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Dream About Teeth 1 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreams Meaning: Hug; Cats?

If anyone can suggest/help explanation for these two different dreams:

1-I was somehow trying to run away on an old train. I was very frustrated and worried, and when the train finally stopped I met my crush. While I was walking away from him and everything around, he grasped my arm and hugged me. He hold me for a long time, then as he got away from me he got a look at my face to see how I reacted. I was smiling with all my teeth.
[Consider this guy is a very shy one: hardly speaks, he's very quiet and polite. I have no idea how he feels about me, but I like him. We talk sometimes.]

2-I remember a lot of cats in my dream, they were everywhere. They were not doing anything in particular, they were just... all over my house, garden, garage. I remember not being very happy about this. Meanwhile I was trying to bake a man-shaped cookie but the cookie would just melt again n' again, and I was sad cos it was like he was a real man dying. Then I figured if I could move the soul of the cookie-man into another human or living thing, he'd be safe.
[I really just think this is a pretty weird one... Tho I don't really like cats.]

Thanks anyway

Dream #1 - Perhaps this means you are trying to get away from a certain "track" or pattern of behavior. You may feel if you can break this pattern, you can develop a meaningful relationship with a guy you care about.

Dream #2 - I'm going to make a wild guess that these cats may be mean girls you know! I may be wrong on that, and I'll come back and update if something better comes to me, but I'm going to say it for now. You'll know if I'm right about this.

The cookie man is your ideal of what a man should be. Either that keeps changing, or you're giving up on ever finding that perfect sweetheart of a guy. Perhaps you've been disappointed a few times already. You figure if you could just find the guy who fits this ideal, your dream will not have to die.

I don't know how old you are, but it could be one reason you're giving up is that the guys in your world are too immature to ever live up to your ideal. It could be age, or perhaps you're "on the wrong track" altogether. If marriage is still several years away for you, it might be healthier for your heart if you pursue becoming what YOU want to be rather than trying to find the perfect guy or make some guy into your ideal mold. Then, when the time comes, and you meet this guy, you'll both be more mature, ready to commit, and able to do the work it takes to have that dream you long for.

Also, remember, there is no absolute ideal man. The guy you THINK you want now may pale in comparison to the REAL MAN you meet later down the road. As you change and grow, what you value and hope for in a man changes as well. If you settle too soon, he may grow and change into someone else entirely... or you might.

Pray for wisdom. Pray that you'll become the woman who can make that dream work. Pray that God is already working in the life of that sweet man you long to someday meet. God is already there ahead of you and can guide you if you let Him.


Example: What does it mean to dream of two owls kissing. What does it mean to dream of loose teeth & 1 falls out?

in the second dream, my two front teeth are loose and when I touched one it fell out and the other one chipped.

Example: Dreams meaning?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) My teeth falls abruptly. My inside mouth's skin and tong fells in pieces.
2) I walk over a big quantity of snakes. In my last dream, one of them curl up in my ankle and I was walking whit the snake on it .

Example: Dreams meaning..?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) my teeth falls abruptly. My tong(and everything else inside my mouth) loose its skin.
2) I walk over snakes. A large quantity. And in my last dream, one of them curled up and stay in my right ankle. And I wasn't scared of that..
Please, be serious.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about teeth falling out?

Last night, I had a dream that I was at some sort of a skate park, watching a little boy on his skate board. The next thing I know, somehow his wheel gets caught on a stick or piece of debris, and it goes flying into my face. It only gently tapped my mouth, but for some reason, 1 tooth on my upper jaw started to loosen, then as I ran my tongue through my mouth, I felt that all of my teeth were loose and ready to fall out. I am a pretty lucid dreamer, so as this started happening, I started to remember a previous dream I had where I started spitting teeth. Because of the shock and fear I felt in that previous dream, I woke myself up before my teeth actually came out.
The reason that I am asking this is because I have had family members warn me about the importance of these dreams...
Does anyone know if they could help me on this?

Example: What does this vampire teeth/ flirt dream mean?

What does this vampire teeth/ flirt dream mean?
I had a dream where somehow I had vampire teeth which I was able to extend if I wanted to. In the dream this girl, who I have only spoken to a few times a few months ago in real life, was on a bed lying down and I was sitting upwards. She was screaming like in a half serious way, half over the top and kind of flirty way, as I extended the teeth closer and closer to her face while I was moving my face closer to hers... she was sort of laughing as well, seemed to have a mixture of emotions.
It went on for about thirty seconds then suddenly her legs extended sideways(she was wearing jeans) and so as a joke in the dream I said "can I lick your p@#@y?", and immediately she said no and ordered me to stop. I was appologising and felt really embarassed afterwards for what I had said and was worried she'd report me or something lol. what does this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning: Brushing teeth with a disposable razor?

I was in the bathroom and I thought I picked up my toothbrush and put toothpaste on it and started brushing. I didn't feel much pain although there was a lot of blood but I thought it was me brushing too hard. Then I spat out coagulated blood, freaked out and realized it was a razor.

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean? (Teeth, Drowning and Others).?

I've been having a lot of bad dreams recently and I would like to know what they mean.

1. Teeth falling out

I dream that my teeth have fallen out and I am holding them. Sometimes I dream that my teeth have fallen out but I cant get them out of my mouth and my mouth is full of fallen out teeth. Other times I dream that my teeth are really widely spaced out, jagged and bleeding.

2. Drowning.

Last night I dreamt i was drowning in my bathroom. I had just had a shower and the heater was on. I stepped out of the shower and put on a towel. Then the whole room started filling with water and the water kept rising. I couldn't open the door; it was stuck and it wouldn't budge. The water kept rising and I started to cry. I said "Oh my God, this is my time but it shouldn't have been like this". The water never rose above my head. I somehow teleported outside of my bathroom into my living room and woke up.

3. Sliding.

From the town centre there is a giant hill to get to my house. It is a road with lots of cars and a pavement. I dream that I slide down this hill on a tray down to the bottom. I never hit anything and I never get hurt.

4. Not being able to take things off.

When I am having a naughty dream and I want to take my clothes off, I can take all off them off except for my vest and socks. Whenever I take them off, they go back onto my body instantly.

5. Magic

I dream I have magic powers but they are not very reliable. I always seem to change powers every dream, but some powers have been in a lot of dreams. I can freeze people and things with my hands, (Most reliable and mostly works). I can explode things with my hands (Least reliable, has only worked a few times, I often try to use this power and fail). Throwing fireballs (very rare but always works). Teleportation (Always works, but sometimes it happens unwillingly). Telekinesis (Moving things out of reach, extremely unreliable but has worked once). Time reversal, (has worked once). Speeding up time. (Has worked once). Levitation. (Most of the time it works).

6. Flying

I dream that I can fly, I rise up into the sky and fly. Sometimes I can control where I fly; others I can't.

I know that these are very long but I would like some help in understanding my dreams. I mostly have one of these 6 dreams every night. Thank you.

Example: What does it mean to dream of two sets of teeth?

I was growing another set of teeth behind my real ones and crying because it freaked me out. I ran in to my mother's room, she was on the phone and I was trying to scream at her to look at my teeth. Then I ripped both sets out but it also ripped out my tongue ring & split my tongue so it looked like what a snake's forked tongue looks like. The teeth/barbell fell onto her bed but my mom didn't even react and I just looked down in terror. What does this mean?!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of teeth?

I have been having this dream that I am toothless or have lost some teeth and I don't understand what it could possibly mean. It also feels like my teeth are loose while I am dreaming but I have perfectly healthy teeth. Does any 1 have the slightest idea what this dream could mean?

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