black handle, we looked at each other for a brief moment then she bolted for the knife and got it. we where both on the ground and i stabed her with the knife that i had and the blade broke. then i saw a little house and i ran for help. i looked in the window of the small house and saw a man but i don't remember his face. all i remember is that he was wearing what looked to be like what the pope wears but it had purple stripes with white stripes and thin gold stripes. I was yelling and begging and crying " God you have to help me please save my mother God please save my mother!" Then the man turned to me and said " I will." and he just walked out the door of the house fallowed by a small blond boy in a white robe. i think the boy was 6 or 7. Then i thought i woke up in the hallway in my mothers house ( but i was still dreaming) and i saw the little boy staring in my room and then looked at me and i saw an apple above his head. Then i heard the T.V. in my moms room turn on so i turned around and i saw light coming from her room and i heard the noise of the T.V. then i turned back to see the little boy but he was gone. then i woke up in my bed at my dads house and i was really awake.
so what the heck does this dream mean!
P.s. my mom is kinda abusive to me.

Example: What does this Jonas Brothers dream mean?

okay I had this really weird dream where I was at this really fancy restaurant with the Jonas Brothers and I was trying to get Nick to like me (cos I love Nick) but he was really really deeply engrossed in this conversation with Kevin and didn't seem to notice anything. So I started to talk to Joe instead. He had cut his hair way shorter and dyed it blond and his eye color was blue now. We were just talking away for a while and then next thing Joe was trying to like stare deeply into my eyes and I said "No Joe, you're not allowed do that!" But I said it as if he was a dog or something! Then I said "No wait, that's what Ill do to get Nick to like me! Thanks Joe!" Joe looked kina confused and was like "Umm. . okay?" Then I woke up. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I and three boys were in a fairly well known band. We were all in a little town that in real life I've gone to my whole life, inside my aunt and uncle's house(the house has belonged to our family for decades) when a boy who was our fan came. He seemed a little off, but still very nice. He asked us to go to the back, so we did. He tied us up as made us sit two in a row in a dark room; there was a random light giving part of the room enough light so I could see the boy walk forward and back, and to see two band members tied up. None of us were angry; we talked as if it were just awkward light conversation. The boy who locked us up seemed very jittery and still a little off.
He eventually let us go; he just disappeared, and when we announced we announced we were free we noticed my niece, sister, and a few more people there. They said they had no idea we were locked up then continued to do whatever they were doing. I don't really remember this part in details, but I was playing with my niece and teaching her lessons. We were being just very nice and sweet towards each other.
We were then called outside, and we all gathered around the door. The sky was going jet black,it looked as if the black was just sliding over the sky, and big orange bolts(like cartoon bolts) appeared on it. We were all confused, but still calm. A blond boy next to me, who I assume was a band member or at least a friend, flew in a big suit. An orange monster appeared out of no where and shot him down. A few more tried, and then two men decided that one would fly up ebhind the monster and and would shoot it. No one was scared for their safety; we all just watched a little taken back but mainly calm and normal.

Then I woke was suddenly woke up with my eyes closed tightly. Any ideas what this dream means?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

This dream kinda worried me because it felt so real...
i was driving my car when someone hit me head on, i almost died on the scene but the other driver died. when i woke up everyone was saying my name. although i kept saying my name is Charlotte (i dont know a charlotte)... I knew I was Charlotte but noone would believe me. they kept saying my name was Chrissa. I started yelling "NO, I"M CHARLOTTE" they said i was chrissa and i looked like chrissa. i stood up and said 'no! im charlotte, i have long brown hair and green eyes" they told me i had shoulderlength blond hair and blue eyes. this guy handed me and polaroid picture. i said "who is this?" and he said it was me. i went into the bathroom and held the picture up next to my face in the mirror and didnt see the same person. i saw the brown haired green eyed person. 'the person in this picture couldnt be me' i thought. 'im charlotte'
very crazy dream. anyone have a clue to what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

in my dream, my entire middle school was on a field trip to somewhere with green,green farmlands.we visited a very old and very run down church, and as we were leaving the church i looked through the doorway and i saw a glimpse of a little girl, about 6 or 7 and with long blond curls and clear brown eyes, looking up at me as if she was trying to tell me something. i yelled, '' hey, there's a little girl in the church!'' but nobody's listening. They are all talking about who'll win American Idol.
then i woke up, and i thought it was really creepy because my middle school will be taking a trip to the Amish country really soon! please answer cause i need 2 know.

Example: Please tell me what these dreams mean!?

In the past couple of years I've been having dreams being in the same place. The thing is that it's a place I've never seen before with people i've never met before. Its in a different time period, maybe early 1900's. in most of my dreams its hard for me to see and hear, i usually see things through blurry tunnel vision. but in these dreams i feel emotions and somehow know things even though i cant see them.
in these dreams i'm either in a field. its really calming and relaxing, the sky is golden and so is the grains that are long and growing in it. i know i have blonde hair in long braids tied with green ribbon. in real life i have brown hair and i never wear braids. in the dream im wearing a beige/golden dress and i "feel" so happy. i think this field is part of a farm because i have another place in these kind of dreams and its an old farmhouse. it has a huge apple tree in the backyard and i somehow know that i love to spend time reading under it. and i can tell there is a stream close by in the backyard. there a beautiful cherry blossom trees lining the path/"driveway" leading up to the house. its a big house and when you look out the window in my room you can see the tree. and i dont have alot of furniture in my room only a full size old fashioned mirror and a bed with an intricate headboard design but the white paint is worn off and chipped and you can kind of see metal. i have never seen any other rooms in the house, but i know its beautiful and very big. i can remember alot of things really well in these dreams. except for the people, there usually different but i can tell theyre all nice and either family or close family friends. i never hear them talking though, everyone is just always smiling.
another thing thats different about these dreams is the colours. everything seems golden and yellowy. just always very bright but somehow not like bright yellow just a very nice golden shade. i feel calm in them like no stress because in them i can tell noone has to work or go to school or do anything and everyones gives off like a calm aura and there always smiling...

what does this mean... sometimes i start to talk about a place like this to my family, asking them if weve ever been to a place like that when i was younger and i forgot and subconsciously remembered but we didnt. sometimes i get confused about whether or not this place is real and when i wake up from one of these dreams i feel intense sadness and disappointment.

if anyone knows if this means something please let me know if its just imagination or reincarnation or something.

Example: What do dreams about self-mutilation mean?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream in which I, for whatever reason, had to dig out one of my eyes and cut off my nose. When I looked in a mirror at the end of the dream, I saw that while my nose was still there (or seemed to be), there was a bloody hole where my left eye would be. Also, my hair had been dyed and cut short and I had colored contact lenses, both of which were colored this sort of reddish brown color. (I have very light blond hair and blue eyes actually.) I was unaware of the contacts and the dye/haircut. I was getting a strong "Hunger Games" vibe from the dream, like I did these things out of self-preservation, like I needed to be undetected and nobody could recognize me.

I shrugged it off, as I'm prone to having very strange dreams anyhow.

However last night, I had another unnerving dream. While I can't remember most of the details, I somehow pulled out at least two of my teeth (one of which had roots that were impossibly long - they would have gone straight through the top of my skull if they were that long). So I spent the whole dream wandering around, wondering if I really just did that and how I would have to adjust my life to accommodate for the visibly noticeable lack of teeth. At one point toward the end of the dream, I even felt the whole upper-left row of teeth come undone and I snapped them back in place like I normally put on my retainer.

Having two of these dreams now, I was wondering if anybody here would have any insight on the topic of self-mutilation dreams or any explanation for the specific dreams themselves.

Example: Dream about Deity/Goddess meaning?

Yesterday I had a very unusual dream. In my dream I was in the room so bright that everything around me appeared to be white color. Sun rays was shining straight in my eyes so suddenly in front of me a beautiful young woman appeared. I have never seen such a beautiful woman in my life. She was dressed in a long white tunic, her hair was long and blond and her eyes was blue. On her head she was wearing yellow flower wreath. In my dream I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. Lady looked like a ancient greek goddess. She didn't say her name but she was smiling and approached me saying "when you find wreath, you will find real love" and then she put red flower wreath (that looked just like hers just red colored) on my head. Beside her was another woman who's face and body I wasn't able to see just I was able to hear her giggle. Then I woke up. My question is what does this dream mean and can you help me to find out name of this deity, who is she?.

Thank you

Example: What dose this dream mean?

so i was running threw the snow and I came to a cabin and walked in side and said. "Any one home? I am." And I heard water running and said. "He's in the shower." Then I sit down on a sofa and close my eyes and when i open them there is the boy with hair that is so blond it's all most white and he sits down by me and we kiss then we stand up and walk in to a bed room and have sex. it's really weird.

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