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Dream About Teenage Girl meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about getting drunk with 4 teenage girls run into a bus station bathro?

I'm a nurse I do home visits and private stay ins on this day I brought liquor to the house. It was me and 4 young teens drinking and laughing until my patients sister walked in and in that moment I realized,
I haven't been working or watch over my patient all this time. The bottles are empty. I ask the young girl closest to me how old are you? she said "I'm 16" ( now even in my dream I know I'm 32 and this isn't right) so I jump up, still very intoxicated. I was thinking about actually losing my job. I ended up at the bus station I ran into the bathroom and i looked in the mirror, I saw another woman's reflection staring right back at me. It wasn't me, she wasn't bad looking, but I look better. But in this dream I felt it was me, I was thinking up all kind of lies in case my supervisor called. Bye the way, it felt like I was in a different and city not my own. What do this dream mean? Please help

this is a dream of your lost youth.
you want to run away and start again!

Example: Just a random quiz(meant for teenage girls anyone can play tho)?

where were you born
how old
dream job
do you cuss
do you do drugs
favorite celeb
favorite band
how do you want to die... and when
do you know more than one language
are you double jointed
are you a fast runner
can you do a back handspring
boyfriend... yes or no?
if yes how far have you gone?( first thru home)
fav color

lol this is just random...and im kind a bored sooo ya

Example: Dream Battle: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. The Powerpuff Girls?

Who Would Win?

4 Teenagers Reptilian Brothers from New York City Takes on 3 Little Girls with Ultra Superpowers from the City of Townsville

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo (Leader), Michelangelo (Party Dude), Donatello (Genius One) and Raphael (Tough One)


The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom (Genius and Leader), Bubbles (The Cute One) and Buttercup (The Tough One)

Splinter (Mentor and Sensei of TMNT)
Professor Utonium (Father of PPG)

Example: What does my dream mean!?

Okay. Well, i had this dream that i was accross he street from
a bus stop and me and my friend had huge bags like from hollister or something. The bags were filled with fruits and veggies. A bus came so me and my friend ran accross the street to catch the bus. We had to go on the number 8 bus so we did. I left the bus with my bag of fruits on the bus so i told my friend friend to wait and i went back on to get it.
After that, the dream totally changed. i was on a toilet ouside an rv. I was a man and i was peeing in the toilet and sitting. my dad was watching me pee and when i stood up i was done. my dad was trying to look in the toilet but i said "no don't" and when i looked there was sperm in it. LOL!
WTH does this dream mean? im SO freaked out!

Example: I'm a 17 year old girl and I dreamed I had a penis. What does this mean?

In the dream, I was still a girl, but I had a penis. And I had an erection during the whole dream, and I tried to make it go away, but my penis was really sore, so I couldnt touch it. Eventually I dealt with the pain, and did my duties to make it go away. Then I woke up. Seriously, this dream is fricken weird. What does it mean?

Example: What is a good teenage love song (unisex meaning doesnt go to guy or girl)?

So I want to give a song to some of the people i love. like love. not as in friendship love...and idk i dont want it to be to a specific group like guy or girl...anything out there? please no rap, r&b or not all the much country.

Example: The meaning of katy perrys teenage dream?

What does katy perrys song teenage dream mean and can it repreesent belonging and if so in what way?!

Example: What does this word "teenage dream" means?

a girl just said to me "you were my teenage dream last night"
what foes that means?

Example: Alright, why would a teenage girl dream about watching her parents have sex?

Example: What is the teenage girls dream?

Meaning as a teenager (NOT after high school) what do you most want to change about yourself? Please dont say you wish your were prettier, I mean richer, more popular, more wild/rebellious. What would you change about your personality or your lifestyle NOT what would you change about you physically.

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